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Greater Asia/Japan confusion

Peter Cuce
by Peter Cuce 12 years ago

1. Under Greater Asia, it says: Tips for Dining, Eating, and Food Shopping in Japan (including Moscow, Beijing and Hong Kong) 2. The pop-up menu you get after clicking on the Asia map spells...

Pull down topic boards with Ajax are so cool!

by mudaba 12 years ago

I'm loving this easy posting system--it's so streamlined and fun to use!

Put HOME link on main bar

by applehome 12 years ago

Just in case we want to go back to the latest posts format from elsewhere on the site - might address some of the HotPost issues going on in Site Talk

Curious about Foodie vs. Chowhound

by wyf4lyf 13 years ago

I read with interest the article on the front page of this site about the difference between a "foodie" and a "chowhound." I really don't like labels as everyone brings a unique spin to this passio...


The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 15 years ago

If you're wondering where some of our regulars are, and miss their contributions, they've opened a separate site of their own. See link below to check it out. We invite everyone to choose their f...

What's the average age of a chowhound on this board?

by sl 16 years ago

I'm just curious about what kind of people post and read this board. I wonder if anybody has estimated the average age, occupation, interests (other than food/wine), etc. of chowhounds. Perhaps the...

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