The Best Way To Store Brussels Sprouts Is Also The Easiest

There are many ways to elongate the life of your produce in your refrigerator. For example, neatly organized jars of fresh herbs stored in water in the fridge can add weeks of longevity. Whatever you do, you won't want to keep your fruits and veggies in a sealed plastic bag without making a few changes first. For starters, those thin plastic bags can suffocate fruits and vegetables. Poke holes in them to allow them to breathe, and don't store anything fresh in an airtight, sealed bag. That will trap moisture and make your produce the perfect ground for mold.


You want to let your groceries breathe in the fridge. Help them out a little. And don't jam them in, crushed against one another. This goes for Brussels sprouts, too, and after freeing them from any sealed bags, there is another simple way to make them last longer.

Whether you're planning to make easy balsamic-roasted Brussels sprouts or some sprouts with maple bacon, this trick won't rush you into using all your Brussys quickly. The only thing you need to do is find Brussels sprouts still on their stem — and leave them on.

Keep them on the stem

That's right: For best results, you'll want to buy Brussels sprouts that are sold still on their thick stem. Going to a farmers market will be your best bet. According to Washington Post writer Candy Sagon, you should store the stem end in water in the fridge. When you need fresh Brussels sprouts, just break them off the stem.


When you buy Brussels sprouts loose, however, it is best to store them unwashed and untrimmed in an open plastic bag. Put them in the crisper drawer to avoid excess moisture. "The longer they're stored, the stronger their flavor will be," Sagon suggested — which is mind-blowing. Much like cabbage, Brussels sprouts can last a while when stored correctly.

Don't forget about your freezer. You can also buy Brussels sprouts frozen or freeze them yourself. To cook, drop them in an air-fryer for crispy results. Frozen Brussels sprouts should be used within 12 to 14 months for optimal freshness. 

Fresh or a couple of weeks old, here's hoping your haul of Brussels sprouts tastes as delicious as ever.