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4 Fresh Spots in San Francisco Proper

I went to go visit my close friends in San Francisco a few weeks back. After living in The Bay area for over 5 years I wondered what else is out there that’s new to explore with the food scene!? My friends did a great job of showing me the new scene of SF that I had never seen before. Here are the 4 Fresh Spots (new to me) that I recommend to enjoy a weekend in San Francisco:

1) International Smoke: This is a collaboration between Ayesha Curry and Michael Minna. If you are a warriors fan, then this spot is for you. With a globally minded menu of curated meats and cocktails to fit your liking for a casual/chic spot for happy hour drinks. I had been to this Minna restaurant before, but the re-brand has definitely upped his ‘game.’ We enjoyed wine at happy hour but they have ‘Smoke’ cocktails ranging from Issa Gin & Tonic to the fun punchbowls perfect for a Friday night in the SOMA area. Ayesha has a tasting menu which is great for a date night (my friends have raved about it) which includes “From the Sea,” “From the Garden,” “From the Smoker” and more, $58 pp which is a steal for a tasting. We got the Smoke Rib Chipped Mac & Cheese with the Cornbread Crumble as a HH app to split. Chips also came with the order with this memorable cilantro sauce to dip. It was delectable.

2) The Elite Café: This restaurant located on Fillmore Street has been around for a while. I only recently discovered it was worthwhile through word of mouth. It has a southern home grown menu, from Biscuits to Gumbo and all. I went with a group of my 5 closest friends and naturally, we ordered WAY too much food. The highlights were the biscuits with KILLer jam and honey. The fried chicken sliders were a must do. I got the steamed mussels, which is a favorite go-to of mine, and boy was I wrong. I am not that great with spice, and the chorizo with okra was not a great mix. I suffered through my main which is always the worst and pawned my hunger off my friend with the Gumbo right next to me. Great for groups and for sharing.

3) ABV: After a fun day at brunch at Foreign Cinema and Dolores Park, we made our way for a Saturday afternoon cocktail in San Francisco’s Mission District at ABV. This spot had been around for a while but it was a first for me. All cocktails were on point, spicy margaritas for a few of my friends, and I got the Mumbai Mule. I tend to skew towards the vodka side so this was perfect with Safron Vodka, ginger, mint, soda. The stuffed blue cheese olives and cheese board was a hit with the best artisan mustard and jams. But the real winner was the complimentary bread and butter, straight from Tartine Bakery, which if you do not know, is an absolute must bakery in SF. The bread was warm and fluffy/crunchy all at once, we could not stop.

4) Radhaus: This was probably the biggest curveball for me during my trip. This Beer Bar was on Fort Mason which if you don’t know has a bunch of warehouses and is home to ‘On the Grid’ a food truck lovers dream. Radhaus has a large wrap around bar with an airy ambience and marble counters all around. It’s white and bright and great for our Sunday afternoon Soiree. We ordered a couple half pints of the local beer and for dinner, had the ribs, chicken wings and my favorite, the smoked white fish toast. The white fish I could have had as a meal. Bring your man to this spot because the portions are astonomically large!

I have plenty more recommendations for San Francisco where those came from. Feel free to enjoy and drop me a line if you have any feedback/new and fun places in the city to try!

International Smoke
Foreign Cinema

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