Homemade Chinese Food Is Easy with These Essential Cooking Tools

If you want to cook Chinese food at home, having the right tools can be a big help. Sure, you'll want a wok, but here are a few more essential Chinese cooking tools. Chinese takeout is as ubiquitous...

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Will I be able to properly season a Carbon Steel Wok?

by JQ32 11 months ago

Context: have an electric ceramic stove top. Looking to buy a Carbon Steel (CS) wok, specifically the model linked below. I've gone down the rabbit hole of researching how to properly season a CS w...

Wok - what kind do you prefer?

by CHSeifert 2 years ago

So I own the Mauviel M Cook wok and think it's fantastic. My GF owns a Tefal Non Stick wok, which she used 3-4 times a week and it's still going strong after 3-4 years now. All this talk about t...

Saute pan, Wok and tin wok suggestion needed

by gamma50g 1 year ago

Can anyone suggest a saute pan and a medium sized wok. I'm looking for something lighter than cast iron. I need the saute pan preferably to be nonstick (not TFal but seasonable if that's an option)...

Whirlpool wok ring for Samsung range

by PiperBob 12 months ago

I didn't want to pay $90 for Samsung's wok ring; the one Whirlpool sells for $25 works great. Just thought I'd share.

Did I buy a bad wok or did I fail to season it?

by BCmonk 1 year ago

i got this carbon steel wok and today i tried to season it. after watching a lot of youtube videos. i decided to follow the tutorial of the "school of wok" channel. the instructions on my wok sa...

Must I trade my cast iron wok for carbon steel?

by CathleenH 7 years ago

Hello all, I have a cast iron wok. It is not a light Chinese model, but a huge, heavy flat-bottomed model. I chose it in the hopes that its heat-storing capacity would help compensate for the...

One Way to Remove Coating From New Carbon Steel Woks

by ChefSlay313 1 year ago

Pay a Chinese restaurant to do it, watch the YouTube video of them doing it.

Hand Hammered Woks Comparison: Williams Sonoma and Wokshop.

by Chemicalkinetics 8 years ago

We had a couple of posts regarding hand hammered woks, and I happened to have bought two recently: one from Williams Sonoma: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/hammered-14-inch-wok/?pkey=cwok...

Wok seasoning

by tobi419 1 year ago

I am not sure if i seasoned my wok well. The first time i did, the bottom inside of the work looked well seasoned. I decided to try and season it again to get the other sides darker as well. I thi...

2018 Stainless steel wok query!

by suznews 1 year ago

Hi. I've been poring over previous posts and responses and wanted to see if there are new options. I'm back from living in Hong Kong, now staying with Mom, and trying to stir fry in front of someon...

Wok seasoning

by arielleeve 1 year ago

Need help! We bought this Joyce Chen wok recently. Did the whole intense scrubbing to get the factory oil off — boiled water in it, scrubbed with steel wool, heated until it turned blue, then silve...

Unexpected uses for a Wok?

by travelerjjm 1 year ago

I love cooking with my carbon steel wok. Of course I use it for many Asian dishes. I also use it with the bamboo steamer for other steaming. Sometimes I use it for quick browning of veggies. I am i...

Home stir-frying with a wok, is it possible? Not enough BTU?

by Charybdisz 7 years ago

Hi, I would like to get into wok stir-frying at home. But after reading the board, and viewing some videos on Youtube, it appears to me that home wok burners aren't powerful enough for real wok ...

Something on bottom of wok

by hic14 1 year ago

I just got my first carbon steel wok and followed the instructions to remove the coating. I was able to get to the point where, once wiped, the napkin would turn out clean. I noticed, however, that...

Copper Wok advice

by rueb 1 year ago

Hello! I have many tin-lined copper pieces (All Baumalu from tjmax etc) that I love. I'm trying to decide whether to purchase the williams-sonoma stainless-steel lined copper wok. Mainly because I...

Seasoning a new wok

by cllmlmb 1 year ago

Hello! I bought my first wok recently and read about seasoning it online. I scrubbed the wok with steel wool, dried it, heated it, then chucked a couple of tablespoons of lard in there and tried to...

Did I muck up trying to season a carbon steel wok?

by sponeta 7 years ago

I finally got tired of non-stick woks and decided to get a real carbon steel wok, a Ken Hom Tao Green (because it was the only one readly available anywhere). I followed the instructions that came ...

Has anyone tried a WokMon?

by travelerjjm 5 years ago

I was looking for wok burners last night and I saw an article about the WokMon: http://www.seriouseats.com/2014/05/the-wok-mon-converts-your-home-burner-into-a-wok-range-solution.html Has anyone t...

Wok: Joyce Chen or Wok Shop?

by rp17 1 year ago

I'd like to buy a wok and have been looking at either Joyce Chen or the Wok Shop. Can anyone say whether one is better than the other? I'm just looking at the standard style with one long wood ha...

Coating on wok

by redhanky 2 years ago

What is the coating on a new wok made of? I didn’t know it was there and can now see we must have eaten some of it. Should I be worried? Do I throw out the leftovers?