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Green Gulch Farm Zen Center, Muir Beach - $15 All-U-Can-Eat Veggie lunch Sundays open to the Public

by hhc 3 years ago

I did a hike starting at Muir Beach, up and around the ridge and then we headed back down to where the Green Gulch Farm Zen Center is. Seems the public can have lunch there on Sundays without stayi...

Easy Vegan Recipes

by Steph37895 4 years ago

Hi! Im having a dinner/get together next month and found out that some family members have recently decided to become vegan! So im looking for recipes to accomodate them that don't include many...

Fruition Vegan Kitchen in West Medford - Anyone been?

by zigzag17 3 years ago

If anyone has tried it, please comment with dish recs.

Need 2 recs for group that includes 1 vegetarian/pescatarian

by lorax14 3 years ago

We're a group of four -- one of whom does not eat shellfish but will eat other fish. We need two dinner spots for a weekend in August that will please all four while accommodating the one! Don't ne...

Vegan groups in Toronto

by apane 3 years ago

I'm looking to join a Vegan/vegetarian group in Toronto, I know it sounds very broad/vague but specifically, a local community of fellow vegans/vegetarians and like-minded individuals. Does anyt...

Spinach-Artichoke Deep-Dish Pizza

by Jtdusk 3 years ago

This is a very, very yummy recipe for you vegetarians out there. Total Time: 0:40 Prep: 0:15 Level: Easy Yield: 4 servings Ingredients 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil 1 (5-oz....

Looking for canned jackfruit

by WINDELLA 4 years ago

I'm looking for canned jackfruit in the Pasadena area. I've checked Sprouts, Whole Foods ,World Cost. Prefer not to order it online.

Vegan Breakfast

by IsabellaVegetarian 4 years ago

Hey, everyone. Quick question - What are some vegan breakfasts? I am recently vegan and have no idea what to eat. Please help!

What to do with okara from soy milk maker?

by lizmari 6 years ago

I just got a soy milk maker, and love the fresh soymilk, but am not sure what to do with the leftover pulp (okara). I've poked around the web a bit, and most of the recipes I am finding call for d...

Healthy Vegan Substitute For Coconut Oil

by SpencerTracy 6 years ago

Looking for something that can serve as a substitute in many of the desert recipes that can be found online. Any recommendations?

vegan breakfast ideas

by noya 8 years ago

We're currently on a rotation of pancakes, oatmeal, steel cut oats with apples in the crockpot, quinoa with pecans and blackberries, couscous with walnuts and raisins, and acai with bananas and mue...

Local plant-based pioneers?

by gildeddawn 4 years ago

Looking for Twin Cities food scene (or not) people who are thinking creatively about what's going on in the world of plant-based food. Not necessarily vegan or even vegetarian, but into thinking di...

Need Easy Vegan Snack for Casual Cocktail Party

by eatinginsf 6 years ago

I'm attending a very casual get-together for cocktails and need to bring a vegan snack. I'll be coming from work so it will need to be something easy that I can prepare quickly or the night before ...

Baking sprouted bread?

by zony 4 years ago

Hi, I wonder if anyone has figured out how to bake bread with grains that has been sprouted 3-5 days. When I try this the bread gets soggy Is there a way to avoid sogginess?

Tobagi Kimchi - pasteurized?

by yairmarx 4 years ago

I bought a jar of Tobagi kimchi from H-mart in VA. I want to start eating it regularly for probiotic benefits. I read pasteurization is bad for fermented food. Is Tobagi kimchi pasteurized? It was ...

Solstice Suppers

by Rory 4 years ago

the crispy cold air had me yearning for something comforting and I found and made this excellent cottage pie (albeit with Boca crumbles) http://www.quorn.co.uk/recipes/cottage-pie/ make it vegan ...

Add ins for hot and sour soup/No shitake please

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 4 years ago

I am going to have a soup party in the near future. One of my guests is vegetarian and two others will only eat poultry or fish as their protein. I decided to play it safe and serve only vegetarian...

Vegetarian Dim Sum in/near Chicago

by mrsdebdav 4 years ago

Does anyone know of a resto serving vegetarian dim sum in Chicago or burbs? I miss my Flushing, NY go-to. Thanks!

Possible Substitutes for Eggs

by chris.fran113 4 years ago

Hello, Not sure if there is a topic on that here but still wanted to ask: have you ever substituted eggs in a recipe and does it work for everything? If the answer is positive, then which are t...

Bought vegetarian dish for potluck?

by abccollins 4 years ago

Does anybody have a suggestion for a vegetarian or vegan dish that I can buy to bring to a potluck? I won't have time to cook or prepare it myself, so I need to buy it. To make things more complica...