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Sushi Palace Yonkers, Central Ave.

by liza219 8 years ago

Drove by last week....anyone been? I've read on yelp 18.95 for all you can eat sushi. Yelp reviews are a bit questionable. Of course, so is ayce sushi.

Guapo in Yonkers

by gbeats 9 years ago

Tried Guapo Friday night and it was excellent. I made reservations the day before which is funny because when we arrived at Guapo there was not one person in the restaurant, we thought it was clos...

Neha Palace, Yonkers

by roxlet 9 years ago

Is anyone familiar with this Indian restaurant? It's on Groupon, so I took a look at the menu, and I thought that it had some interesting things on it including some dosas, which you don't always ...

Bye Bye Nathan's Yonkers

by lemarais 9 years ago

Anyone go to the nostalgia event there yesterday? I heard that it's still open today (Sunday) and that this is definitely the last day. Feel bad for the workers, they are out of work. Big signs ...

Paradise Biryani Pointe on Central Ave in Yonkers

by JMF 9 years ago

Has anyone been to Paradise Biryani Pointe on Central Ave in Yonkers? It's in the small shopping center with Outback and Staples. It's in the spot where the Peruvian place, Viru was. I stopped ...

Anyone eat at Dolphin Restaurant in Yonkers?

by roxlet 10 years ago

I'm considering it for brunch on Sunday and I see that it has gotten some pretty good reviews on opentable.com

Khangri, Yonkers AYCE Sushi surprisingly good

by rolise 9 years ago

My ds loves sushi. He is 11. Anytime we take him for some he spends at least $25-30 (he would spend more if allowed) so when we saw an advertisement for AYCE sushi in downtown Yonkers for about $20...

New Whole Foods in Ridge Hill (Yonkers)

by mmimran 10 years ago

The new whole foods in the Ridge Hill Shopping Center is massive and beautiful. Extremely impressed. Such an enjoyable shopping experience. Their bulk food section is much bigger than White ...

Belle Havana--Yonkers

by Maryld 10 years ago

I was feeling in the mood for Cuban food and mojitos (outside of our house) so I called Belle Havana to get their dinner hours. Alas, they have closed and are now doing catering. Looks like the ec...

Yonkers area rehearsal dinner, 70 - 80 people

by deb_stofer 9 years ago

Looking for a place for a rehearsal dinner in or around Yonkers in August. I am from out of state, but have contacted X2O, Dohphin, Harvest on Hudson, and Half Moon. These cost about $120 - $140 pe...

Delivery options in Tuckahoe/Crestwood/NE Yonkers?

by baysider 11 years ago

More than two years after we moved to the area, we're still struggling to find food delivery options in the area -- and with a small child, having to pick up takeout is hard to manage. For Chine...

Polish bakery in Yonkers, NY

by kjcinny1 10 years ago

Hi everyone, My family and I are trying to figure out if there are any Polish bakeries left in Yonkers. When I was a kid (and when my mom was a kid!), we all bought our communion cakes (with th...

Who's been to Kim Wei Kitchen in Yonkers (Tuckahoe Road near the Thruway)?

by Big_Salad 10 years ago

Someone on city-data said this place was good, and I'd like to hear more opinions before trying it. I don't usually have a reason to visit that area (unlike the old days when there weren't other Sh...

Mr. Kold Kuts, Yonkers?

by Elisa515 10 years ago

My son is working part time across the street from this "meateria" (according to the sign outside). Despite my general distrust of places that have cute misspellings of real words, it got my chow-d...

Gem: Cuisines of China Yonkers, NY

by Jon1856 10 years ago

In Re.: Gem: Cuisines of China Saw this restaurant within a sub-thread here http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/748358 and an older thread that became a bit opened and thought that it should have i...

Stew Leonard (Yonkers) Lately

by JohnAM 10 years ago

Has anyone notice that the number of weekly specials are less? The fish specials are pretty much limited to shrimp & salmon each week. Has anyone noticed any other differences lately?

Nathan's/Yonkers/Central Ave

by menton1 10 years ago

Hadn't been to this place in years, but was passing by and I had a coupon so decided to indulge. This Nathan's seems a cut above the Mall places. I believe it's because this is a Corporate-owned ...

Carlo's Pizza on Tuckahoe Rd/Central Ave, Yonkers

by JMF 10 years ago

Carlo's has been around for ever, I didn't care for it when I went to RHS across the street 30 years ago, but it had, and still has, staunch fans. I never understood why. I went for the first time ...

Hooray!!! Finally (good) Dominican cake close to home!! (Carolina's Desserts in Yonkers)

by mswestchester 10 years ago

I don't know how we never discovered this place before, but WOW!!! I just got engaged and my fiancé, well aware of my Dominican cake obsession, purchased one and put my ring in it!! Well, ...

dominick's bakery in yonkers-- anyone been?

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 11 years ago

We're thinking of hosting an event at a restaurant which uses cakes from Dominick's in Yonkers, seems to be on Nepperhan based on Google. We'll probably try to get down there one of these days to ...