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How to tell if my casserole is flameproof, and what to do if it's not?

by nooodles 14 years ago

I want to make the Zuni panade, but have no idea if my ceramic casserole is flameproof. I know there is a big difference between ovenproof and flameproof. I'm going to assume mine's not flameproo...

knives and knife maintenance

by steve h. 14 years ago

I'm becoming a sophomore-level home cook and need advice on a reasonable knife set. what are cooking schools recommending to their students? what's a reasonable maintenance schedule? My old guys ar...

Now you're cooking with(OUT) gas!

by toodie jane 14 years ago

Well, some just to get it started. Waterless cookware strikes again! Because it will form a tight seal and hence a vaccuum, I thought maybe I could avoid heating up the kitchen by using my waterl...

ISO Electric Can Opener - Recommendations Please!

by Inquiring Minds 14 years ago

I currently own a Hamilton Beach "penguin" electric can opener and I hate it. It simply doesn't do the job. I need an electic can opener that is compact, works easily, has a storable cord, and is n...

Pan size for risotto

by sandys 14 years ago

WHat type of pan do you use to make risotto? A saute pan? A dutch oven? A sauce pot? Does it make a difference?

Nonstick Pan - I Have a Nick - Do I have to Dump it?

by Lila 14 years ago

I never really followed all the teflon hysteria, but now that my pan has a little nick in it, I wonder -- should I replace it? Will I get sick if I don't?

Home Meat Slicer - any good reasonably priced ones?

by RSMBob 14 years ago

A number of years ago I spnt $100 or so on a seemingly well-built Rival meal slicer...but I have never been happy with it. I can never get even slices, never get them thin enough and it seems to te...

Is there a special container for making sauerkraut?

by Howard-2 14 years ago

I've been experimenting with making sauerkraut. Now I wonder if there is a special pot or vessel or container or something that kraut makers use. Anyone know the answer?

Cuisinart automatic ice cream maker

by Ernie Diamond 14 years ago

We're talking base model here, the $45 dollar version. How does it perform? It this a good machine? I'm not particularly concerned about the value if this doesn't make a good product.

Rookie question about gas oven pilots

by nooodles 14 years ago

Okay, this is really dumb, but I've never had a gas stove before so here goes... If the stovetop is gas powered, is the oven beneath necessarily a gas powered oven? I ask because I need to keep m...

New Smoker - need help

by Lis 14 years ago

I recently purchased a Bandera smoker/cooker. Though the $800.00 smokers appealed to me more, my budget sent me this way. Plus, it looked more my size - very fitting for a 5 foot 100 pound women....

Downdraft cooktop: Venting the oven

by doctor_mama 14 years ago

Much to my delight, we are moving into a new house in July with a much bigger, nicer kitchen than our current setup. For the first time, I'll have a Jenn-Air cooktop with downdraft venting and a do...

Charcoal grill question

by nickdanger 14 years ago

Seeking opinions on the Weber kettle w/gas ignition. Looking to replace my old grill, I'm wondering if it is easier and faster than a chimney or other coal starting methods.

small pasta machines

by pinstripeprincess 14 years ago

can anyone suggest a small pasta roller? i've never tried searching for one and have resorted to using a rolling pin but it just isn't cutting it to get the type of paper thin pasta i adore. i ju...

Sitram Profiserie Cookware?

by Spot 14 years ago

Shopping for some newlyweds. Amazon's selling an 11 piece set of Sitram Profiserie cookware for $130, which seems like a very good deal. Almost too good to be true, in fact. Anyone know anything ...

Microwave Oven Recommendations

by Laura D. 14 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm moving into my first apartment and need to purchase a microwave oven. However, I'm not sure what to look for, and haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of consumer reports i...

margaritaville drink maker?

by nickbobo 14 years ago

Saw it on the Frontgate catalogue. Says it shaves the ice really well, then mixes. $300 but looks like it might actually work. Anybody try it? Alternatives?

What's a cazador - and how do you use it?

by HowardL 14 years ago

On my "to do" list I found an old notation -- "go to Newark and buy a cazador". When, and why, I wrote that down is now a mystery to me. I assume it's some kind of cooking vessel, probably made of ...

Villaware sear tops?

by rexmo 14 years ago

Looking for some of these. Anyone know where to find a deal on Villa Ware sear tops?

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