It's easy to be inventive with eggs. Isn't it? Though several of the entries in this month's CHOW Food Fight were tasty, few showed real pizazz. We saw omelets, frittatas, salads, and scrambles—ho-hum. A dish that looked like 1960s leftovers. A dish that appeared to include an egg as an afterthought. Several recipes so confusing that even our test kitchen couldn't follow them. And yet, we found three recipes that made us crack a smile.

And the winners are ...

OFOE w/ Onions on Rosemary Toast

 By justparker

Simple and flavorful, if not especially imaginative, this sandwich depends on outstanding bread and top-notch cheese (which is best if sliced thinner). We particularly liked the voice behind the recipe.

CHOW editors say ...

I felt like the rosemary became the highlight of
the dish.
If somebody served this to me, I'd be stoked. It tastes ritzy.
It's a fine egg sandwich—if you like egg sandwiches.

Asparagus and Mushroom Eggs

 By progressivenewamerican

The votes for the top three dishes were impressive, but this one beat all comers. Again, there's nothing fancy going on here, but the recipe is well written (though we recommend you whisk the eggs first), the results look attractive, and our tasters were satisfied.

CHOW editors say ...

This one was pretty
Good combo of ingredients, and nice to
look at.
Tastes like something you'd eat when camping.

Egg Dog

 By mooncho

The idea of it may make you recoil, but the reality of it will leave you wanting more. And though we're not convinced that leftover hot dog buns are a common problem, we're willing to play along. To one taster, the buns were "like low-rent croissants."

CHOW editors say ...

I would most definitely eat this if I was hung over.
If you served this to your boyfriend the morning after drinking, he would think you were really cool.
I did take seconds, I must admit.
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This contest ended on Friday, September 19, 2008, 5PM PDT.