Celebrating #NationalCheeseBurgerDay the Cheap Way
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Celebrating #NationalCheeseBurgerDay the Cheap Way

Rebecca Wright
about 1 year ago

September 18th marks a momentous holiday in U.S. culture. Burger lovers across the nation can rejoice and celebrate National Cheeseburger Day, the perfect excuse to indulge in a delicious meal.

In celebration of the holiday, restaurants across the nation are serving up deals on their burgers. Some of the best deals include free burgers at Jack in the Box, MOOYAH, and B. Good, so definitely check out the specials before spending money on lunch today.

While cheeseburgers may not be the healthiest item on the menu, they are certainly delicious. On top of the all-American flavors, a burger is a cost-effective way to satisfy your hunger cravings without breaking the bank.

People will always argue which restaurant or chain serves the ‘best’ cheeseburger. There may not be a clear answer to that one, given it relies on an individual’s subjective opinions and taste buds. However, there is a definite answer to where you can get the most bang for your buck.

Fast food chains may be the most convenient option, but nothing beats a classic, homemade burger on the grill. When done right, this can be an incredibly cheap and easy meal to serve a crowd. But the price of a homemade burger is not consistent anywhere you go.

A recent study by Simple. Thrifty. Lifting. analyzed the cost of a cheeseburger in each state in America. They looked up the prices of essential burger ingredients in local Walmarts across the nation to visualize which state is the most and least expensive to make a DIY burger.

At approximately $2.34 per burger, Arizona is the cheapest place to celebrate national cheeseburger day at home. This doesn’t beat the dollar menu at your favorite drive-thru, but it does allow you to control and customize your burger to perfectly fit your likings.

Honorable mentions go to Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, all with cheeseburger ingredient costs below $2.40 per burger.

Off the coast, you can expect to pay nearly 70 cents more for each cheeseburger you make at home. Hawaii’s average cheeseburger ingredients add up to just under $3.00. While this may seem like not a substantial difference, multiply this $0.70 difference by additional family members, multiple servings and the cost can quickly add up.

Looking at regional trends, the midwest is the most costly area of the states to make a cheeseburger. The average cost in midwestern states is $2.65, compared to $2.50, $2.53, and $2.58 in the south, northeast, and west, respectively.

Whether you love or hate cheese, today is the day to embrace it. Even vegans or vegetarians can celebrate the occasion by cooking veggie-based alternative burgers. While you may pay a little extra while grocery shopping and spend a little more time in preparation, you can still celebrate in the festivities.

Regardless of what ingredients you put in your cheeseburger, it’s a rite of passage to indulge in one at some point today. After all, calories don’t count if you’re celebrating a national holiday! 

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