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So perhaps a brick oven isn't 'Cookware'...

by Sean Dell 11 years ago

Hey Hounds, My obsessional side is thinking of building a brick oven at a country house I share in the Catskills. ...

FoodFuser commented 11 years ago

Differences Between Sauce Pans, Sauciers and Chef's Pans

by omotosando 11 years ago

Not being an expert in the kitchen, I'm a little confused by the differences between sauce pans, sauciers and so-call...

FoodFuser commented 11 years ago

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Todd English - Pannini Grill?

by Sarah 11 years ago

While looking for election results, ran into a station(HSN) where they were hawking the best ever panini grill -- it ...

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Re: One Touch Can Opener

by Querencia 11 years ago

I like to keep the cutting surface of my can openers clean and am interested in buying the One Touch Can Opener but w...

Le cruset French Oven , buy it or not?

by drobbia 11 years ago

Have been looking at the LC french ovens - any size reccomendations and any comments about LC? These arent inexpensiv...

CindyJ commented 11 years ago

Buying a Cast Iron Grill Pan. Flat Rectangular Two-Burner Type or Skillet with Sides?

by ellaj 11 years ago

I am thinking the flat one that covers two burners (has grill pan on one side, flip side has flat griddle surface) wo...


ellaj commented 11 years ago

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Settled on a 50 gallon BBQ smoker. Now which one?

by Westy 11 years ago

Hello - I've decided to go the "simple is best" route in getting a smoker. The 55 gallon drum types look easy eno...

Rice cooker question -- 10 cup overkill?

by ErikaK 11 years ago

Was just at Costco - Zoji Fuzzy Logic 10 cup cooker on sale for 89 - but for a family of 3 that might eat rice once a...


browniebaker commented 11 years ago

Big le cruset sale

by drobbia 11 years ago

BIG sale at Tuesday Morning -- bought a 7.5 qt french oven for $149.00 --- I think it's only on Today.(Nov.7th)

Pei commented 11 years ago

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Soehnle 8048 "Futura" Kitchen Scale

by jjm 11 years ago

Folks, What battery does this unit require? My battery died, and I misplaced it. No info on scale, the box, or any w...

Stand Mixer, Bread Maker, or Ice Cream/Sorbet Maker?

by Kitchen Imp 11 years ago

I have some birthday $$ which I want to use to buy a kitchen appliance. I already have a Cuisinart which I don't us...

Davwud commented 11 years ago

Maple Butcher's Block

by jonnyhunter 11 years ago

I'm looking to purchase a wooden butcher's block for an island in my kitchen. I am looking for some recomendations fo...

UnConundrum commented 11 years ago

expresso pot restoration?????

by scunge 11 years ago

how do i clean up a stove top expresso pot,imported from italy.....the water boils up without any ill effects no odor...


Jimmy Buffet commented 11 years ago

going to buy a 20-quart stockpot: any recs?

by Hungry Celeste 11 years ago

--Is the enameled steel Le Creuset stockpot any good? --Should I just buy a no-name 20-quarter from the nearby resta...


Hungry Celeste commented 11 years ago

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Turkey Lacer

by Candy 11 years ago

I picked one of these up at Whole Foods, Fox Run makes them. I can't wait to try it out. It is about 5.5" in length a...

Baker's Edge pans- for baking all "corner" brownies

by Chris VR 11 years ago

I'm not sure if this has been posted here before but I thought this was pretty neat: I'...

ChowFun_derek commented 11 years ago

my old convection oven is on its last legs

by faijay 11 years ago

I have an old (20 years+) Moulinex convection oven, that is the size of a full size microwave. I love it as I do not...


faijay commented 11 years ago

Hida Tool's knives

by Emily Ford 11 years ago

I got a gift certificate to Hida Tool and bought a chef's knife recently. A very nice knife--very light compared to ...


jimtak commented 11 years ago

Immersion blender: corded or cordless?

by saraeanderson 11 years ago

Is it worth it to spend twice as much on a cordless immersion blender as one with a cord? Is there a noticeable diff...

Scrapironchef commented 11 years ago

Henkels Poultry Shears Spring

by Candy 11 years ago

The spring in my Henkles poultry shears has broken. It is a little uncommon being a coil made from a flat strip of me...

Ernie Diamond commented 11 years ago

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