CT: Make your own Main Street (if you could move your favorite restaurants ... )

by kattyeyes 6 years ago

OK, Connecticut, if you could bring your very favorite restaurants to your hometown, who would you choose? Me? Gaetano's [deli/sandwiches](Stratford) King & I Thai (Manchester) or Thai Charm...

Thanksgiving Dinner near Waterbury CT

by geminigirl 5 years ago

Hi, due to a change in plans, we will be dining out with in laws this Thanksgiving. I have had a tough time finding many good restaurants in the Waterbury area, but wondering if I am missing anyt...

Chow in Waterbury Ct. with Kids

by chefstu 11 years ago

Hey there all you opinionated Chowhounders, I need a little help, I'm taking my son and friends to Coco Key in Waterbury and need some recs for kid friendly places. Burgers and dogs, Pizza, good C...

Noujaim Middle Eastern Bakery (Waterbury, CT)

by westie 6 years ago

1650 E Main Street I did not know what to expect on entering this unassuming middle eastern bakery for the first time. I looked around and was surprised that there were not more baked goods on ...

Waterbury CT recommendations?

by geminigirl 6 years ago

Hi, we eat in Waterbury every couple of months due to family obligations, and looking for some recommendations. We are not fussy eaters, but we are struggling to find good restaurants. Would love ...

Carmen Anthony's Waterbury & New Haven Closed

by JayCT 6 years ago

I just read that Carmen Anthony's Steak Houses in New Haven and Waterbury have closed. Their Woodbury fish house however, remains open. I will say I was surprised that Waterbury closed since it i...

Asian Markets in Waterbury CT?

by madeliner 9 years ago

Do you know of any? I found something called Waterbury Farm Market but it seems to be called Lemontree now but no info on either for more than 5 years that I can tell Going to be in Waterbury...

Albanian, Dominican, Lebanese, Brazil food May 18 Waterbury CT

by knicks1973 8 years ago

There is a festival celebrating the cultural diversity of Waterbury CT May 18th at Library Park in downtown Waterbury. So far they have confirmed there will be Irish, Dominican, Albanian, Greek...

Waterbury - Ami's Bagels and... anything else?

by AdinaA 9 years ago

Is anyone familiar with Waterbury? Ami's Hot Bagels - is it a bakery or does it have tables and a menu? Are Ami's bagels worth going for, or should I just bring food from home? Are there o...

Chesire/Waterbury CT

by eddied 9 years ago

Meeting couple from out of town. Where is a good place for dinner near Chesire or Waterbury CT ?

Good Middle Eastern food in central CT (Waterbury/Avon/Glastonbury)?

by Fprintf 9 years ago

With the closing of Cafe D'Azur, now I am on the hunt for a decent middle eastern restaurant in central CT. The Pita Spot in Mystic is a little far, about 90 minutes, and we're looking for somethin...

Wednesday night dinner midway between Waterbury & New Haven

by LAC06488 9 years ago

Any suggestions for a nice meal in a fairly quiet place - I am getting together with a girlfriend to discuss her upcoming trip to Rome. Up to $50/pp. We are adventurous in terms of cuisine. Neithe...

Dinner at La Tavola in Waterbury on Weds

by LAC06488 9 years ago

I have not been here in a year - any new menu items that are worth a try?

Steakz in Waterbury.. little surprised I didn't find it on here when I searched..

by SoupsOnCT 9 years ago

I've been to Steakz about 10 times, the first time I drove by it 3 times before realizing it is hidden in the back corner of a strip mall.. location location location was not the goal here. But the...

40th Annual Greek Festival starts this Thursday: 5/10-13/12 (Waterbury, CT)

by kattyeyes 9 years ago

I've missed this one recently, and it's my favorite of all the CT Greek fests, so I'm sharing as a reminder to all of us! http://www.holytrinitywaterbury.org/index_festival.html

Bakeries in Waterbury, CT

by Richie 15 years ago

Are there any good bakeries in Waterbury, CT that have breads and other goodies. I already know about Sweet Marias but they don't have breads. Thanks, Richie

Route 8 corridor between waterbury CT and Torrington CT

by Lillygirl 9 years ago

Looking for some good restaurants for dinner between waterbury CT and torrington CT which about 1/2 way to meet with friends who come north and us, who go south. Nice midway meet up point.

Resto-bars in Waterbury, CT?

by joya2111 9 years ago

Hello Chowhounders, I have to stay in Waterbury for three nights next week and was looking for a casual but trendy restaurant/bar within walking distance of downtown. Any thoughts/ideas would be ...

Dinner near i-84 from Waterbury through Hartford

by moreeatsathome 10 years ago

Hello Chowhounds Driving with my son Thursday evening to Boston from Westchester County. Any recommendations for a good pit stop dinner close to I-84 in the corridor of Waterbury through Hartford...

Dinner in Waterbury tomorrow night 10/8/11

by Red Rock Sue 10 years ago

1st time in Waterbury. I've searched the Boards and can't afford La Tavola. Some others that I found via Chowhound appear to be closed (Peruvian Corner and Anatolia's). Would love eat-in Peruvian c...