For Instastar Antonio Bachour, Work is Nothing Short of Sweet
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For Instastar Antonio Bachour, Work is Nothing Short of Sweet

Elizabeth Nalepa
over 3 years ago

Rising pastry sensation Antonio Bachour has proven that creating pastries is as intricate of an art form as it gets. The chef, who started an early career at his family's bakery in Puerto Rico, graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Miami and went on to perfect his skills at the Ritz-Carlton resort in San Juan. From there, he returned to Miami where he established himself as a beast in the art of sweets, garnering nearly half a million followers on Instagram in the process. 

When Pastries are Prettier Than You  (Photo by Nitzan Rubin @nitzrubin)

Bachour sets a new standard for chocolate and pastry-making by creating perfect decorative shapes, textures, and designs using only simple ingredients, tape, saran wrap, and basic tools like metal scrapers and icing bags. Witnessing his pastry process is both deliciously satisfying and visually addicting.

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From June 12-14, Bachour taught a class of 15 professional chefs at the L'Ecole Valrhona Brooklyn to help fine-tune their culinary craft. Observing his teachings revealed that he not only has a passion for the art of baking, but also a commitment to education. 

"It's not that any one chef is better than the other, but we are constantly learning from each other and evolving our techniques," he said during the course. 

Students were glued to his every move, jotting down notes, snapping pictures, and absorbing every tip, trick, and technique the chef had to offer. Some of these participants traveled from South America to attend, which is a true testament to Bachour's global influence. 

Photo by Nitzan Rubin (@nitzrubin)

In addition to baking and sharing his expertise with the masses, Bachour has written three cookbooks that reveal many of his recipes and kitchen secrets. He is releasing a fourth cookbook in October that delves into croissants, brioche, danishes, and baklava.

Photos by Nitzan Rubin 

Additionally, when Bachour isn't traveling the world teaching his classes, he's working as the executive Pastry Chef of Regis Bal Harbour, Miami. Bachour is also starting his own pastry shop in the Miami airport, where travelers will be able to grab a delectable bite to and fro their next destination.

So far this summer, Bachour has been to Barcelona, New York, Lima, Cancun, and Melbourne for his teaching series. His journey is clearly not over, so if you're hoping to learn from the master and create some pastry art of your own, check out http://www.antonio-bachour.com/.

Photos by Nitzan Rubin

Photos by Nitzan Rubin - courtesy of L'ecole Valrhona Brooklyn School

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