The Best And Worst Hamburger Buns To Buy At The Grocery Store

Before you fire up the grill, make sure that you have a trusty hamburger bun ready to work with your meal. There are a few choices when it comes to burger buns, whether you want artisan-style, sweet rolls, or just prefer classic white bread buns. 


Potato buns rank high on our list due to their delicious taste and ideal texture to mold around a juicy burger. Some brands are better than others with consistency and quality, making it hard to know exactly what to get when you're staring down a long aisle with plenty of options. Fortunately, we've rounded up the best (and worst) burger buns, including some in every style. 

While the burger may get the most attention when it comes to cooking, a fantastic bun will take your backyard cookout menu to the next level. Even the best burger can become just okay if the bun is too dry or lacks flavor but a fluffy bun with the just right taste will enhance a good burger. You can grill or toast them for added texture. 


The best buns are sturdy enough to keep even large burger patties loaded up with toppings intact. Many even work for other types of sandwiches, including grilled chicken or cold cuts, earning them a permanent spot on your shopping list. A great bun doesn't need to cost more than the burger itself, since there are plenty of fantastic buns at every price point.

No. 12: Oroweat premium golden seeded buns

These buns are thicker than most and don't give the ideal bun-to-burger ratio unless you are making gigantic patties or double-decker burgers. If that's the case, you'll need a giant bun to hold them and these fit the bill. But for most premade patties or standard burgers, the generous size of the Orowheat Premium Golden Seeded buns might be too much. They quickly overpower the burger and can be difficult to eat. The tops are especially fluffy and dense. They are around 50 cents per bun, which is a good value but still not the most economical option out there. If you want a larger bun, however, these are a good price for the size.


They are loaded with sesame seeds for those who love that extra touch on their burger. Even among other sesame seed buns, the Orowheat version has noticeably more seeds on the tops. Ultimately, it may come down to personal preference and what extra flavor you like with your burger or if you are planning to add specialty toppings that don't pair well with a strong sesame taste. Many reviewers noted that the flavor was enhanced when these buns were toasted. Keep in mind that the sesame seeds can come off the tops if you handle the bag or the burger roughly.

No. 11: Sara Lee Alfaro's Artesano buns

The Sara Lee Artesano Bakery Buns work well for a lot of sandwiches but feel a bit too fancy for a good ol' burger. Plus, they are a bit pricey at $1.00 per bun. The split tops are dusted with flour, which gives them a more fresh-baked feel. If you like artisan bread, these do well with burgers, but may be unexpected for those looking for a classic burger bun. They are very soft and fluffy, which works well with burgers and conforms to the patty. But the taste is similar to regular white bread buns, which are considerably cheaper.


If you want an elevated burger, give these a try, but these might not be hefty enough for those who prefer a more traditional taste and feel. They come pre-sliced, which makes them a bit easier to use and serve quickly. These work well for sandwiches because they are so light and fluffy. But for something as meaty as a large burger, these might not be the best option.

No. 10: Udi's gluten-free bun

We think Udi's Classic Hamburger Buns are the best gluten-free option out there. They maintain the same consistency and flavor of traditional breads without the dryness common to alternative-grain breads. They are also dairy-free, soy-free, and nut-free, perfect for those with other food allergies or sensitivities. They fit in the toaster and work especially well when toasted. You can also put them right on the grill next to your burger, cutting down on cleanup and extra tools needed.


But if you're not looking to cut out certain ingredients and expect a fluffy bun, these won't quite hit the mark. Even though they are a great gluten-free bun, they are still noticeably drier than regular versions that contain gluten. You can work with that by toasting them, which works great, or being extra careful when slicing. If you need to cut them, do so carefully and with a sharp bread knife. Anything else will tear at the bun and make it crumble much faster. They are also more expensive, costing around $1.32 per bun, but as team Celiac are already aware, that's pretty much par for the course. 

