The Best Cocktail Sets To Revamp Your Home Bar

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Going out for cocktails can be a fun, social, and wonderful way to enjoy conversation and superb drinks — of course, there are some days you feel like staying in. But that doesn't mean you have to forgo your drink of choice. You'll need the right equipment – cocktails are more than just mixed drinks; they generally require certain ingredients and the use of specialty tools. You'll need things like a shaker, muddler, and bar spoon — but that's just a start. A full cocktail set will enable you to create even the most unique and complicated drinks.


Whether you're hosting a family Christmas party, a weekly Dungeons and Dragons raid, or you just want to relax at home with your drink of choice, the right cocktail set is crucial. You want a set that has all the pieces you need — and it's also nice if it coordinates with (along with elevates) your home decor. There are tons of great mixology sets available — we've looked at reviews, style, and a number of pieces to find the best cocktail sets that will revamp your home bar.

A Bar Above Mixologist Bar Set

A Bar Above is a brand with a goal of making craft cocktail skills available to everyone. It does this by offering online cocktail-making courses as well as products for making cocktails. It allows patrons to build a custom set but also offers a complete, stainless steel mixology set.


This set comes with 14 dishwasher-safe pieces: a two-piece Boston shaker set, three cocktail strainers, a bar spoon, a double-sided Japanese-style jigger, a 12-inch hardwood muddler, and six stainless steel cocktail picks. It's designed for everyone, from novices to mixology pros. As a bonus, the sleek, classic design works for almost any bar decor. This set is perfect for those who want to mix almost any kind of drink with a set to match classic decor.

This set has 4.79 stars out of 386 reviews on the A Bar Above website and 4.7 stars out of 450 reviews on Amazon. Reviewers love the sleek look and say the tools are sturdy and high-quality, giving them good value for the price. Several also stated that it makes a great gift, especially since it comes packaged in a gift box.


Purchase the A Bar Above Mixologist Bar Set from A Bar Above for $99.98.

Aberdeen Oak Mixology Bartender Kit

Aberdeen Oak is a company that sells multiple products for your mixology needs, including bartender kits, a cocktail smoker kit, and a mixing glass set. The brand's comprehensive mixology kit is sleek and stylish and equipped with all the must-have cocktail making essentials. The classic look can fit almost any home bar decor.


Inside the elegant blue and gold gift box you'll find 13 professional-grade pieces: a Boston shaker, three cocktail strainers, a muddler, a mixing spoon, a double jigger, two liquid pourers, a double-lever corkscrew, and an ice tong — plus a cocktail recipe book offering twists on classic cocktails and a dark-stained bamboo stand. The stainless steel pieces within the bamboo stand lend a heightened sophistication to home bars. These pieces can match nearly any home bar and are great for those who like an elegant look and the ability to make a variety of drinks.

On Amazon, this mixology kit has an average of 4.7 stars from more than 1,700 ratings. Reviewers say the kit is durable and easy to use. Many also love the stand, stating that it's elegant, makes it easy to organize the different pieces, and makes the kit portable.


Purchase the Aberdeen Oak Bartender Kit from Aberdeen Oak for $43.87 or on Amazon for $39.87.

BarDeluxe Pro Mixology Bartender Kit

Founded by two brothers from Amsterdam, BarDeluxe sells cocktail sets and bar accessories while also offering cocktail recipes for mixologists of all levels. Cocktail kits come in sets of three, five, 10, and 12 pieces, with the 12-piece set being the most comprehensive.


The 12-piece premium set includes a cocktail shaker, cocktail measuring cup, lemon grater, cocktail strainer, cocktail muddler, multi-function bottle opener, ice tongs, bar spoon, four pourers, and a cocktail recipe booklet, all wrapped in a gorgeous gift box. Every piece is leak-proof and rust-proof and made with 100% stainless steel. The set comes in four colors — black, gold, silver, and white — so it will coordinate with whatever bar setup you have. This high-end set will give your bar a glamorous revamp while still offering what you need to make top-notch cocktails.

