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The evil of InBev

by Chinon00 12 years ago

I hear a lot of negative press about InBev (and others) and never quite understand the beef. Is the issue the fact that they control international brands like Beck's, Boddingtons, Spaten, etc, and ...

Pearly Wit

by MOREKASHA 1 year ago

I just "discovered" Pearly Wit by Springdale (actually a Jacks Abbey sub brand). It's replaced Allagash white as my fave Wit. So many people get this style totally wrong by their misuse of spices....

Cerveceria Aguamala | El Sauzal - Ensenada

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

On our way back to town from a lovely dinner in June at El Pinar de 3 Mujeres https://www.chowhound.com/post/el-pinar-de-tres-mujeres-valle-de-guadalupe-ensenada-1075125 , we stopped at Cerveceria ...

Rhinegeist Brewery (Cincinnati, Ohio)

by CincyBarge 3 years ago

Has anyone had the pleasure of drinking a Rhinegeist beer? I had a half and half Rhinegeist porter/ale not long ago, and I was in beer heaven! I think the porter was a limited release, but was incr...

"Whale" Hunting in Connecticut

by Phil_A_Mignon 1 year ago

I'm a craft beer freak. Taking the family to Mystic for a vacation in a few weeks. While I can't justify taking "excursions" to Trillium, The Alchemist, Tree House, Hill Farmstead, or the like ... ...

Alcohol free beers?

by seefoo 1 year ago

I moved myself to "beer-land" and kinda went over board. i am cutting way way back now. i am an avid MTN-biker and there is just something about drinking a beer after a hard and grueling ride. ...

Help find Welsh Ale ???

by hounddog 13 years ago

Years ago I found this great ale at trader joes called welsh ale. It had a very simple lable,imported from wales. Went back and they had no more. Never saw it again. A friend in the business said t...

Molson Ale

by rcspott 10 years ago

I think Molson used to sell a beer that was called Molson Ale and I haven't seen it in years. Do they still make it and is it sold anywhere in the US?

Norwegian Beer - Ringness

by jethro 11 years ago

Just wondering if anyone has ever tried this beer. A friend brought a large bottle back from Norway & I liked it. It was heineken-ish, for lack of a better description. A few summers ago, I had ...

Who here drinks non-alcoholic beer?

by theirisnetwork 8 years ago

Hey guys and gals, recently I was given O'Doul's as a client for a class, and I've got to be frank, I'm not well versed in those who prefer to drink non-alcoholic beer and I was wondering if you wo...

Philly six packs?

by MOREKASHA 2 years ago

Is it legal to be able to buy six packs in Philly these days? If so, where is the best place in center city or south philly to buy good beer, aka craft? I'm looking to score a six of Deschutes Jube...

CBS in Boston or MA area?

by jochaima 2 years ago

Hi does anyone know if and where Founders CBS will be sold in MA, ideally anyplace near Boston? Thank you

A Beginner’s Guide to Portland Beer: What to Drink, and Where to Drink It.

by stevewi 2 years ago

See the posted link. -- sw

Celis Beer is Back!

by TroyTempest 2 years ago

The brewery is officially opening this summer, but they are having early launches this week around town (see link below) I know that in the past few years, there were a couple of false starts, but...

Worst Beer Ever?

by DapperDave 11 years ago

I generally enjoy almost any beer. I stay away from Bud,Coors, and Miller, I just don't get anything out of them. But as one of the only beers I've ever truly despised, Old Speckled Hen has got to ...

Who drinks Mead?

by BiscuitBoy 2 years ago

Seems to be a hot thing with the prepper kooks. Whats it taste like? Overly sweet? Does it need a fruit background to be palatable?

Why now does drinking beer in the afternoon make me SO TIRED?

by DeborahLynn 2 years ago

I'm a female in my late 40's, and I've been consuming beer - moderately to seldom - for most of my adult life. In the past 10 years, I've become a BIG fan of hoppy, citrusy IPA's (mostly craft b...

Best NH or VT brewery tour?

by hhodgdon 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounders - I'm planning a guys weekend getaway for my husband, who is a big fan of craft beers, specifically IPA's. I'm looking into locations and possible planned tours in VT and NH - any s...

Guinness makes me sneezy...you?

masha bousha
by masha bousha 4 years ago

I've found that the morning after I have a few pints of Guinness I am very stuffy and have a runny nose. Does this happen to anyone else? I can drink other beers (mostly I drink IPAs) without thi...