No. 9: Arnold 100% whole wheat burger buns

A different take on the burger bun, the Arnold 100% Whole Wheat version is incredibly light and chewy despite being made without artificial coloring or preservatives. Flecked with pieces of whole wheat grain rather than the typical sesame seeds, the top halves are unique in their texture, and give whatever you're filling them with some aesthetic flair. 


Though they have a great, earthy whole wheat taste, they hold up well to a juicy patty, acting more like white bread than your typical whole wheat bun. Keep in mind that whole wheat and whole grain are not always the same thing

These have 4 grams of fiber per serving, which is more than four times the fiber in the same brand's white bread or potato roll buns. If you want a really dense bread with a lot of fiber, this is a good option. It might not have the same flavor and texture as classic burger buns, but it is a good combination of health and taste. Plus, they are around 50 cents per bun.

No. 8: Wonder Bread buns

The Classic Wonder Bun is a tried-and-tried option of the bread world (and doesn't take the attention away from the burger or toppings. It might not be fancy but it doesn't need to be. Wonder Bread has a large following of people who grew up enjoying burgers on Wonder Bread buns. 


The brand has a nostalgia factor associated with its pillowy soft bread that moves it higher on the list, as many people grew up eating everything from burgers to hot dogs to sandwiches on Wonder Bread products. The company has been around since 1921.

The buns themselves are fluffy and easily soak up the juice from a tasty burger. They are a bit sweet, which some people like. The buns ratio is about half top and half bottom in these pre-sliced buns. The bread also holds up well when you put it on the grill alongside your burgers. This can also make it a bit less squishy, if you prefer a bun that won't mold to the burger. You can lightly toast the buns on the grill or in the toaster. They are also a great value at around 38 cents per bun and are available at most grocery stores.


No. 7: Ballpark burger buns

Also an honest-to-goodness classic, the Ballpark burger bun fades into the background and works for most burgers. It's strong enough to hold two patties but won't overpower the experience of enjoying your burger. The classic burger bun is fluffy and light with a nice golden top. 


There are other delicious options from Ballpark that sport other flavors and  sizes, but the classic burger bun is the most versatile. You can dress it up with burger toppings and trust that it will pair well as a neutral option. The texture across all of the Ballpark buns is very consistent, making it easy to grill or toast them for a crowd without having to worry about different times for each type.

They're a good value, so ideal for feeding a large crowd. A pack of eight costs less than $3.00, putting each buns at less than 37 cents each. The larger buns and everything buns can be a bit more expensive but still work for those looking for a cost-conscious option.

No. 6: King's Hawaiian sweet hamburger buns

The combination of Hawaiian sweet bread and savory burger can't be beat. You can use these buns for sandwiches as well as burgers. The versatility makes King's Hawaiian Hamburger Buns a good option to keep in your pantry for a variety of sandwiches but they pair especially well with something meaty and savory. Plus, they hold up well to juicy burgers with all of the toppings (not that you couldn't go island style with glazed sliced ham and grilled pineapple). 


If you really love the sweet taste and light texture, you can also get the same delicious buns in a smaller size, perfect for sliders. Both the buns and the sliders are round with domed tops; this is in contrast to the square-shaped rolls from King's Hawaiian.

These are also softer than many other buns, although they contain a lot of sugar. Each serving has 7 grams of added sugar compared to 4 or 5 grams of sugar for most other buns. They rank in the middle when it comes to cost. Each will run you around 56 cents; the slider buns are similarly priced per serving.

No. 5: Nature's Own brioche-style hamburger bun

The brioche-style bread in Nature's Own buns is slightly sweet but still sturdy enough for a burger. It is dense and perfect for those who want to make their burger the star of their plate but make it a bit special than the standard bun. The buns have a subtle sweet taste that works well with burgers but isn't quite as noticeable as sweet bread buns. They also have a split top that highlights the golden, buttery top.


