"Amaro" Book Signing event w/author Brad Thomas Parsons & Don Ciccio & Figli Italian Liqueurs, pt.1
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"Amaro" Book Signing event w/author Brad Thomas Parsons & Don Ciccio & Figli Italian Liqueurs, pt.1

James Beard award winning author appears at Michelin rated restaurant. Alright - let that sink in, as it frames what I am about to tell you. “Bitters" and “Amaro” author Brad Thomas Parsons is thee nicest, most down-to-earth fella! As is Francesco Amodeo of Don Ciccio & Figli Italian liqueurs. It is no surprise then, that their “Amaro” book signing event held at Masseria by Nicholas Stefanelli, was a huge success.

Brad Thomas Parsons, author of "Amaro" - looking good!

Light-filled restaurant Masseria was transformed into what felt like an open courtyard, the inner restaurant and outer patio spaces flowed seamlessly. People mingled - chatting up Brad and Francesco, of course, but also talking with one another. 

Francesco Amodeo of Don Ciccio & Figli Italian Liqueurs 

Chef/owner Nicholas Stefanelli was in attendance as well, smiling and chatting with guests.  It was a very congenial environment, and the craft cocktails - (made with recipes taken from Brad’s book and featuring Don Ciccio liqueurs) flowed.  Light canapés were served, and I absolutely loved the charred artichoke, which may have been a nod to Don C's newest liqueur "Carciofo" liqueur, which has an artichoke base.  

Nicholas Stefanelli, chef/owener of Masseria

I have impatiently awaited Carciofo's release for the past three months.  Thus, I was ecstatic to discover that it was the liqueur that came with my event gift bag, along with Brad's book - which he signed for me!  Awesome-ness!

I highly recommend this book, and the James Beard award winning “Bitters", if you are interested in learning more about bitters and amaro. Brad has an equally approachable writing style akin to his great personality. He also has great suggestions for exploring the bitter side of ones palate, if you have yet to do so. (Please do! I think you’ll grow to love it)

Brad is incredibly approachable, in spite of his great success!

I am very grateful I attended this wonderful event. Such bright stars in the culinary/spirits world, yet all so humble! I look forward to trying recipes from the Amaro book and enhancing my amaro collection/knowledge. If the cocktails from this event are any indication (and I’m sure they are), they are going to taste amazing. 

Please check out pt. 2 of the article to find out about what we drank at the event! (Yummmmm....)


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