7 Drool Worthy Recipes to Break Your New Year's Resolutions With
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7 Drool Worthy Recipes to Break Your New Year's Resolutions With


It's not even half way into January but if you are anything like me, you are starting to go into holiday food withdrawal.  That means cravings for burgers, fried chicken, steak, you name it.  If it's fried, I want it.  

Don't get me wrong, eating healthy feels great and I'm not encouraging a poor diet.  But if you're going to break your resolutions, you might as well go big. These 10 recipes are guaranteed to hit the spot and leave you feeling satisfied.

At the end of the day, it's all about balance and moderation.  There's nothing wrong with indulging in a fatty rib eye once in a while and at least for me, trying to cut out certain foods usually leads to more intense cravings.  So with that being said, treat yourself to what you love but just don't go crazy with it.  When making resolutions it's important to be realistic in order to be able to maintain them.  

If you are seriously trying to avoid junk food this year, proceed with caution.

1. Chocolate Chip and Candied Bacon Pancakes with Nutella Maple Syrup

Recipe and Photo via Evil Shenanigans 

Chocolate, bacon, nutella, maple syrup? Yup, I'm pretty sure this breakfast covers all the food groups

Get the recipe here

2. Bobby Flay's Crunch Burger

Recipe and Photo via Bon Apetit

Bobby Flay is definitely onto something with this burger.  It's loaded with potato chips for a bit of extra crunch (and calories)

Get the recipe here

3. Butter Basted Rib Eye Steaks

Recipe and Photo via Food & Wine

Time to bust out the Cast-Iron Skillet.  This steak is basted in butter for extra flavor as it cooks.  Everybody knows everything is better with butter.

Get the recipe here

4. Texas Chicken Nachos

Recipe and Photo via Real Food by Dad

The Super Bowl may still be a month away, but it's never too early to start thinking about game day recipes.  Especially these nachos with chicken and bacon.

Get the recipe here

5. Sriracha Fried Chicken Tacos

Recipe and Photo via The Chef Dan

I could eat fried chicken all day long.  Especially when it's got Sriracha and wrapped up in to a taco.

Get the recipe here

6. Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs

Recipe and Photo via Serious Eats

I don't know about you, but this picture has seriously got me craving hot dogs.  These dogs are wrapped in bacon and topped with avocado, tomato, onion, and potato chips.  They take loaded dogs to a whole new meaning.

Get the recipe here

7. Jalapeno-Bacon Mac & Cheese

Recipe and Photo via Yes to Yolks

Mac & Cheese is possibly the greatest of all comfort foods so it's no surprise I'm finishing the list of with it.  Like all great resolution breakers, this Mac & Cheese is loaded with bacon for extra greasy goodness.

Get the recipe here

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