Lauren Greco

Photo of Lauren Greco
Bologna, Italy
The Ohio State University, University Of Turin
Italian Desserts, Dairy Products, Food Science
  • In 2018, Lauren wrote and created a recipe book for each letter of the Italian alphabet, which eventually led to a second book project on Italian regional desserts.
  • She received her master's degree in Food Systems with a penchant for food history.
  • Her website "Mangiable" explores regional recipes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and food tales.


Originally from Ohio, Lauren has lived in Bologna, Italy, for nearly five years. She is a food systems scholar with a penchant for food history. She has been a contributing writer for Her Campus, La Gazzetta Italiana, and Local Matters. Lauren has worked and studied food education and earned her bachelor's degree from the Ohio State University. After a few years of teaching food education for a non-profit, a desire to see more of the world brought her to Italy, where she landed in 2019 to pursue her master's degree. She graduated from the master's program promoted by the European Institution of Innovation and Technology for Food (EIT) in September 2022. Lauren had the opportunity to study "farm to fork'' while carrying out her thesis, focusing on mountain products for a small-scale dairy supply chain in Tuscany. She's currently a proud member of the Association for the Study of Food and Society.


Lauren has bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University in global public health and a master's degree from the University of Turin in food systems.

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