How A Little Beef Broth Can Transform Your Bloody Mary

Brunch doesn't have to be all about refined teas and light bagels or pastries. It can also be a bit boozy and so long as you don't indulge too much, a Cold-Brew Espresso Martini or a Bloody Mary's rousing heat will keep you up and at it until dinner. Speaking of the Bloody Mary, this classic cocktail has been the star of laidback brunches for years, thanks to its uniquely bold and savory flavor from the tomato juice, spicy hot sauce, and zesty seasonings.


But what if we told you there's a way to make this delicious drink even better? Introducing the Bloody Bull — a beefy twist on the traditional Bloody Mary that will elevate your brunch experience to an entirely new level. The secret ingredient? Beef broth.

For casual cocktail drinkers, adding beef broth to a drink may sound a bit strange. But for Bloody Mary connoisseurs, beef broth doesn't seem like such an outrageous addition to a drink already packed with ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, celery salt, and hot sauce. And even if you're a little skeptical about drinking it, trust us, you should give it a try. It'll be worth it.

Making a Bloody Bull

A Bloody Bull is quite simple — it's a Bloody Mary with a few teaspoons of beef broth concentrate (or dissolved beef bouillon cubes) added. If this is your first time making one, start with equal parts vodka, beef broth, and tomato juice. Give it a taste, then adjust the ingredients until it's perfectly suited to your palate.


The reason it works is because the beef broth's natural savory taste and immense depth of flavor perfectly complement the tangy tomato juice and spicy seasonings. If you like your Bloody Mary with plenty of umami mixed in, you'll definitely come to love the Bloody Bull on the first sip.

In addition to lending the drink extra flavors, the liquid broth also helps to meld all of the ingredients together. The celery salt and hot sauce will combine with the beefy-tasting, vodka-infused liquid to create a more well-balanced drink.

Add a dash of Guinness for extra savoriness

Once you've made and tasted your first Bloody Bull and turn out to like it, there's one extra tip to take the drink a notch further — Guinness beer. Adding a splash of Guinness to your Bloody Bull does two things. First, it ups the umami factor even more, thanks to the rich, malty flavor of the beer. Second, it gives the cocktail a slightly frothy texture and more body, which can be especially appealing if you prefer a thicker, heartier drink.


Incorporating Guinness is just as straightforward as adding the beef broth: Take your Bloody Bull base, then give it a splash of the darkly-colored beer –- voila. There's no strict guideline on how much to add, so let your taste buds be the judge. Pour a little in, give it a taste, and if you want a more pronounced malty note, keep adding until you've reached perfection. Then, make a toas — you deserve it!