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US Courts Deliver Body Blows to Wine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

"Wine lovers took a big legal setback on Tuesday, as a US federal appeals court ruled that a Florida wine shop cannot ship wine to customers in Missouri, even though Missouri stores can. The cas...

Budding Vintners - By Chadsey's Cairns Winery is for sale

by Googs 30 days ago

Sad to see one of the pioneers of The County's wineries retire. I quite liked him and his wines. An opportunity awaits someone with deep enough pockets to take it on. It has every possible ame...

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Scherrer Winery: 40% discount + free shipping

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

One of my favorite winemakers, Fred Scherrer, is discounting selected bottles by 40% off regular price with free ground shipping on 12 or more bottles. These are wines that were held back for resta...

Premier Cru owner admits his business was a Ponzi scheme

by ratgirlagogo 4 years ago

Apparently this business has been extremely controversial for years - I'm not a high-end wine person myself, so this is all new to me. But it's such a lurid story I know somebody here must know so...

Bruce Jack on the human & industry cost of Covid-19 in South Africa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

During the pandemic, exports of South African wine have been prohibited. The SA wine industry normally sells 50% of its production abroad. And domestic sales of alcohol are banned as well in an eff...

Restaurant Wine Pairings? Yes or No?

by apsyclist 3 months ago

When going to a restaurant renowned for its wine list, do you typically order the wine pairing or select from the amazing wine list? Is it considered impertinent to not to take the recommended pair...

Non alcoholic wine Toronto

by burlgurl 3 months ago

Has anyone had a half decent non alcoholic wine? Does this even exist? I’d love a dry white wine, but can only guess most existing options are overly sweet juice. Where in Toronto? Have t seen any ...

Can anyone identify this wine glass?

by reginarose7721 4 months ago

I've broken one of the glasses in this set but can't remember the brand. Does anyone recognize the small logo etched into the base? Thanks!

Use of a plastic film to eliminate the cork taint of a contaminated wine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

I've done this with a corked bottled wine and believed the perceptible TCA was decreased, so it's cool to see an experiment confirm that it does work. The wine does remain somewhat scalped of fruit...

Wine shops in Los Angeles

by sandramrma 5 months ago

Does anyone know of a wine shop in Los Angeles that does wine baskets for delivery ?? I am looking for a gift. Thank you

Cheap White Wine For Cooking

by zackly 5 months ago

I don't regularly drink white wine but I do cook with it usually for deglazing when making pan sauces. Frequently I open a bottle I have on hand, use a couple ounces then put it in the fridge and f...

A Unicorn Boxed Red Wine?

by Scirocco 7 months ago

Let's face it, boxed wine is not ever going to be involved in fine dining, and in particular, red wines seem to suffer the most. But in general, boxed wine HAS improved over the last decade. So ha...

Mondiale Wines close-out sale

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

My friend Ann Feely is shutting down her wine import business. Remaining inventory of wines (New Zealand imports) are now discounted by 50% and shipping is free for purchases of 12 or more bottles....

RIP Lulu Peyraud

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Lulu Peyraud of Domaine Tempier has left this mortal coil. Rest in peace Lulu, 1917–2020, thank you for sharing your wonderful Provençal recipes and Bandol wines with the world. https://www.i...

Laying Down & Investing in, Wine

by kySafran 7 months ago

When I come to the US, I always bring a couple of bottles of high-quality wine for some foodie friends I stay with. I get it from a French friend who owns an exclusive restaurant in London. I sit d...

9/30 Party With The Freys & Ecofarm Celebrate 40 Years Of Certified Organic & Biodynamic™ Wines

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

"Place your wine order by 9/22/20 to receive your wines in time for the event! https://www.freywine.com/product/Kwaya-Virtual-Tasting-with-EcoFarm?pageID=A2E077C1-9E75-5D55-26A2-A8C1F42AC309&sortBy...

What kind of red wine should I have for my birthday?

by vndrink 7 months ago

My birthday is coming at the end of this month and I do not know what kind of red wine should I have for it? Any suggestions?

Champagne Glasses?

by zackly 12 months ago

I was talking with a guy who works for a major Champagne house in their NYC office. He told me that Champagne flutes are no longer considered a correct glass from which to drink Champagne and his ...

Value priced screwtop reds

by frajita 9 months ago

Name a few acceptable Merlot or other reds with a screw top under $10.

Almost Free Wine Shipped to you: 2-day Marathon Madness

by droolingdoggie 8 months ago

There is a super 48-hour wine sale marathon with free shipping going on at Last Bottle Wines!! Here is a self-description of LBW, which is a local business based in Napa, CA: "Last Bottle is a ...