This kit has 4.6 stars out of more than 700 reviews on Amazon. Reviewers say the tools are sturdy and exceptionally made, and they love how complete the set is. Many also love the sleek and elegant lines of the tools and the variety of color options available. A few reviewers did mention that they found the shaker hard to open and lock, but there were also many users who didn't seem to have this issue.


Purchas the BarDelux Cocktail Set from BarDelux for $49.99. 

Bare Barrel Mixology Bartender Kit

Bare Barrel is a small business focused on meeting the needs of home bartenders in a way that's stylish, functional, and practical. It sells a few different bartending kits in different styles, including a modern bartending kit that will bring a sleek look to your home bar. It's available in multiple colors, so you can choose whatever suits your decor best.


14 pieces are included in this cocktail shaker set: a shaker, which can be purchased as a 24-ounce or 28-ounce shaker, Hawthorne strainer, muddler, double jigger, ice tongs, corkscrew, mixing spoon, two bottle stoppers, two pourers, a pourer cleaner, a bamboo organizer, and a booklet with 35 cocktail recipes. The pieces in this kit come in silver, black, brass, brushed brass, copper, gold, or rose, all made from rust-proof stainless steel, and the bamboo organizer is available in a natural color or black. While the only strainer in the kit is a Hawthorne strainer, it's perfectly adequate for making classic cocktails.

The Bare Barrel set is one of the highest-rated on Amazon, with 4.9 stars from more than 300 reviews. Customers seem to love everything about it, from the sturdy, functional pieces to the sleek design with a variety of options. Reviewers also add that the set works great and the stand makes it easy to organize and store.


Purchase the Bare Barrel Sleek Boston Bartending Kit from Bare Barrel for $84.99.

Barillio Complete Bar Tool Set – Pro Edition

A family-owned business, Barillio was started by two brothers, both former bartenders, who want to bring the joy of creating and serving first-class cocktails to everyone. The company sells bartender kits, including traveling kits, stands and organizers, cocktail shaker sets, and other bar tools and accessories. Its Complete Bar Tool Set-Pro Edition is one of the most comprehensive mixology sets on the market.


This extensive kit comes with 32 sleek tools: a 24-ounce cocktail shaker, 28-ounce Boston shaker, diamond mixing glass, European mixing spoon, Japanese mixing spoon, two stainless steel jiggers, a plastic jigger, three strainers, ice tongs, an ice scoop, ice muddler mallet, lewis bag, ice pick, four liquor pourers, three stoppers, a corkscrew, beer opener, lemon zester, citrus squeezer, peeler, and tweezers, as well as a pocket-sized recipe book, all packaged in a fun gift box. This set is ideal for those who want to craft even the most complex of drinks, and the stainless steel will elevate your bar with a classic, sleek look.

Reviewers on Barillio's website give this set 4.8 stars from just over 100 reviews. Reviewers love the value of the set, stating it's a fair price for the number of high-quality pieces included. Reviews from former bartenders say the pieces are exceptional. Many reviewers also mentioned that they originally bought the kit as a gift, then went back and purchased another for themselves.


Purchase the Barillio Complete Bar Tool Set from Barillio for $99.99.

Barillio Mixology Bartender Kit

While not quite as comprehensive as the Complete Bar Tool Set, Barillio's Mixology Bartender Kit is an excellent option for those who want the same high-quality but don't feel they need a whole 32 pieces. This kit is still relatively extensive, with 20 different pieces.


Included in the Mixology Bartender Kit is a 24-ounce cocktail shaker, muddler, Hawthorn strainer, double jigger, corkscrew, utility cup, mixing spoon, ice tongs, two bottle stoppers, three liquor pourers, two pourer brushes, six pourer caps, a recipe booklet, and a classic wooden stand. The tools are available in black, gold, rose-copper, and silver. The stand is available in two colors: natural wood or black. The variety of color options can revamp almost any decor and the staple pieces are perfect for a variety of drinks.

This kit has a rating of 4.87 stars from more than 350 ratings on Barillio's website. Many reviewers rave about the quality and easy-to-use functionality of the set. Several others love how easy the stand makes organization and storage, and others mentioned the variety of color options and stylish design of the pieces.


