Three Martinis for People Who Don't Like Drinking Martinis
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Three Martinis for People Who Don't Like Drinking Martinis

While it is probably the most famous cocktail in world, the Martini doesn't deserve the recognition it gets. It's simple, boozy and dry, and leaves much to be desired. If you're looking to enjoy your next Martini, try these variations instead.

The Martinez

The Martinez is a predecessor to the gin-and-vermouth Martinis you're used to. It features the sweeter Old Tom gin instead of the standard London dry, sweet vermouth instead of dry vermouth, Maraschino liqueur and orange bitters. The result is a sweeter, more complex, and more balanced cocktail than the Martini.

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The Bronx

One of the classic borough cocktails, the Bronx flies a little closer to the traditional Martini. Orange juice adds sweetness and flavour, while sweet vermouth is mixed along with dry for a more interesting drink.

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The Strike

The Strike is an original cocktail that takes the Martini to a whole other level. Dispatching completely with the simplicity of the original Martini, The Strike features a split ingredient at every turn. It includes dry and Old Tom gin, sweet and dry vermouth, Maraschino and Cointreau, two kinds of bitters and two varieties of citrus, garnished with a classic bowling-strike X. 

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