Favorite Foodie Moments at BottleRock 2018
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Favorite Foodie Moments at BottleRock 2018

Chloe Catajan
over 3 years ago

The sold-out BottleRock Napa Valley Food and Music Festival started off with cloudy skies, but that didn’t dampen festival-goers as they stood in line to enter the gates. The energy was electrifying and expectations were high.

Looking back, the 3-day extravaganza had outdone itself again this year. With a total of 5 music stages, over 100 food and drink vendors, and 1 culinary stage dedicated to fun food showcases, BottleRock had so many unique experiences to offer!

From Snoop Dogg setting a Guinness World Record to all the exceptional food trucks, here’s a run-down of some of BottleRock’s many unique food and drink experiences.

Favorite Foodie Set
Snoop Dogg at the Culinary Stage, Sat. May 26

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Snoop Dogg brought his single, “Gin & Juice” to a whole new level on the culinary stage Saturday. The famous rapper concocted a 132-gallon mix of gin, apricot brandy, and orange juice, successfully setting the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest cocktail.

Favorite Cocktail
Reyka Vodka Turmeric Mule

Speaking of cocktails, this Moscow Mule twist was a delight to drink. The Reyka Vodka went down smooth, and the hint of orange from turmeric added a pleasant surprise. It also doesn’t hurt to know that turmeric has a lot of health benefits to go with the Reyka Vodka.

Image courtesy of BottleRock Napa Valley

Favorite Salad
Steak & Charred Corn Salad by Bouchon Bakery

The perfectly cooked steak, topped with a creamy espellete pepper vinaigrette, was accompanied by an eye-catching charred corn salad made with arugula, piquillo peppers, fromage blanc, roasted red onions, and radishes. All the colors!

Get the recipe here.

Image courtesy of Bouchon Bakery

Favorite Quick Bite
Tender Pork Belly Steamed Bao by The Chairman

The Pork Belly Steamed Bao was soft and inviting. It felt like eating a pork-flavored cloud. Heavenly.

Image courtesy of The Chairman

Favorite Sandwich
Lobster roll by Cousins Maine Lobster

The perfectly cooked lobster was fresh, and the buttered roll was slightly cooked over the grill to give the bread a nice crunch. A lobster roll is my go-to when I want to have a quick meal, yet still have a taste of gourmet.

Image courtesy of Cousins Maine Lobster

Favorite Dessert
FK Custard Bars

I had the s’mores bar and it sent my taste buds to a whole other universe. The chocolate was just the right amount of sweet, the marshmallow was soft, and the graham cracker was crispy. It doesn’t get better than this.

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Favorite Edible Souvenir
The exclusive BottleRock Shortbread Cookie

Complete with tie-dyed fondant by Bouchon Bakery, this cookie’s print was on point and looked delicious. I had to hold back my desire to eat it, but it wasn't easy.

Image courtesy of Bouchon Bakery

BottleRock killed it with the wide selection of food and drinks, setting the bar for next year’s festival very high. I can't wait to see what’s in store for them next year. For more information on other festival foods to look out for in 2018, check out this article.

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