Whiskey (or whisky if it's Scottish or Japanese) can encompass several styles, from smoky, peaty Scotch to spicy rye, but one shared characteristic is a backbone of malted barley or other grains. While great sipped neat, see how to use it in recipes and read more about its many forms here.

The Carajillo Is Mexico's Ultimate Two-Ingredient Coffee Cocktail

This National Coffee Day, unwind with a two-ingredient coffee cocktail from Mexico: the Carajillo. Or try an updated take that adds some warm spice for chilly nights. The Original Carajillo [caption...

Holland House whiskey sour mix

by EthanSetiawan 8 months ago

Hey all - my first post here and looking forward to gleaning some wisdom from you all! I've got a question about a goodwill find - this Holland House whiskey sour drink mix. Anyone know anything ab...

What is the different between Grain Neutral Spirits, Unaged Whiskey, and Vodka

by StriperGuy 8 years ago

Seriously, they are all made from fermented grain, that is later distilled. I suppose the mash bill makes some difference. But I imagine most grain neutral spirit in the USA is made from corn, so h...

Whisky & Spirits @ Wingtip (San Francisco)

by DavidT 6 years ago

I had passed by the Wingtip store (at the corner of Montgomery & Clay) many times, thinking it was just a store selling men's clothing & furnishings. I went in today for the first time and discover...

Opinions about Albuquerque Distilleries

by katiep15 2 years ago

Calling all distillery and spirits lovers in the area! Have 5 minutes to share your opinions and perceptions of distilleries in the area? I'm conducting a survey as part of a grad school marketing ...

Difference between Whisky & Scotch ?

by joannebenz 13 years ago

Can anybody explain the difference between Whisky and Scotch? Is Johnnie Walker "Whisky" or is it "Scotch"? What about Jack Daniel's? And what is "Scotch Whisky"?

Johnnie Walker bottle cap - embarassing question

by LloydG 12 years ago

I'm embarassed to have to ask this, but I see no alternative. I recently bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Label at a duty free shop in Asia. I went to open it tonight and it has some weird ty...

Costco whiskey

by odkaty 3 years ago

I keep seeing that Costco has decent self-branded whiskey. All I've seen (and tried) is their Canadian whisky. Do they carry something other than the Canadian whisky? IOW, please tell me that...

Happy Hour @ Roots & Rye | Santana Row - San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Happy Hour at Chris Yeo's Roots & Rye is Tuesday through Friday from 3pm to 6pm, and all night on Wednesdays. Last month I pulled off the freeway to wait out traffic in its industrial-chic lounge. ...


by Apprentice 3 years ago

Hey Chicago hounds, I think I have a handle on the main cocktail bars recommended by fellow hounds (obviously with a city this size there are hundreds): Proxi Loyalist GreenRiver Berskhir...

Need a Make-Ahead Bourbon Cocktail - Pitcher Recipe

by rp17 4 years ago

I'm having a party next weekend and want to make a pitcher of cocktails that my guests can easily pour for themselves. Originally I was going to make a red sangria, but then decided I'd like a bou...

Peatiest independently-owned scotches?

by vjtaylor 4 years ago

I love Laphroaig, but I'd like to support something that's not Big Scotch if I can find something I like as well. Can anyone recommend some very peaty scotches that are produced by independently-ow...

Whiskey/Bourbon Tasting - food pairing suggestions?

The Oracle
by The Oracle 8 years ago

I'm in the early stages of planning a whiskey/bourbon tasting.... guest list could range between 12-18/20 people. I've never held such an event. Wine and cheese tasting, no problem... but whiskey...

Bourbon Whisky Tasting and Ranking Results... also Bourbon & Coke taste ratings

by Chicago Mike 15 years ago

Having a little extra time on my hands over the holidays I conducted an impromptu Bourbon Whisky tasting event this weekend. 12 popular and widely-available American bourbons were sampled. The tast...

Old fashioned cocktails, bourbon or rye whiskey?

by Jack2 7 years ago

I was originally going to get some bourbon but from reading this it seems like I'd like rye whiskey better. http://www.tastebook.com/blog/rye-vs-bourbon-old-fashioned-cocktails/

Similar to Seagrams 7

by mikeb33 5 years ago

First off I mostly drink domestic beer out of my kegerator in the garage. Sometimes I drink spirits, but mixed like vodka & OJ or lemonade, or Seagrams 7 with Coke or 7-up. Sometimes I go to a ...

Getting Rid of Bad Vanilla Whiskey

by EsotericWaffles 4 years ago

A friend brought by a bottle of Crown Royal vanilla-flavored whiskey and it's... off. It's cloying and both underwhelming and overwhelming with its vanilla flavor, in the sense that it's artificial...

Corn Whiskey - Who Drinks This Stuff?

by mojoeater 14 years ago

My SO and I went to the liquor store and he was fascinated by the fact that there was a clear whiskey in a mason jar. In spite of my attempts to steer him towards the Woodford Reserve/Basil Hayden/...

Best whiskey for an Irish Cream?

by nooodles 16 years ago

I have limited knowledge of whiskey. What I have had, ironically enough, is fairly pricey single malt scotch like Ardbeg and other peet-heavy, woody scotch from Islay (my boyfriend is into this stu...