Munching Through Bali

Bali, the land of 4million people and 6million motorbikes. The people are really nice smiling all the time and because Bali is so touristy it's easier to blend in so that wansn't such a culture shock for me.

Now about the food, don't worry it's never a boring meal in Bali. You have a lot of restaurants just 5.400 on tripadvisor alone. And the prices vary from 2.50dollars to 30dollars and up for fine dining. Would recommend to stick with 15-30 dollars price range-especially if you don't want to catch the famous Bali belly:)

So for all of you who aren't sure you would survive on only indonesian cuisine- rest assured Bali has you covered:) with amazing European, Thai, Australian, Japanese, Chinese and fusion restaurants to choose from you will never be hungry.

These are a few I've tried out - some more than once and are my top spots to check out in Ubud and south Kuta-Pecatu.


Ubud has sooo many restaurants to choose from...but I'm sharing the two that really stood out for me and were unique.

The first I would definitely recommend is the


Jalan Sriwedari 6 - Taman Kaja, Ubud

Call +62 361 975370

The Fair Warung Balé is a unique model worldwide based on the principle of self sufficiency, this social restaurant The Fair Warung Balé prides itself in giving back 100% of its profits to the foundation and its Free Health and Medical Care programs.

All profits and benefits are used to care more that 29,000 needy people per year.

The food was amazing Balinese with a bit of mediterian fusion and also with each meal you help someone who is in need of medical care.

My faves were the mie goreng (traditional noodle dish with prawns) and the red tuna fillet with tomato balsamic vinegar and basil.

If you're in the mood for something sweet and unique plus you love coconut,

TUKIES CAFE is the place to go.

Jalan Sriwedari, Gianyar, Bali 80571

tripadvisor pic
tripadvisor pic

Everything is made out of coconut. The ice cream is to die for - really creamy fresh coconut icecream topped off with some fresh coconut slices and some crunchy roasted coconut flakes amazing...the other thing we tried is a mocktail coconut version of a mojito also sooo goood.

Now we're traveling to the south of Bali...south Kuta-Pecatu.

It's a totally different vibe from the busy streets of Ubud...really relaxed not so many traffic and loads of amazing cafes/restaurants to choose from.

These are the few that were really amazing and if you're ever in the neighbourhood ARE A MUST TO TRY.

#1 DUGONG restaurant at the Suarga resort Padang Padang

Dugong Restaurant showcases locally grown ingredients presented into a modern menu. Experience Indonesia on a plate, complemented by panoramic ocean views. 

 Open Monday to Sunday from 7.30 AM to 10 PM

 Phone: +62 361 472 5088

Email: dugong@suarga.com


tripadvisor pic
tripadvisor pic

This is a more fine dining restaurant but a real hidden gem.

We tried some amazing appetizers home made crispy spring rolls, tuna carpachio (w daikon/ginger flower and soy bouillon) and crispy prawns (w chilli sauce and prawn mayonnaise).

The mains

Seafood In Spicy Coconut Soup - spring onion - Kintamani lime - coconut


today’s catch from Jimbaran fish market - confit lemon - tomato compote - potato cream.

The desserts

Mango icecream


panna cotta white chocolate jackfruit


Fresh, healthy, Asian inspired, organic food.

Jalan Labuansait No. 32, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan

+62 819-3608-5874

This little spot is just great for breakfast lunch or dinner...their salads are amazing  really colourful and full of flavour and huge-you will not leave hungry here. They dont only have salads...the menu is really diverse would definitely recommend to try the fried calamari, their burger and the tuna filet...lovely.


Organic Fusion Restaurant specialising in Organic, Raw, Vegan, and Gluten free options.

Jl. Raya Labuan sait 99X, Pecatu - Jimbaran - Bali

phone: 0361-8957338

pic from balicelebrated.com

This is a really cute spot and also very healthy.

They offer wheat grass shots and jamu/djamu juice which is a traditional Balinese health tonic can fight anything! Common cold, sore throat, lethargy, bad breath, EVERYTHING!

Also great breakfast and lunch choices and  coffee.

And not to forget some amazing natural icecream with healthy raw coconuts...really good.

Must try is the black rice porridge with coconut cream.


Australian Bohemian Contemporary Restaurant Bistro

Labuan Sait, Jl. Labuansait, Pecatu


Bukit cafe official pic

This is a real hang out spot...similar to Budha soul but some items on the menu are a bit less healthy.

Amazing big breakfasts for all you hungry people out there and yes they do have healthy options too like smoothie bowls, chia puddings with fresh mango or dragon fruit puree....great coffe/smoothies and also offering jamu and kambucha drinks.

Lunch options are amazing too - love their fried chicken tortillas and the chicken parm.


Jl. Labuan Said No. 17, Padang Padang, Pecatu

This is a really cute mini spot to hang out..and of course under a mango tree.

Delicious fresh juices to choose from really good iced coffee drinks and a MUST try is their signature slow baked cheesecake so soft and creamy with some kind of coconut cream on top to die for.

#6 and the final one is THE CASHEW TREE CAFE

Jalan Pantai Bingin No.9, Kuta Selatan, Pecatu

Serving healthy fresh food + smoothies & juices. Family friendly + yoga &Weekly thursday parties with live music & Dj

tripadvisor pic

It's located a bit further than all of these before but it's a great spot to relax hang out and have a meal.

Similar western type food they offer great smoothie bowls, fresh juices/smoothies, great salads...breakfast and lunch items. It's located a bit further than all of these before but it's a great spot to relax hang out and have a meal.

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