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Need ideas for a quick weeknight dinner? Chowhounds are full of them: Get cooking advice on recipes, meals, and cuisines geared for simple dinners.

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Cooking from Sheet Pan Suppers by Molly Gilbert

by islandmermaid 11 months ago

Let’s use our sheet pans and Molly Gilbert’s book to discover some new treasures! Many of us are excited about explo...

LulusMom commented 3 months ago

Weeknight holiday/December ideas

by bblonde 1 year ago

So I'm not looking for an actual holiday meal. Rather, what are some seasonal dishes that are especially festive, ye...

TastyReuben commented 1 year ago

Making Dinner for a Picky Family

by mixtapepanda 1 year ago

...the rules look like this: we have two people with heartburn, both are triggered by fried things, one is triggered ...

LaLa commented 1 year ago

Fine Dining Weeknight ( Non Summerlicious Please )

by Porto 1 year ago

I'm looking for a quiet, fine dining evening on a Tuesday night in July. I was hoping to stay away from Summerliciou...


JennaBean commented 1 year ago

Grown Up Recipes for a Post Grad

by aemcki 1 year ago

I am in desperate need of some "adult" recipes. I recently graduated college and moved back home with my parents. The...


MikeG commented 1 year ago

To the Cocktail Party and NOT the Dinner...

by fur621 1 year ago

Hi! I was thinking of hosting my birthday celebration in two parts: a cocktail party and then dinner. My building has...


ricepad commented 1 year ago

Easy Weeknight Meals When You Are Rushed

by Veggigal 1 year ago

What is your favorite weeknight recipe when you are in a rush to get an easy meal on the table after a long day at wo...


masha commented 1 year ago

ASAP need for recommendation for S Palm Beach/Lake Worth

by kirkaw 2 years ago

Hi, I need a recommendation for dinner for the S. Palm Beach/Lake Worth area for a weeknight dinner for this coming ...

erica commented 2 years ago

Has anyone ever tried this recipe?

by LillianR 2 years ago

I want to make this for dinner tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone here has made it? If so, how was it?

LillianR commented 2 years ago

Ideas for All Meals-No Freezer or Microwave

by Ms.Hangry 2 years ago

I am going to college soon and I need to opt out of the meal plan due to a tomato/grapefruit allergy (and also the me...

MidwesternerTT commented 2 years ago

Your Absolute Favorite Weeknight Recipe

by jillholl 2 years ago

Please share your absolute favorite recipe for weeknight cooking (>30 min. total cooking time). Here are my recent...

letsforker commented 2 years ago

Favorite Weeknight dinner?

by starburn 2 years ago

Say you had no time to plan a meal for tonight. And you can go to the grocery store on the way home from work, but yo...


Querencia commented 2 years ago

how do couples handle dinner?

by doodlenoodle600 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I just moved in with my boyfriend (last week). I want to know what other people do about weeknight...

Motosport commented 2 years ago

Recs for a good, convivial, cheap-to-moderate place for a weeknight dinner in San Francisco?

by glomer 4 years ago

No pizza or Chinese/Japanese/Korean (allergies). Preferred neighborhoods are the Mission, SOMA, Hayes Valley, Jtown a...


glomer commented 4 years ago

Weeknight dinner: how do you serve?

by jboeke 5 years ago

I recently just purchased a dining room table that seats more than 4, so for the first time ever I have the option of...


mwhitmore commented 5 years ago

Weeknight dinner near Royal Alex

by TeacherFoodie 5 years ago

Hi hounds, I am hoping for some recs for dinner for a group of 8 people, including 2 teens and 1 child. Italian o...


TeacherFoodie commented 5 years ago

Weeknight Dinner for 8 in Culver City - Relatively Quiet, American or Italian?

by aleemhossain 5 years ago

We want to do an 8 person family dinner in the Culver City area at a place that can comfortably seat that many people...

Discokill commented 5 years ago

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