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Pizza questions

by striker7330 12 days ago

People in the LA area, what are your favorite toppings and/or combinations? Do you eat the crust? What do you look for in a good crust if you do? If you dont, would you eat it if it was seaso...

Grow sourdough and contribute to science

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 27 days ago

Forwarded from the University of California Cooperative Extension: "The Dunn lab at NC State wants YOUR help with an enormous study they're conducting to understand how geography and flour type ...

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Beta test

by clrclarky 6 months ago

Hi i’m In the throws of finishing an app and want 10 people to test it

Food in the time of COVID-19: Call for Submissions

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

The Gastronomica Editorial Collective is seeking stories about food in the time of COVID-19. First submissions by: 10 April Second submissions by: 25 April

Vietnamese Sweets

by DannyN 4 months ago

I'm making a range of sweets using Vietnamese recipes and I'm really in need of opinions about it to know whether or not its worth to make it into a product and sell it. If you are just bored fr...

Efficiency in the kitchen

by ben7kelly 5 months ago

Hello, fellow home cookers my name is Ben Kelly and I'm a product designer looking to enhance your home kitchen. I'm hoping to design products that help conserve space and time. All suggestions wou...

Opinions on your favourite food influencer wanted!

by Tan2Ted 7 months ago

Hi foodies, For my Master's Thesis I am doing consumer research towards food influencers. I have launched a questionnaire, so it would help me a lot if you could take a few minutes of your time to...

Italian Ice Cream Survey

by Giovanni_Italy 8 months ago

Hello everyone, i'm a student of International Business Management, writing from Italy. We are currently working on a marketing project and we're really pushing ourselves to get a good mark :) But ...

American delights!

by Bellesea 8 months ago

Hey, looking to identify the popular dishes across each of the states! - What are people's favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner?! Thanks, Belle

Opinions about Albuquerque Distilleries

by katiep15 9 months ago

Calling all distillery and spirits lovers in the area! Have 5 minutes to share your opinions and perceptions of distilleries in the area? I'm conducting a survey as part of a grad school marketing ...

New business

by vrossi 2 years ago

Hello everyone, I have decided to design an app to keep inventory of the food in your fridge and know exactly when it's going to expire (with a notification). This app will also suggest recipes wi...

Kitchen knives reinvented

by suekitchenfox 10 months ago

We are team of friends, cooks and designers, we all love great food and good products. We strive to redefine kitchen essentials, starting with a set of amazing knives. If you're passionate about kn...

Kickstarter for Breadboard Bakery, Arlington MA

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

My friend Daisy Chow is close to opening her own bakery. Here's her dream: "One thing they don’t always tell you about big dreams is how much of pursuing one is just showing up and consistently put...

Seeking Fearless Foodies

by hmarano 11 months ago

I am an editor with a well-known magazine working on an article about thrill-seeking and looking to talk to, and eventually photograph, one or more people who use food as a source of sensations, wh...

Rogue Chocolatier GoFundMe

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . We are seeking to engineer a planned closure of Rogue Chocolatier and a corresponding transition of our equipment and knowledge base to a new owner in a cocoa producing country with the pri...

Recipe Development Survey

by Research_Lisa 1 year ago

Seeking professional chefs and mixologists for participation in Paid Research

Chef Apparel Survey

by cassssssj 1 year ago

I am a marketing student from San Diego State University who is creating a marketing plan for chef’s apparel for a course myself and my group are enrolled in. We are trying to find the demographic ...

Help with a School Project!

by brocolton 2 years ago

Hello! For my capstone engineering project, my team and I are tackling a problem that most people have when cooking. By completing this form, you're helping us do research on a common issues that ...

Restaurant/Food Discovery App

by biscottigelato 2 years ago

Is it only me that think that Food platforms feels so behind the curve? The kids have all the fancy toys. Snapchat, AR, etc. But we are still stuck with Yelp or Zomato. Visuals are generally atroci...