Friday Food Finds: Whey Ice Cream, Cashew Cheese, Beet Crackers, and More!

Summer may be winding down (whomp, whomp), but our spirits are up because the new food offerings just keep coming. We sampled a handful of unique selections with Naughty Gossip's Rob Shuter on today...

Paneer tips? Whey uses? Etc.

by CookingChemicalEngineer 2 years ago

One of my daughters is mainly vegetarian but will eat cheeses. I'm planning to make a curried paneer something or other tonight (I will present her several recipes I can make with ingredients on-h...

Using acidic whey in place of water for baguette dough

by lacoet 5 years ago

Hi, I have some leftover whey from making ricotta and yogurt. According to what I've been reading on the net that would be Acidic Whey and they say it's not good to use in place of water when m...

Failed Ricotta

by kflei 5 years ago

I recently started making Greek yogurt, and used 1 gallon + 4 cups of leftover whey, + 1 gallon UHT 1% milk, + 1 cup white vinegar, and the juice of one lemon, attempting to make Ricotta. Epic fai...

Fermented Whey Drink

by MeanAubergine 6 years ago

I make cheese from raw cow's milk and have leftover whey that I would like to make a fermented drink out of but I cannot find a simple method to do so. From my experience with fermented foods I wou...

What to do with the liquid strained off yogurt?

by sasserwazr 11 years ago

Last night I made my own yogurt which, by the way, is way easier than I ever had thought. The mere mention of a yogurt making machine made me believe that the process was out of my reach without s...

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