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New Food Blog

by OrganicSnakcer 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I am a new member to this forum and would love some feedback from you all on my new food blog I am starting. Any suggestions or changes that you would like to see I would love to hear....

Need help on independent study about meat analogue

by coffeeeveryday 4 years ago

Hi there, I'm currently doing an independent study for my Master's degree in Thailand. My topic is to study "Factors Affecting Non-Thais’ Perception and Purchasing Behavior Toward Meat Analogue ...

Help me find a creative name for my healthy meal prep business

by khairul 4 years ago

I am about to start selling my healthy and clean prepped meals. I still can't find a creative name for my business. My prepped meals will be delivered every weekend and can last for one week. Custo...

Do you hate cooking? Would you try instant gourmet steak? Looking for advice on upcoming Kickstarter.

by kappafoods 4 years ago

Hi, my name is Bill, the founder of a startup called Kappa Foods. We make instant gourmet steak that can be heated up in 45 seconds to restaurant quality taste using only 4 natural ingredients: bee...

Personal cooking habits, would you turn your passion into something further? (research)

by dpatterson2008 4 years ago

Hi all, I have started this post for research purposes as I am trying to gather information on those who have a passion for cooking. I am trying to understand what is it you enjoy about cooking...

Need comments on a mobile-friendly potluck organizer

by mixersoft 4 years ago

Hi all, I wanted to come to this community with a mockup of a food app I'm building. It's a mobile/web-friendly community meal organizer (aka potluck planner) that puts the menus and recipes on the...

Do you bake? Never bake?

by gildeddawn 4 years ago

Collecting some data on modern baking, whether you do it or not. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NL8N7XN

Got a passion for the flavors of Mexico?

by chef_hef 4 years ago

Hola Chowhounds! I live in Mexico and have spent 2 years researching the fresh ingredients of the country - indigenous and regional. So many of these fruits and vegetable can't be found outside of...

Mexico fresh ingredients

by chef_hef 4 years ago

Hola Chow community! I live in Mexico and have spent 2 years researching the fresh ingredients of the country - indigenous and regional. So many of these fruits and vegetable can't be found outside...

Future of Food Transformation: Focus Group Opportunity!

by derrick.mead 4 years ago

Ziba Design (Portland, OR) is looking to meet with people who are passionate about food and drink – particularly food prepared at home ­– and/or nutrition in general. Is your friend in Silver L...

No idea is too weird for Kickstarter - Keurig-esque cocktail machine.

by ferret 4 years ago

And people are backing it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1384275386/bartesian-the-first-capsule-cocktail-machine

Quad/Hexx Cooker on Kickstarter vs other portable grills

by handonam 5 years ago

Hey all, Has anyone ever heard much about these cookers on kickstarter? Hexx just surpassed their kickstarter goal, and i'm wondering if it's something that I should get over other portable gril...

What do you guys think about my study project?

by Okrause 4 years ago

I hope i am not braking any rules here. I would really like your feedback in a webpage we have created for a project. The background behind it is that we, coming from different countries (South Afr...

Serious Eats Fan, The Food Lab on Indiegogo

by eatingjoy 4 years ago

Pretty crafty, creative plans over at SE. Looks like a number of new projects are planned according to this morning's main page.

Gendering of Food

by ampizzi1 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I am a college student writing a research paper on gendered food stereotypes perpetuated by the media. I'd love to include some anecdotal evidence in addition to my research. Does ...

Small Seattle sausage maker looking to expand (Kickstarter Campaign)

by JuniorBalloon 4 years ago

LinkLab Artisan Meats and Jones Family Farm are looking to expand there ability to butcher and prepare local farmers meats for market. It is difficult for small producers to find facilities to get ...

Food and Sociology Research Paper Topics

by ampizzi1 4 years ago

I am a college student currently taking a writing class. Our final assignment is a research paper on a topic of our choice. I would love to write about my two passions-food and sociology. I am part...

French Burgundy producer turns to crowdfunding

by zin1953 5 years ago

Intriguing concept . . .

Shepherd's Way Kickstarter

by My_Annoying_Opinions 5 years ago

I have no connection to Shepherd's Way other than enjoying their cheese (especially their Burr Oak). If you have a bit of money to spare consider helping them out--they're close to their goal but t...

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