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La Fermiere Yogurt - anywhere in LA?

by rswenson 4 days ago

Just got back from Paris and fell in love La Fermiere yogurt in the little blue terra cotta cups. Any place to get th...

Grainy homemade yogurt

by tonifi 5 years ago

I know there have been multiple discussions of homemade yogurt on this board, but I can't find any that seem to addre...


blueishpurplekitchen commented 26 days ago

Wanted: low sugar yogurt.

by PeterL 4 years ago

I am surprised that no one has called out yogurt makers for the high sugar contents of their products. Coke and othe...


321contact commented 1 month ago

Homemade drinkable yogurt?

by SmallGoodThings 2 months ago

Does anyone make thin, drinkable yogurt (or kefir that tastes like yogurt) at home? Any tips? My family has devel...

ChristinaMason commented 2 months ago

Maximise protein and eliminate carbs in homemade yoghurt

by Kiwi2011 6 years ago

Hi Everyone, How do I maximise the protein and eliminate the carbs in my homemade yoghurt?


rockytopp commented 2 months ago

yogurt maker problems?

by poochiechow 6 years ago

hi all - i recently got a eurocuisine ym100 yogurt maker, since i couldn't get the temperature in my oven to stay ...


Terry_Ann commented 2 months ago

Cascade Fresh Yogurt is back!

by Jimster 1 year ago

Hi, it seems like a lifetime that we’ve been away, but now we’re back home and headed to West Seattle Thriftway o...


Jimster commented 2 months ago

Making yogurt without using commercial yogurt or starter

by Sherri 10 years ago

I have been asked how to make yogurt without using any commercial products that can be purchased. In other words, ho...


sankarsana commented 2 months ago

Finding Bulgaros Cultures for Yogurt?

by morphone 8 years ago

Anyone know where I can get bulgaros for making yogurt in the Bay Area? Preferably in the East Bay or SF? My grandm...


rparis commented 2 months ago

I just made yogurt starter using red chili pepper stems

by PatsyWalker 5 years ago

I've been wanting to try this for some time. Using a commercial yogurt as a starter is fine but the subsequent gener...


Jeff85018 commented 3 months ago

Cascade Fresh Yogurt is now Cascade Culture Yogurt

by Jimster 3 months ago

It seems so long ago that yogurt lovers lost a favorite brand - Cascade Fresh. For the last three years work has bee...


Jimster commented 3 months ago

Homemade Yogurt -- why is it stringy?

by Produce Addict 10 years ago

I swear I read a similar post recently, but can't seem to find it. I just got a yogurt maker and found making yogurt...


xiaobao12 commented 4 months ago

Success! Homemade “Fage” Yogurt! Easy! Cheap!

by maria lorraine 8 years ago

Thick! Tangy! Luscious! No Silly Appliances! Like a number of Chowhounds, I was a Fage Yogurt addict. I loved its...


xiaobao12 commented 4 months ago

How Do I Get Yogurt Started in the High Desert?

by ninrn 7 months ago

Hello, I asked this on another thread, but thought it might be best to start a new one: When I lived on the E...

ninrn commented 4 months ago

Yogurt Starter - Any pareve or chalav Yisroel out there?

by MaineKosher 7 years ago

I'm trying to make kosher chalav Yisroel yogurt at home. My little one, and us, love it. We stock up whenever in NY...

MacGuffin commented 5 months ago

Can regular yogurt be substituted for Greek yogurt in baking?

by MmeFleiss 5 months ago

I want to make this cake from last month's COTM.

HeidiCooksSupper commented 5 months ago

Adding flavor to homemade yogurt

by gcook 6 months ago

I have a toddler who could probably eat his own weight in yogurt in a day. I've been considering making some homemade...

hotoynoodle commented 6 months ago

Fermentation Book Recommendations, Please

by ninrn 7 months ago

Hi, I'd like to start doing some home fermentation. I'm particularly interested in making my own kombucha, yogurt...

ninrn commented 7 months ago

Spoiled yogurt in baked goods?

by AnneinAtlanta 7 months ago

Darn! I didn't realize the yogurt had gone bad until I had mixed it with my banana bread dough and put it all in the ...


tonifi commented 7 months ago