4 Sandwiches To Keep Your New Year's Resolution Floating
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4 Sandwiches To Keep Your New Year's Resolution Floating

If you're one of those people still holding on (barely, it's January 12th after all) to their New Year's resolutions, then read on. Because you're just like me. And I have something for those sandwich cravings that has lately taken more and more control of your mind and - soon - body.

I am an avid sandwich lover, make no mistake. My blog is called Eating With Your Hands, for God's sake. And the one thing that makes me raving mad is the notion that sandwiches are a super unhealthy thing that needs to be avoided in times where you want to "eat healthy".


So it is with careful respect of your healthy, new-year-new-you resolutions that I've picked the freshest sandwiches so that you can make these babies at home and enjoy the beautiful universe of sandwiched goodies, without crying yourself to sleep in self-loathing.

1. The Green Sandwich

Gabrielle Pellerin (A Simple Thyme)

Although this may look like a very simple sandwich, my Montrealian buddy Gabrielle has packed it with flavour. From sweet and spicy to creamy, you will without a doubt enjoy this light and easy to make meal.

2. Roasted Sweet Potato Sandwich With Rajas Salsa

William Mote, Butcher & Bee, Charleston, South Carolina

William Mote uses meaty sweet potatoes (which can be roasted a day in advance) as the base for this vegetarian sandwich. His salsa, made of tomatoes and strips of roasted poblano and cherry peppers—rajas in Spanish—can also be used as an accompaniment to meat or fish.

3. Roasted Carrot Sandwich with Sunflower Cream

Naturally Ella

A hearty sandwich that highlights the slightly sweet roasted carrot paired with an easy, smoky sunflower seed cream

4. Salmon Burgers

The Woks Of Life

My friends over at the Woks of Life are my go-to source if I want to incorporate some Chinese ingredients and cuisine into my own recipes. Their salmon burger is the most delicious thing you can eat guilt-free right now. 

Cover image: Unsplash

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