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Can I use a vanilla buttercream in conjunction with a whipped topping?

by AMSparkles 2 months ago

Hi! I made a coconut cake (with coconut cream) and for the topping, I made a homemade whipped topping (that will be t...

Adding reddi whip to a cream cheese frosting recipe

by Nikimcarter 5 months ago

I'm making a cake with a cream cheese frosting recipe and was wondering if I could lighten it up with reddi whip? Wou...


sandylc commented 5 months ago

Advice: Whipped Cream Frosting

by atomicpurple 6 months ago

I recently made a "Cleveland-style" cassata cake and topped it with a whipped cream topping (into which I stirred a l...

nofunlatte commented 6 months ago

Need your advice about whipped cream

by sweetpotato 12 months ago

Hi, helpful ones! I will be making my usual delicious whipped cream for a chocolate layer cake. The whipped cream ...

sweetpotato commented 10 months ago

Does Excellent Canned Whipped Cream Exist?

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

A few years ago i tried a product from Whole Foods but it def didn't impress me. Has anyone found anything simple, c...


gdlemaire commented 10 months ago

Can I still whip warmed, but re-cooled whipping cream?

by maestra 10 years ago

I've infused cream with flavor (tea, kaffir lime, lemongrass, ginger, etc.) before for ice cream and creme brulee, bu...


maestra commented 10 months ago

Chocolate Mousse with whipped cream? Yes or no?

by smilingal 1 year ago

I have a great recipe for chocolate mousse that I haven't made in years. Plan to make it in a couple of days. Would...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Making Whipped Cream with Half and Half?

by DishDelish 8 years ago

I have a half gallon of half and half in my fridge and would like to make some whipped cream with it, I know that I n...


JaneEKat commented 2 years ago

Is there a such thing as fake whipped cream?

by mjkh1229 2 years ago

I bought six gigantic cream puffs from a new grocery store that opened up about couple months ago. I could tell from...


mjkh1229 commented 2 years ago

Would acid cause grainy whipped cream?

by lamb_da_calculus 2 years ago

The other day I whipped some heavy cream together with a pinch of salt, maple syrup, and a splash of balsamic vinegar...

lamb_da_calculus commented 2 years ago

Who sells cream puffs that use real whipped cream?

by FayeD 6 years ago

Periodically I get a craving for a cream puff or a chocolate eclair - the kind that are filled with real whipped crea...


FayeD commented 2 years ago

Rumble's Chocolate Whipped Cream Cake

by Danny Zogott 15 years ago

Here's my long-lost craving. There was a small cafe on Christopher Street in the Village, called Rumble's (sp?). Th...


Skingston commented 2 years ago

Trouble with stabilizing whipped cream

by trolley 5 years ago

i've tried making stabilized whipped cream on 3 occasions with mostly failures. the last attempt was somewhat success...


Faye3 commented 3 years ago

Whipped cream vs cooked buttercream?

by RedSoloCup 3 years ago

So, I've never made one of the cooked buttercreams (Italian, French, Swiss, German) before but I have a candy thermom...


Siegal commented 3 years ago

gelatin vs creme fraiche for stabilizing whipped cream

by Isolda 3 years ago

I'm using a whipped cream frosting for my buche de noel this year (no flames, please, I like whipped cream better tha...

biondanonima commented 3 years ago

Will whipped cream cheese become smooth easier?

by pagal 6 years ago

My electric mixer broke, and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet. My question is, if a recipe calls for crea...


tickim commented 3 years ago

Does a pecan tart need anything like whipped cream or ice cream?

by amoule 3 years ago

I'm making a pecan tart to end my Thanksgiving dinner but it's been so many decades since I've had pecan pie that I c...

tim irvine commented 3 years ago

Quest for the Perfect Vegan Whipped Cream . . . Anybody in?

by swarmqueen 5 years ago

Fellow Vegans and Non-Dairy Whippers: I'm on the quest for the perfect vegan whipped cream. I bought a dispenser...


csb95 commented 3 years ago

What to do with leftover whipped cream?

by sarahjay 3 years ago

I have about 3 quarts of sweetened vanilla whipped cream and I don't know what to do with it. I made twice too much f...


ricepad commented 3 years ago

Coconut whipped cream - parve, naturally pesachdik & wonderful

by AdinaA 4 years ago

In case anyone on this board is unaware, whipped coconut cream is wonderful. You make it and use it just like regula...


DeisCane commented 3 years ago