Friday Food Finds: Unicorn Pudding, Spiked Seltzer, Wasabi Ranch Chips, and More!

You asked and we listened: This week's Friday Food Finds features a bevy of boozy beverages that will be the perfect poolside companions as the temperatures rise and winter-time depression subsides...

Does wasabi powder go bad?

by mocro 11 years ago

I just made a dipping sauce for ahi skewers using mayo + some wasabi powder I've had since the Reagan adminstration. Blech! Bitter and awful. Does wasabi powder have a shelf life or do I just ...

Where can I buy Kizami Wasabi

by blueberry505 4 years ago

I've checked Mitsuwa, Seiwa and Tokyo Central, no luck. I'm new to Orange County and would love to find this condiment. Thank you.

Wasabi Mayo, my best buddy!

Will Owen
by Will Owen 12 years ago

After finding this stuff essential for the perfect salmonburger, and for the quickest, easiest and yummiest devilled eggs, last night I pulled another trick I'd been thinking about, and damned if i...

Fresh wasabi in the Bay Area?

by HotChoc 4 years ago

I already visited the Concord Ranch 99 and the Concord Seafood City and no luck. Is fresh Japanese wasabi / horseradish seasonal? Anyone know where I can get it? Not interested in the pastes. Looki...

ChocWasabi @ retail brick and mortar location?

by ipsedixit 6 years ago

Yes, I know I can order these online, but does anyone have a lead on an actual retail store that sells ChocWasabi? For those that are uninitiated on all things chocolate covered wasabi peas ... ...

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