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Ebay & Vitamix warranties?

by blondelle 6 years ago

Has anyone had a problem registering a Vitamix bought from Ebay? They ask you when it was bought and where it was bou...


MacGuffin commented 8 months ago

Le Creuset 15.5 Quart Dutch Oven

by BigBeard 3 years ago

Hi all, I bought a Le Creuset 15.5 quart dutch oven back in August of 2014. I enjoyed using the pot, until today. ...


nrg359 commented 1 year ago

Why limited warranty for this?

by Hiracer 4 years ago Maslin pan/boiling pot - 30cm/11,8" Only a two year warranty f...


drrayeye commented 3 years ago

Warranties on Copper Cookware

by Seitan 3 years ago

Just wondering if anyone bothers to worry about warranties on copper cookware? I was looking at this De Buyer fry ...


PutSomethingTogether commented 3 years ago

Staub Warranty

by BouquiGarnet 4 years ago

I just took out my beloved 5 quart Staub cocotte and noticed some of the enamel on the rim is starting to chip a litt...


drrayeye commented 4 years ago

Warranty Experience With Cuisinart, Calphalon or All-Clad

by pam85 6 years ago

Hi - new here and looking for some insight. Currently we are overloaded in a small house, multiple sets and misc. pie...


DuffyH commented 4 years ago

Tramontina or Cuisinox Warranty Experience

by DuffyH 5 years ago

I've narrowed my choices for new pans to Tramontina Tri-Ply or Cuisinox Elite. Warranties have me worried, though. Wh...


Sniggles commented 4 years ago

OXO good grip warranty

by trolley 4 years ago

what is their warranty? Lifetime? It doesn't clearly state on their website. I just broke my cookie spatula in half. ...


DuffyH commented 4 years ago

Appliance warranty comparisons

by BruceH 10 years ago

My wife and I are in the market for a new refrigerator and have been spending many hours reading what other people ha...


wqtrwqtq commented 4 years ago

Good Moderately Priced Knives with Lifetime Warranty and Sharpening

by TomAllyn 4 years ago

I discovered the great Victorinix Forcshner knives several years ago and have had a set for several years. However, t...


Chemicalkinetics commented 4 years ago

Buying All-Clad on Ebay and Warranty?

by jbrady3324 6 years ago

If I were to buy used (firsts) All-Clad on ebay, will All-Clad still honor the warranty?


DuffyH commented 5 years ago

Wine Enthusiast as a source for wine refrigerators: nightmare getting warranty service

by famdoc 6 years ago

As part of a kitchen renovation, I decided to install a small, two-zone wine fridge, to save me frequent trips to my ...


opinion1 commented 5 years ago

Demeyere Atlantis/Proline 30 Year Warranty Questions

by KungPaoDumplings 5 years ago

Has anyone here used the warranty on any of their Demeyere cookware? What's their service like?


DuffyH commented 5 years ago

Cookware Warranty Expereience - Post'em here

by chefwong 5 years ago

This is my 2nd time I've ever had to send in a cookware for warranty. My 1st was a All Clad Saute which took about 3...


pine time commented 5 years ago

Sanity check, please - Cookware use and warranty

by Monch 6 years ago

Hounds, Before (and maybe instead of) I escalate this issue with the cookware manufacturer, I would like your inpu...


skiskiski commented 6 years ago

Does AC warranty warped pans

by chefwong 7 years ago

One of my AC pans , which I use daily has developed a warp. Not huge, but I noticed it rocking..... Anyone know ...


Chemicalkinetics commented 7 years ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Purchasing appliances in NYC (with extended warranty)...Advice!

by middlereef 7 years ago

Where did people buy their goodies (I'm talking wolf rangetop, bosch or miele dishwasher etc.)? Did you buy extend...

Store, extended warranty, and service for new Miele dishwasher?

by darnselfly 8 years ago

Hi all, We're in the market for a new dishwasher. Have a Kenmore Elite about 6 years old and have absolutely had ...


liu commented 8 years ago

Is a warranty on stainless steel pots/pans important?

by alirov 9 years ago

I was wondering what everyone thought. When I buy non-stick things, I look for things that usually have a lifetime wa...


ipsedixit commented 9 years ago

Calphalon warranty - worth a try?

by mordacity 10 years ago

I recently moved to a new apartment, where I discovered that my oven and burners are way hotter than normal. i discov...


Candy commented 10 years ago

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