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Looking for a cafe WITHOUT wifi in Brooklyn, circa Prospect Heights/Park Slope

by dorotheabrooke 8 years ago

I'm looking for a cafe to do work (on my laptop) that does not have internet. I've recently become freelance, and working at home with a wifi connection makes me feel like an alcoholic with a full ...

Wi-Fi Cafes in Mississauga ...

by 5andman 8 years ago

Just wondering aside from Starbucks & Second Cup (and McD), are there any other indy cafes in Mississauga with wi-fi? Thanks I've been to Coffee Culture and iCoffee so far.

Breakfast and wi fi downtown or St. Henri

by williej 8 years ago

I am looking for a place which serves 'real breakfast' in the downtown, westmount, or st. henri/notre dame west areas that also has free wi-fi. When I say real breakfast, I mean bacon and eggs, pan...

ISO: Free WiFi and a good latte in Kensington Market

by mainja 11 years ago

So, I have to be in Kensington Market today for an appointment, but I would like to get some work done beforehand. Normally I go to Jet Fuel for my free wifi and latte fix, but today I'm looking...

Anything open all night? with Wifi?

by AntarcticWidow 8 years ago

My BIL has to be in the city (2nd and Mission) at 11:30pm tonight for 4 or so hours of work, then again at 7am. Is there an all night cafe or restaurant nearby or downtown, preferably with wifi, wh...

midnight wifi cafe near Greenwood, dinner near Avenue Rd x Lawrence and Cherry St, lunch near Finch x McCowan

by lilith 8 years ago

I need help with four locations: near Greenwood TTC station (Friday late night), near Avenue Road x Lawrence Avenue West (weekday dinner), near Cherry St. T&T (weekday night), and near Finch Avenue...

Do We Really Need A WiFi Refrigerator?

al b. darned
by al b. darned 8 years ago

I saw an ad for this on TV last night: http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/12/samsung-wifi-enabled-rf4289-fridge-cools-eats-and-tweets-we-go/ All for only $3,500!!! Do we really need something like...

Widfire Tavern Pizzeria, Franklin NH

by crowdingthepan 8 years ago

I don’t usually have much reason to visit the town of Franklin New Hampshire, but my wife recently had a business engagement in that strange and sometimes scary little hamlet. In a liquor soaked ba...

Spots around town with WiFi?

by burlgurl 8 years ago

I spend a lot of time on the road and always looking for spots to grab lunch or a cocktail with my computer...any suggestions? Preferably downtown, west end..

Coffee + wi-fi b/w Kennebunk and York?

by pluot 9 years ago

I have cabin fever. I moved to SE coastal Maine in July and while the summer/fall were wonderful as I could just sit on the deck with my coffee and do some work, obviously I can't do that now an...

Cafes or Coffee Shops near Beale w/free Wifi?

by princsoreo 9 years ago

Hey all, I'll be staying at the Westin and am wondering if there are any cafes or coffee shops (or restaurants or whatever) where I can head for breakfast, coffee or lunch and free internet. Would ...

Glen Ellyn-Winfield restaurants

by jliess 9 years ago

Cousin in town to visit a relative in assisted living in Glen Ellyn/Winfield. Would like to find a nearby lunch/dinner option that is not a chain, has vegetarian/fish option and would be a nice tre...

Wi-fi downtown [Reno]

by Foodapotamus 9 years ago

I've been in Reno for quite a while but when trying to come up with places that have free wi-fi (not Starbucks) I got stuck. I live in the "mid-town" neighborhood, specifically near St. Lawrence Av...

Are There Any Bars With Wi-Fi?

by monasapple 9 years ago

My bf and I are planning on having some productive (or so we hope) work dates. Was wondering if there are any spots where you can get a beer or glass of wine and comfortably sit with your laptop? T...

Bars or restaurants with free WiFi near Kenmore?

by masterson 9 years ago

Looking to do a business lunch in the Kenmore/Fenway area. Anybody know places that have free Wifi?

Help! Good coffee and free wifi in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

by jpolk 9 years ago

I find myself in the land of the hipsters every Saturday morning while my wife and 4 year old son go to yoga and I've found plenty of places with top notch coffee beans and nice decor, but all the ...

Favorite coffeehouse/cafe with wifi and why?

by fought 9 years ago

I'm in search of the ideal coffeehouse. There are several criteria (ie: coffee & espresso quality, food, ambiance/decor/abundant comfortable seating, patio, noise level/music, people-watchabil...

Restaurant / Cafe / Bars with Wi-Fi (Ridgewood / Hillsdale / Westwood / Montvale area)?

by skigirl 9 years ago

Aside from Starbucks, Barnes and Nobles, Paneras and the like, are there other places in the vicinity that have wifi? Ideally, it would be somewhere that I could eat something decent in pleasant e...

Cafe with Wifi and outdoor smoking

by pravada 9 years ago

We all know Bloomberg's harsh rules for NYC smokers...but does anyone know of a cafe where I can sit outside, work on my computer and occasionally smoke my cigarettes?

Cafes with wifi in Yaletown?

by grayelf 9 years ago

Hey Van Hounds! Anyone know of any coffee places with decent java in Yaletown where one could get "wired up" and do some work? No Waves or S'bux please. TIA