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Offer advice on cookware, appliances, and kitchen gadgets, including knives, blenders, rice cookers, frying pans, toaster ovens, and roasting pans.

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Best Vacuum Sealed Thermoses

by indiegirl2 11 years ago

Looking for advice/opinions on the best thermoses for keeping food HOT in cold situations. Planning an Arctic Expedi...

Chuckles the Clone

Chuckles the Clone commented 11 years ago

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Ceran rangetops - Pros and Cons

by BJE 11 years ago

I have never had a Ceran top before and am looking at the pros and cons of this type of cooking surface. What types...

First thing you made with your new stand mixer?

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

I can't wait to get home. My KA stand mixer (pro 5 plus or something like that, with a 475 w metal motor) arrives to...


Jeters commented 11 years ago

Where to get the best deal on high-end appliances like Sub-zero, Bosch, Miele, etc?

by subeey 11 years ago

Hi! I'm about to renovate my kitchen and was wondering if anyone has advice on where to get the best deals for Su...


frankiii commented 11 years ago

Seeking Retro Kitchen Appliances

by ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn 11 years ago

I’m planning to update my kitchen by backdating it with a retro 50’s design. I found a few sites on line with restor...


ATreeGrowsinBrooklyn commented 11 years ago

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Cuisanart ICE-BC50?

by leanneabe 11 years ago

I've been wavering back and forth between just keeping my freezer bowl ice cream maker or splurging for the refrigera...

Please Help Me Save My Cast Iron Frying Pan

by niki rothman 12 years ago

Read this horror story at your own risk! (may induce tears and garment rending in the faint of heart chowhound chef):...


jcisn commented 11 years ago

Canadian supplier for a 3 tier cascading cake stand with candles?

by victoriarosina 11 years ago

I am trying to locate a Canadian supplier or a supplier that will ship to Canada for a 3 or 4 tier cascading cake sta...


victoriarosina commented 11 years ago

Cast iron omelet pan?

by Lgalen 12 years ago

Okay, I've had it with my calphalon omelet pan. I'm not even going to bother returning it for a new one--this is alr...


grh commented 11 years ago

Wax paper vs. Parchment paper

by Yaela 12 years ago

Does anyone understand the difference between the two? Can they be used interchably when baking seafood? Thanks.


debbiel commented 11 years ago

Removing Odors From Plastic Storage Containers?

by aching 11 years ago

Is it possible (if regular dishwashing soap fails to do it)? I'm wondering if there is some magical trick, like usin...


ccbweb commented 11 years ago

Grilling season is here!

by Monica 11 years ago

I think I can use a good grilling wire pan/basket to grill whole fish on my outdoor grill...and I want to grill at le...


HaagenDazs commented 11 years ago

Push Button Modules vs dials on stoves

by BJE 11 years ago

I am starting to look around for a new stove. I have always had a stove with dials for controls. This time I am thin...


leanneabe commented 11 years ago

How to remove rust stains from kitchen sink?

by studiocate 11 years ago

My husband placed two cookie racks in the sink one night. When I moved the racks the following day to wash them, I f...


weezycom commented 11 years ago

Earth-friendly stuff ???

by rworange 11 years ago

What are items in your kitchen or use for food? In another thread a water filter and a nalgene water bottle were ...

Junie D

Junie D commented 11 years ago

Goo residue

by Fuzzydave 11 years ago

I have recently bought a couple of rolling pins (one w/ ball bearings, one French) and peeled off the price sticker w...


Candy commented 11 years ago

Is it time to throw away my food storage container?

by dimples 11 years ago

The bottom of the inside of it is kind of rough and bumpy--it's been in the DW many times. It still works, though. S...


andreas commented 11 years ago

Cuisinart Feed Tube Cleaning

by mymymichl 11 years ago

I take one look at the gunk at bottom of the feed tube: the part no brush can fit into and clean. It's a real design ...


bkhuna commented 11 years ago

Large scale cleaning of a stainless steel grill?

by xnyorkr 11 years ago

Hi. I searched on the board and found that most people recommend Barkeeper's Friend to clean stainless steel. I hav...


bkhuna commented 11 years ago

Hanstone? Zodiaq?

by neighborguy 11 years ago

What are the differences? Is one better than the other?


weinstein5 commented 11 years ago

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