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8 Places in Your Kitchen You Didn't Know You Can Clean with Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the unsung heroes of the cleaning world. Seriously, there are so many things you can clean with vinegar, both in the kitchen and all around the house, and the best part is that there...

Cooking for alcoholics: how do you substitute for wine-based vinegars?

by Eminbklyn 8 years ago

If you're following a total avoidance of alcohol, how do you get around the need for red-wine vinegar, white-wine vinegar, sherry vinegar, etc.? I am planning to make a Spanish sopa de ajo blanco, ...

You Know You're A Foodie

by Scarbo 2 months ago

. . . the day you go looking in the pantry for the right soy sauce and realize you're stocked to open a small Chinese take-out. (Hoisin and Oyster Sauce are in fridge)

Looking for a vinegar slaw recipe

by danna 7 years ago

I want to mimic a slaw at a local bbq joint. (Hubba Hubba in Flat Rock , NC) They call it vinegar slaw, but it's not the typical boiled dressing slaw i'm accustomed to. It's fresher tasting...I t...

Benimosu and hato mugi vinegars

by nicecupoftea 6 months ago

I just came across benimosu (sweet potato) vinegar on an episode of Gastropod, and hato mugi (Job's tears) vinegar on an old Chowhound thread. Anyone know how to make either of them? I make kombuch...

100 year old Balsamic - worth it?

by szmn 13 years ago

I love balsamic vinegar. The oldest bottle I've owned has been 12 years old. The local gourmet shop in town is selling 100 year old balsamic for over $150. I am intringued. Has anyone sampled v...

Please help me understand Balsamic vinegar

by xnyorkr 12 years ago

I have 2 bottles of it at home, but I'm trying to understand how best to use it. Is it stronger or milder than other vinegars? How is the taste different? Do the expensive ones taste better, or ...

What is "pickling vinegar"?

by somervilleoldtimer 8 months ago

I have a recipe from a relative in Montreal for a fruit ketchup that will be jarred. Is pickling vinegar something other than regular white vinegar? Pickling spices will be added separately so I ...

When Wine actually does turn to vinegar...

by nosurndr 11 years ago

I had a large bottle of Chardonay on my pantry shelf that wasn't anything particularly special, but I used it occasionally for cooking. It sat for a long time and the last time I went to use it I ...

kosher balsamic vinegar

by debbie 14 years ago

the last one I bought (Forgot the name! I'll check the package when I'm at home) was really dreadful--Syrupy, too sweet, etc Suggestions for the best (and where in Manhattan it is carried) welcome.

Making those vinegary marinated big white beans you see in deli or olive bar

by nasv 7 years ago

At an olive bar and at an Italian deli I've seen these big white beans (not sure if they're cannellini's or other variety) that are in an oily and acidic (vinegary) marinade with what looks like ro...

Does vinegar go bad?

by Nalega 12 years ago

i just made potato salad, and even though i don't normally use vinegar, i know a lot of recipes do, so i threw a splash (less than a tablespoon) in at the last minute. it was a previosly unopened ...

Food safety: Chicken adobo sauce left out

by OctoberOrchid 1 year ago

I was doing a bunch of food prep last night and I cut up a bunch of vegetables. I had several mason jars out and without realizing it, I put the cut up vegetables into the mason jar that had some ...

Balsamic Vinegar/Spaghetti Sauce Questions

by boltnut55 14 years ago

In case people are making faces, it's two separate questions :-) We got yummy bread from Il Fornaio to go this afternoon. We made spaghetti for dinner, so I got the olive oil and the balsamic vi...

Very strong homemade vinegar...

by EP 15 years ago

After reading some posts to this board back in April, I decided to try my hand at making red wine vinegar. To get it started, I combined some 'live' red wine vinegar with a bottle of Rosemount Shi...

What can I do with Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar?

by TropiChef 8 years ago

Hi Everyone! I've been a voyeur for a while of this wonderful site, but I finally joined today :) I have a lovely bottle of Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar that I bought in a local Italian market. ...

Rice vinegar vs. rice wine vinegar

by Durm 12 years ago

Are rice vinegar and rice wine vinegar the same thing? (A Google search turned up conflicting answers, so I thought I'd ask the real experts on this board.) If not, are they similar enough that I c...

Crispy Pork Belly -- What is the role of vinegar?

by iPat 1 year ago

I see quite a number of recipes for crispy pork belly/pork crackling that ask you to rub vinegar/lemon juice on the skin to make it crisp. What exactly does the vinegar do to the pork skin? Can ...

Good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar?

by ninrn 2 years ago

Hi, I wondered if anyone can recommend a good brand of Chinese Black Vinegar (aka Chinkiang Vinegar). I've been using Koon Chun, but the last couple of times I've bought it, it tastes weird to ...

Craving for vinegar

by waldi 18 years ago

I have all my life been baffled by my incredible craving for vinegar. I was wondering if there someone out there that might know what it might mean phisiologically. I am wondering if so much vinega...

Battle of the Slaws: Mayo vs Vinegar based

by RealMenJulienne 4 years ago

I have been a lifelong partisan of the mayo slaw camp. A creamy slaw with Hellman's or Kewpie was my idea of the perfect summertime side. But this weekend I tried a vinegar slaw recipe that may ha...