8 Spooky Cocktails For Your Halloween Party

Whether you're hosting a Halloween Party this year or simply looking for an excuse to make a fun, seasonal cocktail, Halloween is the perfect opportunity to boast your mixology skills and delight (and haunt) your guests. 

Plan ahead and start recipe testing this weekend to ensure your Halloween bash goes off without a hitch. 

Walking Dead Rum Cocktail

Photo and Recipe by @ashroseconway

These Walking Dead concoctions call for three types of rum and an easy homemade grapefruit cinnamon syrup. 

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Butterbeer with Bourbon

Photo and Recipe by @gastronomblog

Calling all Harry Potter fans - this one's for you! Apparate to Hogsmeade with one of these perfectly buttery, rich cocktails that combines homemade buttered brown sugar simple syrup with apple cider, ginger beer and bourbon. 

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Witch's Brew Vodka Cocktail

Photo and Recipe by @homemadehooplah

Apart from St. Patrick's Day, Halloween is the only time of year you can sip on a fluorescent green drink without remorse. Green jello gives these creepy drinks their incandescent hue, and when combined with carbonated soda, the jello appears to be moving around the beaker. Use purple and/or orange jello in addition to green for an array of spooky cocktails. 

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Dark Red Apple Cider Sangria

Photo and Recipe by @chocolatemoosey

Looking for a slightly more sophisticated Halloween drink that requires minimal effort? This blood red sangria is perfect for a large crowd and can be made 2-3 days ahead of time. 

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Vampire Vodka Cocktail with Raspberry "Blood"

Photo and Recipe by @krissy_selfproclaimedfoodie

The extra effort to find plastic syringes is absolutely worth it for these creative vampire vodka drinks. The frighteningly realistic "blood" is a simple puree of raspberries and sugar. Allow guests to create their own gory cocktail by prepping the syringes beforehand. 

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Bourbon Pumpkin Milkshake

Photo and recipe by @bromabakery

Here is a boozy over-the-top pumpkin milkshake coated in graham cracker crumbs and drizzled with warm caramel sauce.

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Spooky Grape and Blackberry Halloween Punch

Photo and Recipe by @happyandharried

This deep purple mocktail punch is perfect for adults and children alike. Spike with your choice of alcohol for an easy, no-fuss cocktail mix, or simply leave be as a non-alcoholic party refreshment. 

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Drink If You Dare Halloween Shooters

Photo and Recipe by @boulderlocavore

These shooters go the extra mile if you in fact are the kind of person that would order test tubes and test tube racks!

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