Cook Healthy Meals in Your Microwave Oven
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Cook Healthy Meals in Your Microwave Oven

Alycia Gordan
almost 2 years ago

The microwave oven brings with it a world of convenience. It eases the eating element of life by simplifying cooking processes, helps save time which is a blessing for multitasking cooks who find themselves running all day, and it really makes sense for those who are not fond of spending time in the kitchen but needs to eat, to survive. The microwave oven promotes a different cooking concept. It helps do away with pots and pans and the need to spend hours in front of the cooking stove because a glass bowl is all that is needed. Contrary to the notion that they are suitable for reheating and defrosting alone, microwave ovens can cook a meal to perfection, since it has better taste, retains its nutrition levels and looks better since the vegetables maintain their original color. Microwave cooking can be called healthy cooking because if instructions are followed, food will be cooked in a manner that its vitamins and minerals stay intact. This has also been proved by extensive research carried out by responsible institutions like some of the top American universities.

How Microwave cooked food is healthier

• It helps to reduce the fat content since spraying less than a spoonful of oil is enough to cook the vegetable or meat.

• The microwaves get the molecules of the food to vibrate, create friction, and heat consequently. This makes the food steam itself with little or no additional water required.

• The minimal liquid requirement makes the food retain all its nutrients. Studies reveal that adding water makes the nutrients get leached out.

• The length of cooking time also reduces the number of nutrients left in the vegetables. The research revealed that potatoes and tomatoes retained more flavonoids when cooked in the Microwave as compared to boiling them in a pan. The microwave oven for cooking is faster and therefore, safer from the nutritional point of view.

• They are the best way to cook frozen foods since they do not need any water to be added and all the nutrients remain locked in.

• Microwaves help to remove more fat from meats than it would be possible to remove by some other cooking methods.

• It helps indirectly since many would rather sleep hungry than cook a meal. For such people, the microwave oven keeps up their nutrition because it can make cooking so simple for them.

• Microwave ovens help to bring out the original flavor of food and enhance it, hence there is a lesser need for salt, and this helps high blood pressure patients who need to take a low sodium diet.

Cooking Vegetables in Your Microwave

Which would you rather serve your family for dinner: frozen vegetables that have been in your freezer and your grocer's freezer for heaven only knows how long, or even worse, canned vegetables that are loaded with preservatives, or delicious, fresh steamed vegetables that are cooked to perfection in just a few minutes? Obviously, the answer is fresh vegetables, and when you cook with a microwave oven, even carrots, turnips and potatoes can be prepared quickly and easily.

When you cook vegetables in water, you lose many of the valuable nutrients that you need to make your diet a healthy one. Steamed vegetables are much better for you, and you don't need to go out and buy a special vegetable steamer to do the job. You can easily prepare steamed vegetables in the Microwave, and in addition to retaining their goodness, they also keep their crunch and flavor.

All you need to do to have delicious steamed vegetables from the Microwave is to place the vegetables on top of paper towels that you have moistened. Wrap the wet paper towel around the vegetables, and then wrap this bundle in plastic cling film wrap, two or three times to make sure no steam escapes.

Cooking time depends on the type of vegetables you are cooking. For vegetables that take longer to cook such as carrots, you will want to set the Microwave for seven to nine minutes. Vegetables such as broccoli take less time to cook, and will probably only take three to four minutes for soft vegetables, less time if you like them crunchy.

Microwave ovens are a necessity in the kitchen and can be used by responsible children as well. They can be placed in a single room and not necessarily in a kitchen, and used, rather than eating unhealthy food outside all the time. Only a few precautions help. For example, it is advisable to cover food while it cooks or is heated in the microwave oven. Also as long as the food is placed in glass bowls or "microwave safe" plastics, the food will remain safe. It is only with unsafe polymers and plastics that the food gets contaminated by the plastic. A balanced meal will always be the healthiest meal to eat, and even more so if it is cooked in a microwave oven.

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