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Need baking tools, starting from scratch

by The_Whistler 12 years ago

Baking has sparked my interest. I‘m trying to compose a list of items I need to order. Items being made are muffins, cookies, pizza, breads, rolls, etc. The only baking tools I own is a cookie...

What would you do with the things in my fridge?

by likaluca 12 years ago

I am a complete, utter mess when it comes to planning, so I thought it would be interesting to present the contents of my fridge/pantry/potato drawer to you and see what you guys would do with it....

what to do w/ pineapple juice?

by sloped 12 years ago

I have a large bottle of pinapple juice and would like to use it up before it goes bad. I bought it for a party as a mixer and have used some in a glazed salmon dish. Other ideas?

Frozen pesto

by amanda3571 12 years ago

Just found some pesto in my freezer from Nov 07, so nearly 8 mos....should I toss, or is it ok to eat still?

Cottage Cheese Perk Ups

by JungMann 12 years ago

In an effort to eat more healthily I've been trying to snack less on items like brie or deep-fried anything and more on lowfat cottage cheese. At first I was fine with the taste, but it is starting...

Measuring a fluted cake pan......dopey question

by 4Snisl 12 years ago

Hello all, The way I'd learned to measure round pans is to pull a tape measure across the diameter of the pan, and whatever it is should be close to the size that it's called (e.g. an 8' cake pan ...

Brazilian Dessert

by jamtart12 12 years ago

I've been invited to a dinner party where the host will be making a brazilian dinner; i've offered to make dessert and i'm looking for ideas. any inspiration would be appreciated. thanks

Pine nuts... I can't let another container go bad

by likaluca 12 years ago

It's obviously pesto season, and every summer I end up with a huge carton of pine nuts leftover (I know, I should use one of those measure what you need things, but the huge overpriced, glorified b...

Storage for Silpats

by shallots 12 years ago

I'm short and Mr. Shallots is tall and he tends to put our Silpats flat on a surface I can't see. I read that they roll up well, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried long term storage for high ...

What the Heck Happened to My Garlic?!

by bubbles4me 12 years ago

Got three heads of garlic at the store last night, they were firm and tight but when I chopped them both last night and tonight, (from two different heads) and tossed them in my pan the chopped pie...

Frying eggs restaurant style

by randyjl 12 years ago

I love the fried eggs at Waffle House. What is the flavored oil that they use and where can I get it for home?

anyone make their own peanut butter?

by taresa514 12 years ago

Every recipe I find includes roasted peanuts, oil and salt...I'm wondering if anyone has the master measurement combonation of these, or if you have an "secret ingredients". thanks!

Bastardized foods that you love

by anzu 12 years ago

Ok, Koreans, please don't be apalled. :) The query on sushi pizza coinciding with my copious consumption of bastardized food these past 2 weeks inspired me to post this. I bought this "Kimuchi ...

Where can I get Macedonian desserts?

by Designer27 12 years ago

I'm interested in finding a website ...that I can buy desserts straight from Macedonia or that's located in Canada.I can't seem to find any website...which I can order from. It's a birthday present...

stir frying tofu & how to season my wok

by relizabeth 12 years ago

I recently picked up a wok cheap on craigslist. It seems to have sort of coating on it, but certainly isn;t nonstick. It has wooden handles which do not appear easily detachable. Whenever I try to ...

Blueberry Pie and...?

by heidip732 12 years ago

My sister is hosting a dessert party. One of the guests is bringing her homemade blueberry pie. My sister is making the drinks. I have to bring something else along to eat. I'd like it to compl...

the perils of home pie baking

by anina 12 years ago

Getting to the Bottom of it: My love affair with Pie Crust What was the big deal about making my own crusts? I was not afraid of baking bread, cakes or even coffeecakes.... but PIE? Something...

adzuki bean ideas

foxy fairy
by foxy fairy 12 years ago

I bought some. They are soaking. I believe that tomorrow I am going to cook them smoky-hot with chipotle en adobo, I think, and some chile and cumin (based on a D Madison Smoky-Hot Anasazi Bean r...

I don't have access to fresh fish...

by fara 12 years ago

I'm not living in a place where i can buy fresh fish. What are your recipes for using the following: marinated white anchovies, frozen shrimp, salmon, or cod, smoked salmon, salted anchovies, canne...

Smoking a Boston Butt in Gas Grill

by Jimbosox04 12 years ago

Okay here is what's going on. I started smoking my 8 pound Boston Butt Roast at 8:00am this morning, I have read many different recipes and topics on how long, what temp, etc... to do this. I d...

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