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Your favorite Eggplant

by Bigley9 2 months ago

I really like eggplant, especially when it is the star of the dish. I've made a few good things so far this summer - roasted eggplant slices with a preserved lemon vinaigrette over rice, an eggpla...

How does subway make such chewy cookie texture without the grainy texture?

by cgxy96 2 months ago

I followed the recipe below and my cookie texture came out grainy. I have tried another different 5 star recipe for chewy cookies but it also came out grainy. Is it because of the amount of sugar u...

Fridge organization - change out containers?

by michaeljc70 2 months ago

My fridge is always full. It is mostly condiment type stuff. I am wondering if I should start putting everything in labelled, stackable deli containers. I've tried some bins, but items just don'...

When to Season Stainless Steel and How to Clean That Off

by westes 2 months ago

Should stainless steel ever be seasoned? With a cast-iron pot, seasoning is essential. A good method is to use a polyunsaturated fat with a low smoke point and to put a light coating on the cast...

How do you flambée safely in an apartment or condo?

by curiouspeter 2 months ago

In a small kitchen with a low hood, is there a way to flambée without starting a fire or setting off sprinklers?

Japanology Plus: Plastic Food Samples (aka models)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

If you've every wanted to know more about the plastic food models displayed by Japanese restaurants, here's the video for you.

Sub for smoked herring

by Kdsantoro 2 months ago

I’m trying to make the recipe below and am having trouble finding smoked herring fillets. Closet thing I’ve seen is cod fillets (Bacalao) which are salted. Can I sub and how would adjust to get ri...

Toaster Oven Pizza Steel/Stone, Preheatable?

by zackly 2 months ago

I'd like to get a pizza steel or stone for my toaster oven that can be preheated on a gas stove burner. I bake a lot of Focaccia or Sicilian style pizza in my toaster oven using a one quarter sheet...

Some Web Design Techniques To Avoid

by websterztechnologies 2 months ago

Do you know? Certain web design techniques can harmfully affect the performance and appearance of your website. Also, some websites are not able to rank on search engines so it becomes useless for ...

Petaluma-based Miyoko’s Creamery prevails in First Amendment lawsuit centered on advertising

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

Interesting development, US District Court would not stop the use of dairy-based terminology to describe vegan products that are not made with milk. “Quite simply, language evolves,” Seeborg sai...

Starting and stopping braised meat

by MadameC 2 months ago

I'm making a braised Japanese pork recipe and would like to get it started today (as already raw in the fridge for a few days) but will only be able to give it a 1/2 hour of my time. QUESTION is: ...

BI & Analytics - Business Intelligence and Analytics

by ravicrmit 2 months ago

Data has always been known to be the foundation of every digital transformation, and at CRMIT Solutions we have always been committed to delivering true Customer360 business intelligence and analyt...

How to decide AC unit should be Replace or Repair ?

by fixitrite 2 months ago

HVAC systems have become the need of every household during the summer season. It must be properly maintained to operate efficiently, and it requires service every year. Sometimes due to sudden det...

Kitchenaid (Demeyere) 7-ply 5Qt Saute Pan Clearance

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

From what I gathered, these were a failure for Kitchenaid (as usual). But, I just saw this pan on sale and having heard a lot about them in the past, I grabbed one. Now I see it's sold out and most...

A liberal cried

by bulldogbreed45 2 months ago

Report when you don't like an opinion different than yours. Be a good commie!

All-Clad vs Demeyere vs Hestan

by curiouspeter 2 months ago

After playing around with cookware from these brands at Williams-Sonoma and SLT, I have the following impressions... Hestan ProBond felt light yet substantial. The surface seemed to be holding u...

How Should we Evaluate a Shun dual core Santoku?

by drrayeye 2 months ago

My collaborator/partner just got one for his birthday: https://www.amazon.com/Shun-VG0021-Santoku-7-inch-Knife/dp/B07C1Q99F2 I have quite a few patterned steel knives often called “damascus” ...

September 2021 Cookbook of the Month, Nominations

by LulusMom 2 months ago

Guess what? This month marks the 15 year anniversary of COTM! We’ve been cooking together as a group for that long, and I know that I have personally grown a lot because of this group of thoughtful...

May 2021 COTM Dinner in French: Eggs, Cheese, Salads

by MonicaMadeIt 6 months ago

Welcome to Cookbook of the Month! Please use this thread to post reports on recipes from the following chapters from DINNER IN FRENCH: •Eggs •Cheese •Salads If you are the first one to repo...

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