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$100 Sur La Table GC - what to buy?

by sandrachang 11 years ago

I received this last year for birthday - I love the store, but never know what to buy, since everything seems so expe...


sandrachang commented 11 years ago

Laminate countertops for the brave kitchen owner...

by Katie Nell 11 years ago

If you go to, http://www.wilsonart.com/design/wistore/store/ , in the grey box that says "Product Search", click on t...


Pei commented 11 years ago

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Cleaning the white plastic backboard on range

by JMF 11 years ago

I was over at my folks cooking a few weeks ago and got distracted by my nieces and nephew (the same ones that once ta...

left wine in decanter

by myra 11 years ago

I made the mistake of leaving port wine in an old crackled glass decanter for a very, very long time. Now it's like ...


myra commented 11 years ago

Best small patio grill?

by mliew 11 years ago

I live in an apartment and currently have a Char-Broil Patio Caddie grill: http://www.charbroil.com/consumerwebhome/g...


Gelato_in_Roma commented 11 years ago

Upgrading always a good thing?

by Monica 11 years ago

I recently got married and moved into a house. I've also decided to upgrade my cookwares by purchasing fancier pots ...


choctastic commented 11 years ago


by peanut1210 11 years ago

I am remodeling and looking to put in a 36" dual fuel range. Any recommendations on the size of the LP tank?


peanut1210 commented 11 years ago

Best muffin pan?

by SxCx 11 years ago

My current pan is approaching worthlessness; everything sticks and it cooks unevenly. So who makes a quality muffi...


jcanncuk commented 11 years ago

all-clad fry pans

by ktown378 12 years ago

hey everybody, i'm pretty new to the board, and i'm in the process of getting a nice skillet. i was shopping arou...


sandrachang commented 11 years ago

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by arizonagirl 11 years ago

Has anyone ever heard of this brand of enamel on cast iron cookware? If so is it any good?

large roasting pan

by NYchowcook 11 years ago

Okay, what I really want is the All Clad, but budget says no. I recall that Cook's Illustrated perhaps did a compari...


DG14973 commented 11 years ago

A great knife block

by Hapa Dude 12 years ago

I just wanted to share my experience with the Igo Kapoosh universal knife block. I have had it for a year now and I ...


foodstorm commented 11 years ago

Cleaning the inside of a rice cooker

by Mattapoisett in LA 11 years ago

I have a Zojirushi 5 cup Fuzzy Logic Rice cooker where the bottom heating element is starting to Blacken. See attach...

Mattapoisett in LA

Mattapoisett in LA commented 11 years ago

World-class roasting pan recco?

by carswell 12 years ago

After years of making do, I'm about to buy an honest-to-god, damn-the-expense, world-class roasting pan. Had my eye ...


ccbweb commented 11 years ago

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An Interview With A Moderator

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 11 years ago

Jim Leff speaks with Pat Hammond, Chowhound’s longest-standing moderator, in the bar of New York’s Grand Hyatt Hotel,...

Microwave-convection oven half price in Penney's?

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

My microwave gave up the ghost this weekend. Ironically, it works when the door is open, and stops when the door shu...


hummingbird commented 11 years ago

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What's the deal with Salad Master?

by gargantua 11 years ago

And why is it so expensive?

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advice on gas ranges [moved from Home Cooking]

by anaiades 11 years ago

hello, i am interested in purchasing a bosch gas range and over the range micorwave and wanted to know if anyone had ...

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advice on bosch appliances (range & micorwave)

by anaiades 11 years ago

hello, i am hoping for advice on appliances... i am interested in purchasing a bosch gas range and over the range ...

lava stones on BBQ grills?

by mymymichl 11 years ago

I got a new BBQ grill last summer, but it did not come with ceramic or lava stones. The rep who answered the phone at...


jzerocsk commented 11 years ago

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