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Favorite Wineries

by MissMarleygirl 4 days ago

We will be in France for three weeks in August. I have done a fair amount of research but would like some Chowhounde...


collioure commented 2 days ago

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Underappreciated Isosceles?

by olasek 5 days ago

Just days ago came across a bottle of 2014/13 Justin's Isosceles - at my local Costco, at $60 I picked up only a sing...

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How Bien Nacido Vineyard fought off the Alamo fire

by Melanie Wong 6 days ago

Having just visited Bien Nacido Vineyard, Au Bon Climat and Qupé in April, I followed in horror the news that this si...

Chinese Laborers Built Sonoma's Wineries

by Melanie Wong 12 days ago

"Workers literally dug the caves by hand," says Tom Blackwood, general manager of Buena Vista Winery. "They still hav...


tre2012 commented 8 days ago

Wine to pair with Paella

by pindert 2 months ago

I'll be serving Paella this weekend. It will have chicken, Spanish chorizo, shrimp, and mussels. Which wine(s) are ...


collioure commented 8 days ago

Seeking recommendations on wine for wedding dinner!

by clupa 13 days ago

Hi, Hoping to get some recommendations for wine to serve at a wedding dinner. Serving Lebanese buffet: grilled fil...

MidwesternerTT commented 13 days ago

What to do with wine received as a gift?

by DivaMari 18 days ago

I am not a wine snob BUT I hosted an open house this week. As a hostess gift I received bottles of wine I will not d...


Manatea commented 14 days ago

Lesser Known Sparkling Wines Available in the US?

by zackly 18 days ago

We drink a fair amount of sparkling wine mostly, Champagne, Prosecco & Spanish Cava. I was wondering what else is a...


valadelphia commented 18 days ago

Club soda and red wine

by RicRios 12 years ago

The poster below reminded me of the pervasive custom in South America to add club soda to a local raspy red wine to m...

Midlife commented 21 days ago

Port Wine

by chriswhite 24 days ago

Bought a port wine last weekend. I opened it but didn't put it in the rerfridgerator is it still good to drink? Also ...


LadyofTexas commented 21 days ago

How long does opened Port last?

by Rick 11 years ago

I have a bottle of Port that is half full and last opened about 10 months ago. It smells good, but is it safe to drink?


chriswhite commented 24 days ago

That...that THING with the ice in it

by bob50 11 years ago

I've been working a summer job at a restaurant with a rather nice wine menu. My question is about vocabulary. What ...


pompanoleslie commented 1 month ago

Miso Glazed Sea Bass and Red Wine Pairings?

by jwieczerzak 1 year ago

I am making miso glazed sea bass with a nice dashi broth and some Manilla clams. My problem is that one of my guests...

NovelWines commented 2 months ago

Discuss: "Great Burgundy smells of sh*t"

by 914NYC 8 years ago

In his book entitled "BURGUNDY" by Anthony Hanson, this expert writes "Great Burgundy smells of shit. It is most sur...


jerzystruczak commented 2 months ago

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Looking for a Wine education group

by jreibel 2 months ago

Hi, I am looking to join/start a small wine group that consist of people who are interested or working in the wine i...

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Oregon Wine Country dining

by stevewi 3 months ago

If you are headed to the Willamette Valley wine region south and east of Portland this summer, this should help you o...

Wine for acid-intolerant types?

by Jon 13 years ago

I'd like to develop my wine pallet, but my stomach doesn't react well to very acidic drinks, such as certain wines, O...


Billkath commented 3 months ago

I am a cheapskate and do not want to buy a restaurant's wine or their flights of wine

by free sample addict aka Tracy L 9 months ago

This is more of a hypothetical question. Hypothetically, you have a budget conscious couple on a date at a "destinati...

Midlife commented 3 months ago

How many wineries are reasonable to visit in a day?

by scully4er 2 years ago

I'm curious as to opinions on how many wineries it is feasible to visit in a day while in the Napa Valley. In the pas...


scully4er commented 3 months ago

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