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Left over oil and what to do

by Zoe 14 years ago

Have two cups of cloudy canola oil from the frying last night (eggplant). Strained it but it is still dark. Can thi...


underworld gourmet commented 14 years ago

Catastrophic Turnip Crop Success

by Bill Pisarra, Jr. 14 years ago

My fall turnip crop is a catastrophic success. I usually grow a modest amount. I like to put them alongside a ro...


kitnimbus commented 14 years ago

Need a good recipe for country ribs.

by Steve Harrington 14 years ago

I'm gonna buy 'em in a grocery story. I'm not looking for a crock pot, outdoor grill or smoker solution. Any suggesti...


Terrie H. commented 14 years ago

What's the best blender?

by ChefShell 14 years ago

i'm a chef and need help finding a good blender. i don't care if it's glass or plastic. plastic is more lightweight b...


Caitlin McGrath commented 14 years ago

Cranberry Relish

by Michele Cindy 14 years ago

I was just given 2 lbs. of cranberries I thought I would make a relish. Does anyone have a good simple recipe. I'd p...


Janie commented 14 years ago

I just made the best chicken salad from leftovers

by Eric Eto 14 years ago

I had leftover chicken from Casa de Pollo Peruano (a Peruvian chicken joint in Queens, NY) and decided to make chicke...


sara commented 14 years ago

recipe for wine that has turned

by JBS 14 years ago

The wine wasn't awful, just slightly more acidic and fizzy than it should have been, so rather than dump the whole bo...


squirrel commented 14 years ago

I Made The Daniel Boulud Short Ribs......

by Funwithfood 14 years ago

I made the recipe below as recommended by fellow Chowhounds. The celery-root potatoes were fantastic!!! (My 6 year ol...


Misc commented 14 years ago

How to Make Roast Chicken w/ Vegetables, sans Chicken

by Cecilia 14 years ago

Hi everyone, I am so glad that there is a separate board to talk about cooking. When I make roast chicken, I alwa...


Karl S. commented 14 years ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

ragu alla bolognese

by knuckles 14 years ago

I learned to cook italian from Marcella's books and have been a devoted fan since, but I just made (actually I made i...

HB eggs

by saara 14 years ago

How long can hardboiled eggs be kept in refrigerator and still be ok to eat?


Deenso commented 14 years ago

Showtime Rotisserie by Ronco

by RUBulldog 14 years ago

Anybody have experience using this rotisserie? How good does it cook whole chicken? I see them at yard sales all...


Alan408 commented 14 years ago

first-time paella; advice requested

by kate 14 years ago

I am currently living and studying in Italy, and one of my greatest joys are the pescherie (fishmongers). Although Bo...


squirrel commented 14 years ago

Best Kitchen-Aid Mixer?

by lb 14 years ago

I am going to get one and I heard there are lots of kinds. Someone told me the best one is the one that lifts back so...


Carb Lover commented 14 years ago

Recipes for "what to bring to an Italian potluck"

by The Chowhound Team 14 years ago

We've moved the recipe-oriented reponses to the thread on General Topics, linked below. Link: http://www.chowhound.c...


Carb Lover commented 14 years ago

A holiday-worthy recipe to pass on: Mario's Almond Brittle

by Carb Lover 14 years ago

All of the recent talk about holiday food has reminded me of a brittle recipe that chef Mario Batali demonstrated on ...


Carb Lover commented 14 years ago

Wow--baked butternut squash!

by LA 14 years ago

So I just discovered baked butternut squash...a little oil and cinnamon go a long way. I often bake sweet potatos thi...


kate commented 14 years ago

Making a three star dinner every night

by Zoe 14 years ago

I read that William Grimes who retired as Restaurant critic of the NYTimes had to re adjust to not eating out every n...


Tom Meg commented 14 years ago

Pumpkin Buttermilk Muffins?

by bk 14 years ago

I've got some buttermilk that needs to be used up and suddenly find myself in a pumpkin mood. Does anyone have a ...


bk commented 14 years ago

Boneless Short Ribs vs. Short Ribs

by ericf 14 years ago

Recently I made a short rib recipe with boneless short ribs instead of regular bone in, as the price was about 17% lo...


yimster commented 14 years ago