These are a bit more upscale than your basic burger bun so for those looking for a classic look and taste, these might be too much. But if you want something with some extra taste that is still fluffy, these are a good choice. Keep in mind that brioche, like the previous buns, have extra sugar to give it a signature taste — around 7 grams of sugar per serving. They cost around 46 cents per bun.

No. 4: Pepperidge Farm butter hamburger buns

All of the Pepperidge Farm options are good but the Farmhouse Butter buns have the best tops. That little extra flavor makes the bun part of the overall burger experience. These are also pretty hefty and can keep their shape even with a large burger patty or double burger. If you prefer something smaller, you can get the same bun in a slider size. Pepperidge Farm also makes white bread buns, sesame-topped buns, and even onion-flavored buns with poppy seeds.


They are made without high fructose corn syrup, but still have some added sugar. This gives them a slightly sweet taste that works well with everything from burgers to sloppy joes. The large bun size and soft inside also keep the burger and toppings in place, and prevent things from sliding out. These are around 46 cents per bun, which is not the cheapest option on the list but still a good value when you consider the large size and high quality.

No. 3: Dave's Killer Bread burger buns

Dave's Killer Bread buns are sturdy and have extra protein, two aspects that put them high on our list. They have a few bun options but the Burger Buns Done Right appeal to the widest audience. They are made with organic ingredients, including organic wheat flour, whole wheat flour, barley flour, rye flour, spelt flour, millet flour, and quinoa flour. All of these specialty flours pack in 6 grams of protein per serving. These are still soft on the inside and strong enough to hold a large burger with toppings.


These are a bit pricey at around 81 cents per bun but the health benefits can make you feel a bit better about loading up your burger as you might do. The entire lineup of Dave's Killer Bread products is free of GMOs, which is noted on our list of healthy bread options at the grocery store. If we can enjoy a burger and get some extra nutrition, we'll take it!

No. 2: Arnold country potato sandwich buns

Potato buns are considered some of the best for burgers and these country potato sandwich buns from Arnold are fantastic. They use potato flour to replace some of the traditional wheat flour, which is what gives the bun its signature taste and texture. It's just a little bit sweet, which complements the rich, meaty taste of a good burger. The golden tops of these buns from Arnold set them apart from other equally soft and delicious potato buns. These come pre-sliced and ready for the grill. To take your burger to the next level, put your potato bun right on the grill for some extra crispiness on the inside. 


The interior is also soft and chewy while still keeping the burger in place. It won't be too much of a mouthful to chew, like some other bun profiles. Instead, the potato bun squishes with the burger and soaks up any juices or condiments that might be on their way out. Fortunately for potato bun enthusiasts, these are also a great value; a single bun is around 47 cents when bought in a pack of eight. 

No. 1: Martin's Potato Rolls

Our favorite burger buns tend to be potato rolls thanks to the flavor and texture and Martin's is the gold standard. These buns are light and fluffy but still hefty enough to hold up to a big burger plus all the fixings. The inside is particularly soft and complements meaty burgers well. Thanks to tender potato flour in the recipe, Martin's potato rolls have a springy, softness, as well as a distinct buttery taste that carries through from the soft interior to the golden top.


These cost around 50 cents per bun, which is on the high side compared to some options on our list, but the taste and texture will justify the higher cost. They have 6 grams of protein, which is as much as some of the high-protein options on our list, and only 5 grams of added sugar. If you love the rolls, you can find the same ones in slider size.


Taste, texture, and density were the top three factors that went into our ranking of a great burger bun. We looked for buns that could hold up to massive burger patties without taking over. We drew on our years of experience planning cookouts as well as customer reviews and the most discerning feedback of all, our kids' palates in a blind taste test.


Nutrition facts also played a role, especially for buns with health claims like extra protein. We looked at the ingredient lists to find out exactly what went into the buns that we liked the best. Finally, we considered the cost and how well these buns worked for those looking to save money while still enjoying a tasty burger. Since burgers work well for a crowd at events like cookouts and barbecues, we wanted to make sure that we found a good balance of performance and value.