Wine Pairings

The Best Wine Pairings for Popular Takeout Dishes

Restaurants may be inching their way open in some cities, but, let’s face it, we’ve started to get used to the idea of eating takeout from the safety of our patios, porches, and roofs (if we’re lucky...

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Wine pairing for Sumac Pomegranate Lime Chicken and Jicama Slaw?

by rsignell 3 years ago

We are looking for a wine for our daughter's wedding to pair with the menu shown in the image, featuring sumac pomegranate lime chicken (grilled) with jicama and celeriac slaw. We were hoping f...

Spring Rabbit + Rose

by akdad 3 years ago

Would like to do something simple with a local farm raised rabbit in the spirit of the season. Nothing braisey or tomatoey, and would like it to go well with a Provençal rose (Syrah Grenache cinsau...

Wine Pairing for Napoli Dinner

by Philly Ray 3 years ago

I’m attending a dinner based around food from Napoli and I can bring a bottle of wine. What’s are some good options (preferably red) with this menu? I’m not looking to pair with each course bec...

Wine Tasting Apps

by camdull 4 years ago

I have joined a wine club that meets in the evening and will have hosting duties in the near future. Although each guest will bring an appetizer, the host must provide one that is a little more "su...

Food/Beverage Pairing New Year Menu

by Kalenden 4 years ago

Dear people, For New Year's, my companion and I have ordered a menu and we are now looking to combine beverages with the courses of the menu. Generally, we have an extensive wine cellar and a...

Endive, smoked salmon salad pairing

by patapouf 4 years ago

Bit stumped with a pairing for smoked salmon salad with endive, pear, passion fruit caviar vinaigrette, any suggestions?

Il Pranzo Lunch at Round Pond

by evansaunt 4 years ago

Has anyone done the Il Pranzo lunch and tasting at Round Pond? It sounds lovely - I am trying to decide whether to do that or just one of their olive mill tastings. Thanks!

Wine to go with Chinese Hotpot

by rijia 4 years ago

Hi, I will be having hotpot with friends this weekend, but not too sure what type of wine to go with it. The soup bases we are gonna have are tomato and chicken, not the spicy ones. Hope to get som...

Crab Cakes Red Wine

by Carriejr 4 years ago

Big birthday weekend coming up for family. Having husband's favorite crab cakes shipped in from Maryland. I would like to offer a Red wine in addition to the whites I've already planned. Not sur...

Braised Abalone and Wine Pairing

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 4 years ago

Question?! – What is the best wine to pair with ‘ Chinese style braised Japanese dried Abalone ‘? A search of food and wine blogs plus noted literature offered pairing suggestions that go all ov...

Complicated Pairing Request!

by ldillma 4 years ago

Hi, I'm planning to make a Splendid Table dish that is butternut squash, roasted with sage, basil, a wee bit of brown sugar, garlic and onion and some crushed red pepper (the kind you put on pizza)...

Birthday Dinner Wine Pairing Suggestions for Challenging Menu

by mpcarney 4 years ago

Hi Wine Folks, I'm co-hosting a combination birthday dinner Saturday Aug 26, 2017 for 3 celebrants - all of whom enjoy wine but are not well versed in it at all. There will be approx 12 people a...

Wine Pairing Dinner Party Help

by mexicaliblues 4 years ago

Hello, I'm hosting some folks for a very simple dinner this weekend and want to make sure the wine shines. Please let me know if you have any advice on good pairing(s)! 1st Chilled Corn Soup...

Wine to pair with Paella

by pindert 4 years ago

I'll be serving Paella this weekend. It will have chicken, Spanish chorizo, shrimp, and mussels. Which wine(s) are your best recommendation to have with Paella. Looking for wines under $20. TIA

Seeking recommendations on wine for wedding dinner!

by clupa 4 years ago

Hi, Hoping to get some recommendations for wine to serve at a wedding dinner. Serving Lebanese buffet: grilled filet, chicken, lamb, salmon, and sauteed shrimp, and a wide of cold salads and app...

Elizabeth wine pairings

by qtsam11 4 years ago

I liked everyone's insights on the below post regarding Alinea. That post is too old for me to post on so I just thought I'd try again with Elizabeth and see if anyone has opinions there. Having ...

Lynmar Lunch?

by shariberri 4 years ago

Hi CHs... So much great advice and our first Napa/Sonoma trip planning is coming along now! Wondering if anyone has done the Wine and Food pairing lunch at Lynmar? Sounds like a good option for a ...

Miso Glazed Sea Bass and Red Wine Pairings?

by jwieczerzak 6 years ago

I am making miso glazed sea bass with a nice dashi broth and some Manilla clams. My problem is that one of my guests only drinks red wines. Can someone help me with pairings? I usually end up wi...

Best wine bars in Manhattan?

by prilla 4 years ago

We are coming to the city for a few days in August and looking for wine bar recommendations. Staying in Soho and would prefer places below midtown. We really like old world wines and interesting/fu...

Red wine pairings with Shrimp and Cheddar Grits & Seafood Empanadas

by gremillion 5 years ago

I am going to a dinner party and the traditional pairing with shrimp and cheddar grits and shrimp and mahi mahi empanadas is a white wine. I would like to mix it up and offer an against the grain ...