The Ordering Hack For Better Costco Food Court Pizza

It's no secret that Costco's food court pizza is well-loved. At only $1.99 per slice or $9.95 for an 18-inch pie (although it can vary by location), it's an easy and inexpensive meal for many families. Food courts aren't always known for high-quality menu items, though, and you never know how long your food might sit under a warmer. Though many people love the cheesy Costco pizza, sometimes it can be soft or soggy and leave a bit to be desired. To make sure your pizza is deliciously crisp, ask for your pizza to be well done. When you do this, instead of serving you pizza directly from the warmer, the employees will send your pizza through the oven again. This is just one of many Costco food court hacks


Any time you ask for something to be made differently, your results may vary based on the location and the employee working. However, because Costco has a risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee, it's likely they'll be willing to cook the pizza to your satisfaction. For the best chance of success, try asking for your well-done pizza when the store isn't super busy. Costco also allows you to order pizza by calling ahead, so if you choose this option, ask for it to be well done when you order. That should give the employees plenty of time to send it through the oven for a couple of extra minutes.

Other ways to hack your Costco pizza order

Extra-crispy well-done pizza isn't the only way to level up your Costco food court game. There are plenty of other hacks and tips to customize your pizza. Some people are frustrated to find that today, Costco only serves cheese and pepperoni pizza. If you prefer extra toppings, simply order your pizza to go and add toppings at home. This way, you can do the "well-done" hack on your own by adding extra toppings and then popping the pizza in your oven at 350 or 375 degrees Fahrenheit for a few minutes.


If you want to be a bit more adventurous, try making the viral "Jochizza." The hack involves combining Costco's Chicken Bake with a hot dog and a slice of pizza. 


This is the ultimate costco food court hack no one wants you to know about 🌭🍕🤪 ib: @El Arturito 🇲🇽

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To make it yourself, order the Chicken Bake, a hot dog, and a slice of pizza. Cut the Chicken Bake open lengthwise, stuff it with the hot dog (minus the bun), and top it with the cheese from your pizza. In fact, this is another great way to turn a soggy pizza slice into something delicious.