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Try These Secret Ingredients for Award-Winning Chili

What are the best secret ingredients for chili? Depends on who you ask, but there's a whole world of extra ingredients people like to add to the pot to boost the flavor. Chili can be a surprisingly...

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Need help with own version of oil/vinegar for bread

by Clare K. 16 years ago

I've had different versions of the oil/balsamic mix at many restaurants, and would like to recreate one for a BBQ this weekend. Usually the oil mixture has some bits of green, almost like a chimich...

Strawberry Preserves w/ Balsamic Vinegar

by funkymonkey 16 years ago

I found this recipe on epicurious and am going to give it a shot. i've never made jam or preserves before, but this looks really easy. i'm just not sure what kind of balsamic vinegar to use in t...

Strang floaties in my balsamic vinegar

by Wendy Lai 16 years ago

I didn't notice before, but my bottle of balsamic vinegar has these floaties inside that looks like cork bits. I don't know if there were there when I first opened them. It's been a few months si...

vinegar residues

by elise h 16 years ago

My balsamic, red wine, and reaspberry vinegars - all at least 1 year old - have developed "flakes". I think these are residues resulting from the vinegars sitting around for 1+ year. Should I strai...

Need input - infused vinegars

by applehome 16 years ago

I picked up a small bottle of Forage Blackcurrant and Apple Vinegar at Whole Foods. It's from New Zealand, and is a dark purple - it "has legs" - like a great port or something else with some sign...

Really good balsamic vinegar?

by Liv Huang 16 years ago

I was recently gifted with a bottle of balsamic vinegar brought back from Modena...the real deal...thick, syrupy, sweet, and intense. I am anxiously waiting for the summer berry season to arrive, ...

Sherry Vinegar r/o

by learner 16 years ago

How do I determine which sherry vinegar to buy? I went to Fairway and they have a bunch. Also which brand do you use

Minus 8 Vinegar????? from Canada

by erica 17 years ago

Amanda Hesser has recently raved about this expensive product...has anyone tried it and if so what are your impressions? What did you use it for?

Lidia Bastianich Recipe: Chicken Bites w/Potatoes Sausages & Vinegar

by Chuck 17 years ago

Recently saw an episode of Lidia's Italian American Kitchen and she made this dish. I've searched for the recipe on line without success - anyone know where I might be able to find it? Better yet...

Minus 8 Vinegar-Fantastic!!!!!!!

by Candy 17 years ago

I picked up the Minus 8 vinegar I was asking about on Saturday today. Chowhounds, seek this stuff out. It is seriously delicious and rare. I was able to get my bottle through a local chef who had o...

Vanilla Vinegar??

by berkleybabe 17 years ago

I was volunteering at a food bank today and one of the contributions to a pretty vast array of food items was vanilla vinegar from Williams-Sonoma. I cannot conceive of a single use for this. Anybo...

Making Tarragon Vinegar

by Funwithfood 17 years ago

Has anyone made a great tarragon vinegar? Is white wine vinegar the best, or does it matter? What is the vinegar to tarragon ratio? How long should I steep? Do I steep at room temp? TIA...

White Vinegars

by kevin O. 17 years ago

Are there really differences in white vinegars? I often use champagne vinegar and my bottle ran out and I went to the market and got really confused. Golden Balsamic vinegar? Sherry vinegar? Are...

Champagne Vinegar

by Pappy 17 years ago

I awoke this morning after a very successful dinner party last night to see that one of my guests took it upon themselves to open just one more bottle of champagne, poured one glass, and left the r...

kosher aged balsamic vinegar

by YJ 19 years ago

Is there such a thing as kosher aged balsamic vinegar? You know, the sweet kind? Thanks.


by sally from LA 17 years ago

I would like some recommendations for a very good red wine vinegar, and also an excellent balsamic vinegar, either domestic or imported, price not a problem.

Help! I put too much vinegar in my Chicken Adobo

by ChineseChou 17 years ago

I'm trying to make a Filipino dish that has vinegar and soy sauce in it. I put too much vinegar in it and now I don't know what to do to salvage the situation. Should I add more soy sauce (it's n...

Vinegar in making chicken stock

by Parrot Mom 17 years ago

a while ago somebody mentioned when they were making chicken stock with bones they added vinegar to help the soup jell!! Can you tell me how much.. I have several frames and giblets in now and ne...

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