Tour a Distillery This Spring Break For an On-Theme (Yet Highbrow) Experience

Distillation is the process that converts the sugars from grains or fruit into alcohol by way of evaporation using metal columns or pots known as stills. Spring break is the process that converts otherwise...

Grey Goose and Kirkland Signature brand vodka the same?!

by sirahola 10 years ago

I heard from a person who works at a winery that Grey Goose and Costco's Kirkland brand vodka are made at the same plant. Does anyone know more about this. If this is true, does it mean that they a...

Limoncello Safety

by Lriva 6 months ago

I made Limoncello as holiday gifts. Everyone loves it and no one has been ill, except for one person. She claims a shot of limoncello gave her a bacterial infection where she was hospitalized. I ...

Stoli Pertsovka Has Anyone been Able to Get it

by theomordha 5 years ago

I have not been able to find Persovka, whether by Stolichnaya nor anyone else, The trendy pepper vodkas which are infused are not the same. Anyone out there who enjoys Persovka? I am in Califo...

Sweetening a Vodka Martini

by ianl1 10 months ago

Hi - i'm at a James Bond themed party this weekend so I was planning on taking cocktail stuff to make Vodka Martinis. When i've had them before though, i remember they were like rocket fuel and th...

What is/was Tango?

MC Slim JB
by MC Slim JB 11 years ago

I don't know what made me think of this stuff, but I recall it as a preferred tipple of underage drinkers when I was much younger (my buddy Louie in particular, not then known for his discriminatin...

The perfect drink for any occasion

by rawright 1 year ago

Whether you’re out on a first date or enjoying a summer afternoon picnic with your best friends, it’s always time for a drink. Besides, isn’t it 5 o’Clock somewhere? Everyone has a favorite drink t...

Home Bar Basics

by Snackmeister 1 year ago

I've been wanting to start building my own collection of alcohols for my home bar, at this point I have a solid rum that I like but I don't know much about gin, whisk(e)y, or vodka or any other dri...

Colour of my Concoction

by cedric2812 1 year ago

Dear all, I am gonna do a concoction ceremony for my company’s event. Prior to the event I need to know the colour of my concocted drink. This is because every person attending the dinner will be s...

Mold on Berries in Liquor

by goombaz 1 year ago

I made liquor with elderberries, sugar, vanilla extract & vodka. Let it sit for 3 months in covered plastic jug, stirring every few days. When I poured berries out of liquor, I saw the berries at...

Discovering Moscow Mule Drinks?

by thomas_avad 1 year ago

I'd like to give a try for the first time experimenting with Moscow mule drinks. I'm not a fan of vodka, still want to try this. I bought a set of copper mugs and want to have the fun from it, what...

Difference between syrups and mixers

by achenn 1 year ago

Hi, I'm exploring the world of bottled cocktail ingredients - syrups and mixers in particular. Across the number of brands I've sampled from, I've noticed the syrups tend to be about +2x as thick a...

Ketel One Citrus Mule @ Pacifica Breeze Cafe - SAN

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

For National Moscow Mule Day, I'm nursing this Citrus version at San Diego airport at Pacifica Breeze Cafe (outside security). Enjoying the fresh juices, but don't like the $16 price. Yikes! An...

The Perfect Martini

by eatapotamusNola 1 year ago

1. Scrub the entire inside and rim of the glass with an unpeeled lemon to smear the lemon oil on the glass (being very careful not to press too hard or you’ll end up with broken glass in your finge...

what goes with Vodka sauce?

by mollyditty 10 years ago

Hello! I'll making some pasta with Vodka sauce tonight, and was wondering what people think would go with it? I would LOVE to get in some greens, but not sure if that would just be an insult to th...

Mr. & Mrs T Horseradish Bloody Mary Mix Very Good

by zackly 1 year ago

I had a bloody mary made with this mix recently and it was quite good. I love bloody marys anytime, not just for brunch so this mix will make them more easily available for me. I paid $3.00 for the...

bloody mary gin vs. vodka

by amdoyne 11 years ago

Now I know traditionally a Bloody Mary comes with Vodka but I feel like that leaves the drink watered down in flavor and lacking something. I've been recently taking all of my bloody mary's with gi...

Forgotten Spirits - Limoncello Question

by 7sarajoy 1 year ago

I was given a bunch of Meyer lemons last Spring. I believe it was sometime in April. I peeled my lemons and soaked them in vodka then forgot all about them. Is it still salvageable for limoncello? ...

Sugar content of liqueurs

by Haroold 1 year ago

Determining the sugar content of liqueur is not an easy task. Hydrometers and refractometors do not give anywhere close to accurate results when water, alcohol, and sugar and present in a mixture....

8 Below Icewine Vodka

by legourmettv 10 years ago

So here it comes... Vodka of every flavour, and now Icewine infused vodka. Has anyone tried this? I've met the master distiller of this stuff, he also makes 40 creek whisky and the top selling v...