To officially enter the CHOW Food Fight Recipe Challenge, you must upload your recipe using the Publish a Recipe form. You can then view your and everyone else’s submissions on the challenge entries page. Please read the FAQ and Terms of Use for more information about publishing a recipe on CHOW.

The winner will receive a new Maytag range, provided by Maytag. The winner will be decided by November 16 and will be contacted by CHOW and/or Maytag. The winning recipe will also be promoted on CHOW.

Submission Guidelines
1. Our food editors are looking for a clearly written recipe that fits into the category called for (photos of the finished product are appreciated but not required) and results in a consistent finished product. Ingredients, measurements, and instructions should be precise. Writing some history or context of the recipe in the intro is helpful—is this a family recipe? Something you came up with yourself?

2. Your recipe submission must be your own, original content. Hacks are not accepted.

3. CHOW food editors will select recipes for testing. Voting may be used as a guideline; votes do not decide the winner.

4. Winners will be announced by November 16, 2009, and will be contacted via the email address listed in their CHOW user account.

5. This Food Fight Challenge runs from 12:01 p.m. on October 12 to 5 p.m. on November 6 (all times PST).