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7 Essential Rules for Crafting the Ultimate Sandwich

The best sandwich is up for debate—lobster rolls, grilled cheese, BLTs, Cubanos, monte cristos, po' boys, and reubens are just some of the many strong contenders for the title—but when it comes to the...

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Work lunch at Olive Garden - HELP!!

by livetocook 11 years ago

My closest friend's last day at work is this week and of course she choose the Olive Garden for her going away lunch. I haven't eaten at their in over 3 years. For you that have to endure this plac...

Recco Needed ASAP! Work Lunch: Yonge & St. Clair

by Beaglesmuggler 11 years ago

Hello Hounds! I've got a new job at Yonge & St. Clair (Toronto). I don't know mid-town at all, I'm a Queen West girl. Boss has set a "welcome to the team" lunch for me and I'm supposed to choose...

My oven is broken-- what can I "bake" for a work luncheon?

by i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream 12 years ago

Hi everyone! My oven is not working (hopefully will be fixed soon, but not before the party!) and I'm looking to take on the challenge of making dessert without it. What treat can I make without t...

Planned Leftovers-for work lunches

by CeeBee 13 years ago

Now that Christmas is over with, I've moved on to my new year's resolution making. Bringing lunch to work is near the top of my list. I like to cook something big on Sundays or after work during th...

Good Bubank restaurant for work luncheon?

by rgatten 13 years ago

We are having our work holiday lunch in a few weeks and need to find a good restaurant for lunch in Burbank.

[London] Work Lunches near Soho/Covent Garden

by adamfletcher 13 years ago

Every Friday lunchtime we all go out for lunch together as a company. We've been doing this for almost a year but find ourselves going to the same places most weeks so are looking for a few recomme...

Casual work lunch in East Village

by ButterMilky 13 years ago

Hi Manhattan hounds, I"m looking for something pretty specific: a casual spot for a networking lunch in the East Village or Lower East Side. We require carefully sourced ingredients (sustaina...

Seeking place for a great work lunch in midtown

by graysmudge 13 years ago

The editor of a fancy magazine wants to take me out to lunch next week to discuss work (I'm a freelance writer.) He's from LA and doesn't know the city at all so asked for a restaurant suggestion s...

Work Lunch Near 10th and Mission?

by susancinsf 14 years ago

A colleague and I are trying to figure out where to have a weekday lunch near her new offices at 10th and Mission: She doesn't know the neighborhood at all; nor do I, and searching on Places isn't ...

Catering Work Lunch - KC

by amy_rc 14 years ago

Work is catering in lunch near Plaza. $7-$8 per person. Somewhat healthy. Tired of Einstein, Panera, etc... Gimme some ideas, who do you like to use?

Need a nice place for a work lunch very near 1st and Howard

by MorganSF 14 years ago

A colleague is going out on maternity leave this week and can't walk very far. Any suggestions for a nice place to go that is very close to our office at 1st and Howard? Town Hall is an obvious one...

Good downtown (Concordia) spot for a big work lunch

by eatsies 14 years ago

Hi, I am leaving my job and my company wants to have a big work-lunch send off type thing. Though I have worked in the hood for the past 4 years, I can't really think of a nice spot that is group ...

need recs for e. vill, a fun place for work lunch (like smac)

by design580 14 years ago

Can anyone help?

Caterer for work lunch in Eagle Rock

by Obessed 14 years ago

I'm looking for a yummy and unique (healthy is a plus also) place to cater a work lunch for about 10 people next week. I was maybe thinking Mediterranean (kabobs, hummus, etc.) but am totally open...

Work lunch - Yonge Dundas

by thenurse 15 years ago

I'm looking for a place for 15 people for lunch, within a few blocks of Yonge and Dundas (Gerrard/Bay/Jarvis/Queen). We've done Salad King many times and are looking for something less.... rushed....

Holiday Work Lunch Downtown

by shar 15 years ago

I am planning a holiday lunch for our four person team and would like to choose a place that is: 1) upscale but not too pretentious, 2)has a decent lunch menu (a fabulous dinner menu doesn't help i...

Group Work Lunch (Lax/Marina/Culver) Recommendations

by tykapfh 15 years ago

Looking for help (again) finding a place that can accomodate about 20 people in the LAX/Marina/Culver (even Venice&SantaMonica) area. It's a work function so price is not really a factor. Any cui...

Work Lunch in Midtown Bet. 46th and 53rd on Madison or Park....

by Niffer8 15 years ago

Any suggestions, oh wise food hounds, for a place to conduct work lunches in this area? I want to take my employees out weekly, as well as our clients, and I need to feel like we are going to place...

ISO Downtown-ish place for work lunch - lower to mid-range price

by adamclyde 15 years ago

Hi folks. Hoping for some help here. I'm looking for a place for a work lunch. 5 or 6 people total. Here are some requirements, in order of priority: * Good food * Need to take reservations *...

Work Lunch near 40th and 5th; $50 or Less per person

by Juicy Juice 16 years ago

Looking for a spot to enjoy a civilized lunch and celebrate our successful season with our team of 7 people. Requirements: Near 40th and 5th in Manhattan Less than or equal to 50 bucks a person...

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