Blue Moon Releases Sparkly Beer Kits Leading Up To The Solar Eclipse

Blue Moon is living up to its celestial name with a special-edition collection celebrating the forthcoming solar eclipse. Americans are all abuzz over April 8's rare astrological event, which will be the last total solar eclipse visible from the contiguous United States until 2044. Residents of 13 states, extending from Texas northeast through Maine, will be able to witness the eclipse in all its glory, and Blue Moon fans can now do so with a thematic beverage in hand.


To honor this celestial milestone, Blue Moon is unveiling a limited-edition Eclipse Sips kit, per info shared with Chowhound. The collection, which ships in a commemorative glow-in-the-dark box, contains four Blue Moon pint glasses along with black light coasters and a flashlight. It also comes with a packet of special "Moon Dust" to give your boozy beverage a starry shimmer. Blue Moon told Chowhound, "The Blue Moon 'Moon Dust' in the Eclipse Sips kit adds shimmer to your beer with safe, FDA-approved edible glitter, reflecting light and adding Blue Moon's signature brightness."

How to get a Blue Moon Eclipse Sips kit

The Blue Moon Eclipse Sips kit won't be available for purchase until April 3, but the company guarantees that it will ship in time for the eclipse five days later. You can purchase one of these kits for $25 on Blue Moon's website — if you're 21 or older, that is. Worth noting is that the kits don't include beer, so be prepared to purchase that separately. The company recommends that customers pair their Moon Dust with Blue Moon's signature white Belgian-style wheat ale (or non-alcoholic Belgian white ale) to ensure the glitter is as visible as possible.


On top of its limited-edition Eclipse Sips kits, Blue Moon is also honoring the solar eclipse with a major giveaway. By visiting Blue Moon's Instagram page and commenting on its Eclipse Sips post, you can enter for the chance to win 20 years of free beer, which should keep you satisfied until the U.S. sees its next total solar eclipse in 2044. (And if you want to become a beer connoisseur before April 8, find out why the role of your beer glass is more important than you think.)