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Pomegranate - Mediterranean in Walnut Creek

by Malcolm Ruthven 9 years ago

I was in Walnut Creek early this evening so decided to pick a place to eat. I had no reference material and didn't feel like searching chowhound on my iPhone, so I just drove a bit, saw this place,...

Please... looking for affordable restaurant recs for the Walnut Creek area....

by meerastvargo 7 years ago

Hi Everyone, A relative recently moved to the Walnut Creek area and we will be visiting for the next several days and again in the future. We are looking for affordable restaurant recs near...

walnut creek ice cream

by sundeck sue 7 years ago

from the sf chron: http://www.sfgate.com/food/article/Scoop-on-Walnut-Creek-It-s-an-ice-cream-heaven-4810321.php

ØL Beercafe and Bottle Shop - Walnut Creek

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 9 years ago

Trappist spinoff, but in style and atmosphere closer to City Beer or Beer Revolution. Bare-bones, somewhat sterile modern space. Great selection of beers on tap, huge bottle selection. ----- ØL Be...

Looking for good (or hopefully great) pizza in walnut creek area

by klo4c 7 years ago

Any suggestions for good take-out pizza in Walnut Creek or vicinity? Delivery would be fine, too, just not sit-down. Thanks.

Guanatos Ice Cream in Walnut Creek

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 years ago

Thanks to a heads up from “j mather” that Guanatos Ice Cream had opened in Walnut Creek, I’d been looking for a chance to check out the new spot. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/715951#7347227 ...

San Francisco Creamery Co., Walnut Creek?

by Nancy Berry 11 years ago

As I was surfing through the tv listings, I noticed that Adam Richman and the Man V. Food show visited the San Francisco Creamery in Walnut Creek. Has anyone been to this place? Is it any good? How...

Ottavio in Walnut Creek?

by walkoffdinner 7 years ago

Anyone been there and can tell me yay or nay? I have a birthday and considering this place for 2.

Burgers in the Walnut Creek/Danville/Pleasanton side of the East Bay????

by cometraveler 7 years ago

A lot has been written about the Oakland/Berkeley area, but has anyone food good burgers in the Walnut Creek, Danville/San Ramon, Pleasanton side of the East Bay???? Something better than the chain...

Outdoor dining in Walnut Creek/Concord?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 8 years ago

I have a vision, and I'm curious whether I can make it a reality this summer. Perhaps someone can advise. Here it is: 5:30 PM - Hop on BART in Downtown SF and take the train to somewhere in the ...

Good Irish pubs East Bay (Walnut Creek, Danville, San Ramon area)

by galway1ca 8 years ago

Anyone know of good Irish pub in the area above? Looking for great pub food for lunch or dinner. Thanks.

Vic Stewart's, Walnut Creek--Any Feedback Available?

by Mao T. 19 years ago

Can anyone enlighten me on the dining experience in Walnut Creek that is Vic Stewart's? In particular, I had heard about a 49er challenge (49 oz. steak), and I was wondering if this wasn't just a ...

Good Ramen in Walnut Creek Area?

by minettegirl 8 years ago

Does anyone know where to get a good bowl of ramen in the Walnut Creek, Lafayette, Pleasant Hill area?

Where to eat in Walnut Creek?

by chocolatetartguy 8 years ago

Near So. Main St. I'll be out there a couple of weekends from now. My very acceptable backup plan is to go to Bo's BBQ in Lafayette.

Visiting SF/Walnut Creek/Wine Country need ideas for food and fun

by Creed94 8 years ago

Traveling to No. Cal. with 2 older kids and spouse. Love to eat, drink, explore, adventure and eat and drink!!! Please recommend...

Group B-day Dinner in Walnut Creek

by undesigned 8 years ago

I'm planning a b-day dinner for a group of about 10 ladies on a Fri night. I was hoping to find a restaurant in Walnut Creek with a nice ambiance and good drinks and food. Any recommendations? Thanks!

Dinner for 100 in Walnut Creek

by lexdevil 9 years ago

I need to feed 60 high school students + 40 adults on a Thursday night, preferably not too far from the Walnut Creek Marriott. Preferences: 1)Cheap - I need to get out the door for around $15 a ...

Ottavio in Walnut Creek: "Oakland-Worthy"

by jmarek 10 years ago

Since we moved over the hills a few years ago, my wife and I keep trying Lamorinda and Walnut Creek places, hoping some of them will be in the same league as the west side of the tunnel. Sadly, fe...