Purchase the Barillio Mixology Bartender Kit with Elegant Bamboo Stand from Barillio for $49.99.

Home Hero 22-Piece Bar Set

Home Hero is a brand that sells food and drink tools, including knives, pots and pans, and utensil sets, primarily through retailers like Amazon and WalMart. It only sells one classic, all-inclusive bar kit. With silver pieces and a classic stand, it fits seamlessly into almost any home bar.


This 22-piece black and silver bar set includes a shaker, long spoon, muddler, corkscrew, ice tongs, strainers, four picks, two pourers, two stoppers, four straws, and two jiggers, plus a helpful 10-recipe book and wooden stand. The stand is made from dark, stained wood with black trim that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. It also makes organization quick and makes the set easy to tuck away. This kit offers a roaring '20s, speakeasy vibe that can help you make drinks from the prohibition era to all the new concoctions from bartenders the world over.

On Amazon, this set has an average of 4.7 stars from more than 350 ratings. Reviewers love the quality of this kit, saying it's a great value and also makes an awesome gift. Comments state the pieces are high-quality and easy to work with. They also love the look and design of the set, saying it's beautiful and elegant.


Purchase the 22-Piece Bar Set from Amazon for $39.99.

KINGROW Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set

The KINGROW Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set is another comprehensive mixology set option for the modern bartender. This set features dishwasher-safe, high-quality stainless steel pieces that can be used to make everything from classic cocktails to unexpected spring cocktails. With clean lines and multiple color options, it's perfect for sleek and chic home bars.


There are 29 pieces included in this set: a 25-ounce cocktail shaker, mixing spoon, muddler, corkscrew, ice tongs, two strainers, two jiggers, four straws, two straw spoons, four pourers, four picks, two stoppers, brushes, and a packing bag, cocktail recipe book, and rotating acrylic display stand. The pieces in this kit are available in black, gold, rose gold, and silver, so you can choose whatever fits your decor best.

This set has an average of 4.7 stars from more than 150 ratings. Several reviewers state that they love how many pieces are in the kit and that the pieces are good quality and easy to use. Many also mention they love the cool, sleek look of the kit and that it's great for organizing the multitude of pieces.


Purchase the KINGROW Mixology Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon for $39.99.

Mixology & Craft Rustic Bartender Kit

Mixology & Craft is a company that specializes in elegant and unique bartender kits and whisky sets. It offers a few options, but perhaps the most eye-catching is the rustic mixology kit. While the set itself is simple, the design is perfect for those who love vintage vibes and making old-school cocktails.


This 11-piece kit includes a shaker, strainer, muddler, corkscrew, spiral spoon, ice tongs, two jiggers, and two liquor pourers. The set also comes with a rustic, shadow-box-like stand. They're available in three colors: silver tools with a light-stained stand, gun-metal black tools with a darker-stained stand, and copper tools with a steel-blue stand.

On Amazon, this bartender kit has an average of 4.7 stars from more than 2,500 reviews. Reviewers rarely have anything bad to say; they love the quality and versatility of the set, are thrilled about the ease of use and value, and are absolutely delighted by the style and appearance. Many also pointed out that the rack can be mounted on the wall, clearing up counter space and creating a conversation piece.


Purchase the rustic Mixology Bartender Kit from Amazon for $49.99.

Modern Mixology Bartender Kit

Modern Mixology is a brand that operates under Mixology & Craft and sells mixology and cocktail sets through retailers like Amazon. It has several sets available, including its basic mixology bartender kit. This set is the perfect option for beginners or those who want to keep their bartending simple, and is great for making easy cocktail recipes at home.


This kit comes with cocktail-making basics: a cocktail shaker, bar spoon, bottle opener, double jigger, Hawthorne strainer, ice tongs, a cute set of recipe cards, and a wooden stand. The pieces are available in black, copper, gold, and silver, and the stand is available in natural wood or black. This allows customers to choose whatever coordinates with their home bar the best, revamping your bar with a sleek, simplified look.

