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Why are short ribs so expensive?

by lqf 15 years ago

I've followed recent short rib-related threads with great interest and whetted appetite, but cannot understand why this cut is so expensive, considering the proportion of bone, fat and inedible tis...

hand-pulling hand-pulled noodles

by tuskless 15 years ago

I got it into my head that it would be fun to try to make hand-pulled noodles at home. There is a scarcity of information about this on the web, just occasional dough recipes accompanied by sketch...

Buying beef short ribs for braising...

by Carb Lover 15 years ago

All this recent discussion on braised short ribs got me going. Happened to see some in my butcher's case yesterday, so snatched some up knowing that I'd been wanting to try a recipe in my Balthazar...

Chili Verde

by Carol Soriano 15 years ago

I'm in desperate need for a good chili verde recipe (or green chili recipe). If anyone out there has one they are willing to share, I'd really love it. Thanks Carol Soriano

marion's savory tart

by gus 15 years ago

My French housemate here in Germany just made this savory tart in a matter of minutes. It is delicious and the kitchen smells unbelievably good. She rolled out a pre-made pizza base (she says ...

beef wellington recipe

by anna 15 years ago

My father would like me to make him beef wellington. Does anyone have a recipe recommendation? If its from a cookbook, I could likely find it at the local library. Thank you, Anna

Surprisingly great vegetarian meatloaf recipe.

by nooodles 15 years ago

I first tasted this interesting meatloaf-substitute at Ananda Fuara, a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco. The neatloaf (ha ha, Neatloaf) is amazing: juicy, soft, and tasty. I've passed this on...

KPauls coconut cake question

by Spencer 15 years ago

Anyone eevr make this? I was thinking of trying it. While it looks daunting, I can't see why it takes the reported 3 days to make. Any tips out there? Is it really worth all the effort? I've n...

How much food is enough?

by Chuck 15 years ago

Just wondered what some of you do in figuring how much food you need for a party...One never wants to run out of food, but I get so upset with food waste. Planning a party of 40 people...Half mal...

Can my cake be saved?

by Maggie 15 years ago

In the interest of time, last night I decided to mix, in advance, all the dry ingredients for a devil's food cake. I was supposed to add flour, cocoa, baking soda and salt. But I honestly can't re...

Brining disaster!? Bouchon recipe

by thejulia 15 years ago

I made the brine from the Bouchon cookbook (p325) for a roast chicken. The recipe calls for 12 bay leaves, which i thought sounded a little excessive, but that's why they ask for, so i threw it in....

Pizza Crust

by rudeboy 15 years ago

I'm looking for a recipe and technique to whip up a pizza crust at home - very thin, NY style crust with a distinct cracker type bite. Anyone?

Stoopid Banana Question: Rotting from the Outside?

by PayOrPlay 15 years ago

So we bought a bunch of bananas (from TJ's, I think) and as each one ripened, it started to show a smallish blackish spot on the skin that got bigger and then the next day the skin, and the part of...

How long will bechamel keep?

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

I am serving a macaroni & cheese dish with a bechamel base and want to make the bechamel today and assemble bake it tomorrow. Will the bechamel suffer if I make it today and reheat it tomorrow, an...

Black Pearl Layer Cake

by Gayla 15 years ago

A friend of mine was crusing the Epicurious site earlier this week and sent me the link for a Black Pearl cake from Katrina Markoff the owner/CEO of Vosges Haut-Chocolate (I believe the recipe may ...

Are there any cookbooks where beans are in all the recipes?

by Richie 15 years ago

Good morning, Does such a cookbook exist where every recipes cooks with beans? Be it soups alone or beans as a compliment to something. Thanks,Richie

Thank you GG Mora for the Celestial Braised Shortrib recipe!

by Liv Huang 15 years ago

I found this in some old posts and finally got around to making it...it is fantastic and so easy to make. Hub has already requested that I make it again. Reducing the sauce to the right consisten...

I made short ribs this weekend . . .

by farmersdaughter 15 years ago

After reading all of the recent posts on short ribs, I made short ribs for dinner Sunday night. I'm glad I read all of your recommendations, because I cooked the ribs on Saturday, refrigerated the...

Give me your sales pitch for your chili recipe (and the recipe!)

by jellybelly 15 years ago

So the Super Bowl is right around the corner and I basically use that as an excuse to make a great big pot of chili. There are soooo many recipes out there and so far I have not had the greatest s...

Best Home Made Sore Throat Recipe??

by nooodles 15 years ago

I'm in search of a sore throat soother that doesn't involve store-bought lozenges and syrups. I'll include the two that I've been using since I was a kid, but I wanted to see if other people had mo...