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Stuffing a suckling pig

by helloketi 3 days ago

Hi! Is it ok to put herbs and flavorings (onion, lemon, garlic) inside the suckling pig two days in advance? Nothing ...


helloketi commented 1 day ago

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Electric City Butcher | 4th Street Market - Alta Baja - Santa Ana

by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

In search of grassfed beef soup bones, a friend pointed me to Electric City Butcher in Santa Ana, said to be Orange C...

Where to buy a whole processed pig?

by lollyk 5 months ago

Looking for recommendations for a farm or ranch to purchase a processed (butchered) hog in the Bay Area. Preferably h...


Woolinator commented 5 months ago

I need to buy a pig (whole) -- triangle area -- recommend a source?

by fatstern 11 years ago

hey all -- having a pig pickin soon with a friend and i'm wondering if anyone can recomend a pig farm/raiser/salesper...


LBD commented 8 months ago

New Rules Defend Small Farmers. For Now

by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

" . . . new regulations that are intended to protect small farmers from mistreatment at the hands of meat packers, sw...

outRIAAge commented 11 months ago

Suckling Pig in La Caja China Advice

by netherhood 1 year ago

I am doing a suckling pig roast in a La Caja China. I need some advice regarding the internal cooking temperature for...


netherhood commented 1 year ago

Cochon555 Heritage BBQ - Sun, Oct 16 - San Francisco

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Tomorrow, Sunday October 16, 3pm, Cochon555 returns to San Francisco with the Heritage BBQ Festival. Chowhounds can g...

Melanie Wong commented 1 year ago

La Caja China - Burnt Crackling

by mexstorm 2 years ago

I saw a post from a few years ago and everyone was raving about La Caja China. I bought one and my first pig came out...


jwgiblin3 commented 1 year ago

Where to buy a whole suckling pig in Boston area?

by Pigroast 1 year ago

Looking to buy a 30lb pig to roast. Suggestions for local places to buy?


seek6 commented 1 year ago

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Caja China To Rent or Borrow?

by asta2020 1 year ago

Hi there! We want to roast a small pig the first weekend in August and was wondering if anyone has a caja china we ca...

Mr. Jiu's to open in SF Chinatown on April 12

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"It's finally happening: Brandon Jew's long-awaited modern Chinese restaurant, Mister Jiu's, is on track to open in C...

Cynsa commented 1 year ago

whole roast suckling pig

by mromano40 2 years ago

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for a whole roast suckling pig for 11 people in manhattan?? I am deciding b/w db...


foodwhisperer commented 2 years ago

Whole roast pig

by saria 2 years ago

We'd like to get a whole pig for Christmas, and previous threads on this have listed various Filipino places, some Ch...


foodwhisperer commented 2 years ago

Whole Roast Suckling Pig

by r32nissan 3 years ago

Hi all, Was thinking of ordering a whole suckling pig for Chinese new year and was wondering if anyone could provi...


pernodoj commented 2 years ago

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New Haven Acorn-Fed Pig Roast by Caseus's Jason Sobocinski and journalist Jack Hitt

by InstituteLibrary 2 years ago

On September 27, 2015, enjoy an acorn-fed pig, hickory-smoked for 24 hours, and special vegetarian sides by Caseus's ...

Roasted Suckling Pig done to PERFECTION!!!

by bcmchong 8 years ago

So excited to find and thus share this diamond in the rough. Just drove up to Elizabeth to Casa Do Leitao (http://ca...


jmoryl commented 2 years ago

full pig roaster -- Gelderman Farms (cannon-free blueberries too)

by Georgia Strait 2 years ago

I am not in any way associated with this business - I want to say I was impressed (and fully ready not to be) by a la...

dennisthefoodie commented 2 years ago

Havana pig roast on Sundays

by corvette johnny 2 years ago

I heard on another thread that Havana has a pig roast on Sundays (highlands) Has anyone been there yet to try it? ...

corvette johnny commented 2 years ago