This is one of the most popular mixology sets on Amazon, with more than 10,300 reviewers giving the set an average of 4.6 stars. Reviewers say they love the simplicity and quality of the set, and that it's ideal for beginners or those who like to make cocktails on occasion. Reviewers also love the recipe book and variety of color options.


Purchase the Mixology Bartender Kit from Amazon for $34.99.

Safring Bartender Kit with Stand

Mixologists who want to add a punch of color or a pop of wow to their home bar need to look no further than the Safring Bartender Kit with Stand. This stainless steel set comes in an iridescent rainbow, the colors shifting as the pieces catch the light from different angles.


Inside this set are 12 pieces: a 25-ounce shaker, a jigger, a strainer, corkscrew, muddler, mixing spoon, ice tongs, two pourers, two bottle stoppers, plus a cocktail recipe booklet and black bamboo stand. The stand is shaped like a semi-circle, making it easy to tuck away. This set also comes in metallic black, with both color options allowing you to not only make your drink of choice but stylishly elevate your home bar.

There aren't quite 50 reviews for this set on Amazon, but its rating sits at a solid 4.7 stars. Almost every review gushes about the color and overall appearance of the set, using words like "sleek," "stylish," and "gorgeous." Reviewers also state that the pieces are heavy-duty, good quality, and make it easy to create professional-quality drinks at home.


Purchase the Safring Bartender Kit with Stand from Amazon for $59.99.

Sky Fish Bartender Kit

If rainbow isn't your thing, but you still want a bartending kit that will turn heads, check out the Sky Fish Bartender Kit. This set is sure to be a conversation starter with etchings of owls and baroque-style designs on each piece. This is a set that will stand out but never be out of place, whether it's in a rustic cabin bar or an elegant ballroom bar.


This 6-piece set includes a shaker, muddler, spiral spoon, jigger, strainer, and ice tongs. Each stainless steel piece is beautifully etched. The set comes in copper-plated or black-plated, allowing you to show off this stunning kit no matter what your home bar decor is like. The core bartending pieces in this kit will allow you to make classic cocktails.

The copper-plated set has an average of 4.8 stars from more than 250 Amazon reviews, while the black-plated set has 4.9 stars from just over 150 reviews. Like the Safring kit, the appearance of these sets is the first thing many reviewers mention, calling the sets "stunning" and "show-stopping." The quality and durability are also frequently mentioned, and one reviewer says they've had the set for several years and it has retained its shine and coating. In fact, they loved the set so much that they bought the coordinating wine glasses.


Purchase the Sky Fish Bartender Kit from Amazon for $55.99.

Vabaso 20-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set

The Vabaso 20-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set is exactly what you need if you want something that's stunning and sleek but doesn't overshadow the cocktails it creates. Made from stainless steel, this kit is plated in black chrome, allowing it to act as an eclectic centerpiece or to fade easily into the background of your bar. Either way, the comprehensive kit offers a modern twist on mixology.


Within this 20-piece set, you'll find a cocktail shaker, muddler, mixing spoon, strainer, corkscrew, ice tongs, two jiggers, two bottle stoppers, two pourers, two cocktail picks, and two brushes. It also comes with a rotating acrylic stand and a mocktail recipe book. Now you can make cocktails for drinkers and mocktails for designated drivers.

On Amazon, this set has an average of 4.5 stars from more than 350 ratings. Reviewers love the sleek look of the set, especially the dark color. Others say the pieces work perfectly and it's a good option for the price. Several explain they like that the stand swivels, as it makes it easier to keep pieces organized and to grab what they need.

Purchase the Vabaso 20-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set from Amazon for $29.99.


How did we choose the best cocktail sets to revamp your home bar?

There are hundreds of mixology and bar sets out there, and narrowing down this list was a challenge. I looked for sets that were highly rated and had all the basics needed for a home bartender kit. To provide variety, I chose both classic silver bar sets as well as more unique sets that varied in color and design. I also attempted to choose sets that varied in the amount of pieces they offer, from just a few basics to more elaborate, comprehensive cocktail sets. Overall, I looked for a variety of options that were highly rated and could fit a wide array of home decor styles and mixology experience levels.