Asian Eats in the Bay Area

As much as I love burgers, pizza, and ice cream, I also have a deep love for Asian eats! Anything and everything from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Burmese, Mien, Filipino, and so forth makes my tummy and heart full!

Below are some of my favorite Asian restaurants in the Bay Area:

Mandarin Garden (Concord, California): My favorite restaurant in Concord! Mandarin Garden serves Korean Chinese dishes such Jajangmyeon (Black Bean Noodles) and Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood Noodles). Although both of these dishes are delicious, my go-to is the Tangsuyuk, which is the Korean Chinese version of Sweet and Sour Beef/Pork. If you are already a fan, then you must try the Tangsuyuk!

Volcano Curry (San Francisco, California): If you are looking for something quick and relatively cheap, then Volcano Curry is the way to go! Their Chicken Katsu Curry is out of this world. The breading is amazing and the curry itself is flavorful! Not to mention, you can go wild by adjusting the spice level, as well as adding toppings such as cheese, potato croquette, spam, and tofu nuggets!

San Tung (San Francisco, California): How many of you are not surprised that San Tung made my list? San Tung is another one of my favorite Korean Chinese restaurants. Their Black Bean Noodles are delicious, along with their famous Sautéed Green Beans. But of course, you cannot forget about their Original Dried Fried Chicken! Definitely worth the wait!

Tani’s Kitchen (Daly City, California): I love eating at Tani's Kitchen! Not only is the food yummy, but it also gives me the feels of being back in Japan! The restaurant is cozy and seats at the most 12 people. I've had their Chicken Karaage Curry, Tonkatsu Curry, Japanese Hamburger Curry, and their Beef Teriyaki Donburi. All were delicious, but I recommend the Beef Teriyaki Donburi! The broil sirloin steak seasoned with teriyaki sauce is mouthwatering!

Cam Huong (Union City, California): Quick, cheap, and tasty banh mi sandwiches! Cam Huong is a great spot to grab Vietnamese sandwiches. Not only are these sandwiches convenient when you are on the go, but they are tasty! My favorite is the Grilled Pork. I’m also a sucker for their pickled radish and carrots!

Sala Thai (Fremont, California): I love Thai food! Sala Thai serves a mean Pad Thai and Pad See Ew, but you must give their Crispy Fish with Sweet Garlic Sauce a try! It is fried to perfection and the garlic sauce is amazing! I can eat the entire dish by myself! 

Chopsticks Pho & Grill (Newark, California): I eat Vietnamese food at least once a week, and although I like to try many other Vietnamese restaurants, I find myself frequently returning to Chopsticks Pho & Grill. I’ve had their pho many times and each time it has been consistently delicious. Broth is satisfying and the ingredients used are fresh. I’m also a huge fan of their bún, which is vermicelli with either grilled pork, beef or chicken along with veggies and egg rolls.

Sumiya Japanese Charcoal Grill (Santa Clara, California): I found my go-to yakitori spot in the South Bay! Sumiya serves a wide variety of dishes, but they specialize in yakitori. I recommend ordering a set. I usually get the Combination Set C, which consists of Mi (chicken thigh), Tsukune (chicken meatballs), Salami Yuzu (chicken breast), Teba Shio (chicken wings), Butabara (pork belly), Beef Tongue, and Kalbi. And, there is no other way to end the meal without some Green Tea Brûlée for dessert!

Vien Hong Restaurant (Oakland, California): Located in Chinatown, Vien Hong has been a local hotspot for years. I remember coming here during my high school days, and still to this day order the same thing! Number 21 (Chow Jew Ho Fun) with soup on the side. Don’t forget to use their house hot sauce and hoisin sauce! Bomb(dot)com!

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